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    Looking to rebuild audio system, seeking advice

    :) can_of_worms = open For this setup, it would be a horizontal passive bi-amp, unless you used a Rotel or hooked up crossovers to the preamps and then a second amplifier, which is quite a bit above this budget. What you get with the setup is the ability to adjust the power between low and...
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    hardware reserved memory?

    The memory is reserved by your motherboard for devices. So memory can be hardware reserved if: it can't be addressed (limitation by OS/bios/bad module) or is being shared by a h/w device. 50ish MB is about normal for a motherboard, it handles the controller cards like sound/raid/ethernet...
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    Dual channel memory kits versus buying 2 identical sticks and running dual chanel

    I've not had any issue with the same brand with matched voltages/speeds/cas, unless a module was actually bad. Sometimes I've come across situations where I couldn't match something, like brand or cas, but the situation required a solution and I just used mismatched memory, mostly successfully...
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    Okay to Buy ram sticks from same line but different timing?

    I see the auction is expired, so maybe you already bought it and don't need my answer. I found a spec for xms3, so the speed and voltages are a match, so they should work at the slower CAS timings. I've used mixed memory before, most motherboards will accept them, some will not.
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    Looking to rebuild audio system, seeking advice

    For home theater it's good to have presence, but not required to have a ton of accuracy or depth. For primarily listening to music, you want space and depth. There's a ton of great speakers out there. I think finding them and doing a demo is an adventure all of it's own and well worth the...
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    Getting Static and feed back over HDMI

    I've had this happen before with an unshielded HDMI cable that was laying on top of a power cable. I also had a HDMI cable with a bend in it that would have some audio and video dropouts. Hopefully it's something simple like that and not an internal capacitor problem. My Marantz shows up as...
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    Recommend TV tuner card?

    I don't think there's a solution in the $30 price range. The HDHomerun Prime and Hauppauge wintv will both take cable cards, which rent at around $3/mo. So... if you're paying $15/mo on a DVR, you could probably justify it. But then you have to have a backend to support this. I use mythtv...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Wires are still a mess, but I'm not sure I'll ever get the finished look.
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    Assembling a high capacity NAS

    This is right, but there's a "it depends" that goes along with this. Drives tend to have a load average that consists of around 300k cycles. If you burn through a bunch of cycles every day by parking, then this is pretty destructive. If you do this once or twice a day then the heat and power...
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    LSI 9271-8i settings help

    For IO Policy, are you transferring mostly large files or mostly small files? DirectIO is faster when the size of the file is known to exceed the cache size. But for most usage, a cached IO will have better performance. The read policy set to always is also good for predicting longer file...
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    GTX 970 on 4K

    A while ago I started using a 4k tv and I'm getting random artifacting. It can happen during gaming or while browsing the web. The issue is a horizontal bar in the upper part of the screen that blinks on for a second and then goes away. It happens a few times a day and is accompanied by a...
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    FSFT Posting

    Seems like I've lost PM privileges, since I don't really have very many posts, but I've been here since 2013 and I can't post in FS/FT either. I don't suppose there's another way to get in contact with a member?
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    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    I've shucked several of these, haven't gotten a helium filled one yet.