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    MonoPrice Hacked, CC Info Compromised?

    I hope they get everything figured out. There prices are almost unbeatable with how cheap there cables are. I like how they did however shut down there website so that they can see what went on.
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    Sandisk 4gb usb drive 2.50 plus free 2 day shipping (Dead Deal)

    Had to jump on this. thanks OP
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    Damned Pirates: Hollywood Sets $10B Box Office Record

    I think they should make a law about it being ok to download something after a long period of time that the movie/game has been released (6+yrs or so) By then they can't complain about losing any money cause really they get tossed in the $5 bin at wal-mart. I only will buy blu-ray movies...
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    Coke Launches Face Matching App

    dare someone to upload a butt picture and see if anyone is a match (gives a new meaning to your face looking like a butt.) :D.
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    Ghostbusters for $10

    flying stone cupids on hard is insane. super hard just so many things to do and shots to dodge..i beat it on easy to get the feel for the controls then went to hard.. and was shocked but that really is the hardest part in the hole game assuming that u play it on hard.I can say i have died at...
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    Help! need money for down payment on a house

    Accepting offers on it all. Don't worry if its low balling. The only thing i can say is no.
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    Help! need money for down payment on a house

    Well as the title says i am only interested in making up the remainder amount of money that i need for the down payment on my first house. Not interested in making anything more then i need. Im $700 short (due date is the 15th of this month). So getting that squared away these might be over...
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    Murach Computer books (, vb, java, sql and more)

    Got some books for sale I'm never going to get time to go over all of them so i thought I'd post them up on here. Accepting PayPal only at this time. ASP.NET 3.5 with VB 2008 $25 ASP.NET 2.0 with VB 2005 $15 ASP.NET 3.5 with C# $25 VB 2008 $25 ADO.NET, LINQ & EF with VB 2008 $25 SQL Server...
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    New -360 Owner- Game Recomendation

    or lost planet and OVERLORD
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    I got the game (360) as soon as the store opened. I only could play a few hours of it however i'm on chapter 4 and truly is a really good game I could see myself beating this game a few times and not getting sick of it. After the first 2 chapters u start getting more and more away from the "old"...
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    $10 Sims 3 Cash Card for $5 at Best Buy

    wow they got good shipping... i mean i ordered it yesterday and they didn't ship it until today and it was already at my door.. LOUISVILLE, KY, US 06/05/2009 1:57 A.M. ORIGIN SCAN FLINT, MI, US 06/05/2009 9:19 A.M. THE RECEIVER WAS UNAVAILABLE TO SIGN ON THE 1ST DELIVERY ATTEMPT. A 2ND...
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    $10 Sims 3 Cash Card for $5 at Best Buy

    i went and picked up 6 and just activated them over the ea website they work 100%
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    Sound driver problem.

    heres the long story short. A friend of mine bought some *speed up your computer crap* and it screwed his PC over. I went and i reinstalled Windows Media. The computer is E-machine T5048. The mother board inside of it is D101ggc. I went and dled the drivers needed for the sound and i installed...
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    HD-Bits Invites

    If any is left send me one at [email protected]
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    Free $25.00 from

    I just done it. got my $25 however i did at first think twice before giving my ssn but well see what comes out of it. (I'll make a better deal.. if i refer you I'll give ya $5 of the 10 i get so we both make out good..I'm not greedy :D)
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    my post
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    HOT: 1.5TB External HD. $67.99

    from the looks of it.. its dead
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    HOT: 1.5TB External HD. $67.99

    did a quick google and this came up.... SimpleTech 1.5 TB Hi-Speed USB / eSATA ... $543.99 - Dell i think they will cancel it.
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    Question about using a Catenna

    I have a question it is posted in the image below. I have been reading about this for a little time and i am new to this however here it goes... If i can get a 2.4GHZ Catenna which would go i think 150-350ft indoor and it would go up to like 1.4 miles outside. However since i have to do both i...
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    Free Laser Marked Pen

    That place is actually like maybe a hour away from me.
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    WTB:Call of Duty 4 CoD4 PC

    to the top!