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    Google Glass Parts Estimated to Cost Less Than $80

    Not saying I think Glass is worth or costs anywhere near $1500. But I'm not convinced that it only costs $80 in parts either. Not sure all those prices are really accurate. And I think the actual housing of Google Glass is quite a bit smaller than that of a smart phone. So wouldn't some of these...
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    Should I be concerned about +5 rail with lots of hard drives?

    I have an 8 year old Seasonic M12-700 watt and I have a rare boot up issue with USB devices that I'm not sure if it's just the PSU is old or something else. It's rare, but sometimes when I reboot some USB devices won't function, particularly the keyboard. I thought it was a motherboard issue...
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    Intel: Windows x86 tablets could go for as little as $100

    Just because they can or will make $100 Windows tablets doesn't mean it's going to be something you'll want to own. We have $100 (and cheaper) Android tablets and they are horrible and just a waste of money.
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    Android devices - question on differences (I'm I locked out of one device?)

    Well you don't have Google Play installed on the Touchpad (and probably none of the Google framework/services), You'll need to download the Google Apps bundle and flash them through CWM or whatever recovery you have installed. And once that is done, you should be able to install apps.
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    Asus T100

    I had mine about 2 weeks before I returned it... Obviously the build quality is on the poor side, naturally expected at this price range. There was some creaking from the tablet bezel and the keyboard has some flex. But the build quality didn't really bother me much. What did bother me was the...
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    Do all Ultrabooks suck or what?

    I'm struggling to find an Ultrabook I like as well. Spent a couple days at the Microsoft playing with what they have available. $999 ASUS UX31LA, i5-4200U, 8GB, 128GB, 1080p. This is an older gen model, recently replaced with the UX301LA. But for the price it seemed okay. Has a aluminum body...
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    Where Do You Put Yuor Nexus 5 Wireless Charger?

    Oh, the magnet is definitely strong enough to hold the phone. But that is if you have it centered properly. If you are off to one of the sides a bit, you'll feel a lesser amount of grip and if you should, say mistake that for the normal grip and let go it'll plop to the floor.
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    Where Do You Put Yuor Nexus 5 Wireless Charger?

    Mine is on my desk. You can't just put the phone on the charger and expect it to stick good on the first try. You need to wiggle it around until you feel the magnets grip the sweet spot. So if I mounted this on the wall, I can imagine me thinking I had it gripped and letting go only to watch...
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    Headset That Helps Cure Gamer Rage?

    Hmm... this confuses me. They say that while the user is calm and has a slow heart rate it will automatically put the game into easy mode. And then when the user's heart rate starts getting faster will move it to hard mode. They associate higher heart rate to game rage, so it sounds like this...
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    Worst PC Game Launches of 2013

    Fortunately my strategy of waiting months for games to show up for half price somewhere has saved me from all launch nightmares. :)
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    Steam Removes Game From User Libraries

    Sounds like a big non-issue to me. A game I never heard of was shut down because nobody was playing it and Valve just removed the decaying corpse from the library.
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    Crystal Dynamics Defends $60 Tomb Raider Port

    Ugh, hate not having an edit button on this forum. Typo... "And the ported..." should be "And they ported..."
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    Crystal Dynamics Defends $60 Tomb Raider Port

    I don't see what the problem is. The game isn't that old. And the ported it over to a new platform. Obviously for anyone that has already played the game it won't be worth $60, but for those that haven't, I think it would be "worth the price". Though I say that in quotes, because I think all...
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    Edit NOT Hot Nexus 7 32gb 2013 189.00 Walmart

    The picture is the Nexus 7 2012 and the specs show Tegra 3 and Android 4.1.
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    Crytek Dev Calls Dinner Tweet Boneheaded

    No kidding. I can't believe the story says people were upset about this. Who are these people? The developer just said they are working hard on the game. Good for them. I imagine many of us have to "crunch" to meet deadlines, it's called real life. Ugh, people. There are far more stupid...
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    New Monoprice 30" IPS w/ 11-11-2013 Launch Revealed!

    I bought a 30 inch Crystal Pro from Monoprice earlier this year. I really wanted an LED, but for the price was going to settle for CCFL. I was a bit leery of it being matte. I had a Dell 3007 that had a horrible antiglare coating. But I took a chance because of Monoprices easy return policy...
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    Mini Retina or the Air? Why?

    I'm going to sell my iPad 4 16GB as soon as possible. And I'll probably replace it with a iPad Mini 32GB. I'm picking the iPad Mini because I like the smaller and lighter size and it has the same resolution and specs as the iPad Air, but $100 cheaper. So I can get the 32GB Mini for the price I...
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    Steve Wozniak Disappointed With The iPad Air

    I should have specificed Surface Pro 2... It comes with up to 512GB.
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    Steve Wozniak Disappointed With The iPad Air

    He mentions he has no broadband at home and travels a lot, so that's why he wants a lot of local storage. Hopefully he's doing more with that local storage than going on a 7 season Big Bang Theory watching marathon.
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    Steve Wozniak Disappointed With The iPad Air

    From what I read of the article, he just says the iPad Air doesn't meet his needs, so he doesn't want one. I would not call this Woz bashing the iPad. The MacWorld headline seems to be a bit sensationalist. Kinda sounds like he wants a Surface Pro or something if he's looking for a tablet with...
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    Moto X vs iPhone 5

    I don't think it's priced right. Seems expensive for what you get compared to other phones in the same price category.
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    Exhibit A in "PC industry its own worst enemy": $249 8.5 hr Haswell based Chromebook

    Not sure I understand the issue. Microsoft should operate as a charity and give away Windows?
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    iPhone 5s Gold vs. 50 cal

    The follow to this video should be them taking the phone into the Apple store and asking a Genius to troubleshoot why the phone won't turn on.
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    Korean 27" monitors at NE

    This is from a third party selling through NewEgg. And I had a hell of a hard time returning a phone I bought this way. It was defective, the seller wouldn't give me an RMA number because they said they didn't sell that phone. Yet NewEgg told me it did come from them and couldn't do anything...
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    New Nexus 7 July 20..anyone?

    I like the 4:3 aspect ratio better for web browsing (seems like a no brainer). But overall I'm okay with the 16:10 ratio. It's a nice compromise between the 4:3 and 16:9. But as nice as the 4:3 aspect ratio is on the Mini, that stupid 1024x768 resolution kills everything. Sure, I can easily...
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    New Nexus 7 July 20..anyone?

    You won't see anything like the Nexus 7 (2013 edition) with a micro SD slot for a long time. Look at Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, just launched with merely a 1280x800 resolution screen, 1.5GB of RAM, and dual core A9 processor (very 2012 of them) and 16GB of RAM with micro SD. This for $300 and...
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    Why I'm Returning Google Glass

    That is what we need. Full screen in front of both eyes. It can use some sort of transparent overlay, so you can surf the web with a view that fills your eyes, but you can still see the road you are driving down at 75MPH. And perhaps 3D support. I can picture myself wearing this in a meeting...
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    Why I'm Returning Google Glass

    It's not yet ready for consumers. That is why it is in beta and aimed at developers. To create apps and refine the experience. Sounds like this guy probably shouldn't have bought this device in the first place. This really isn't for an end user expecting a good value for his $1500. I am...
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    Nook HD+ or Alternative, couple quistions???

    The Nook HD+ is a great deal. An alternative to consider is the Nexus 7, it's being sold about at $200 for the 32GB unit (yeah, $20 outside you rlimit though). The Nook HD+ has a really nice screen. The main thing I don't like about the screen is it doesn't have any coating on it to reduce...
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    Moto X - "The first smartphone that you can design yourself."

    I think we will see decent battery life, not because they are using a large battery, but because of the low end SoC and 720p screen. I expect it'll probably just be 1800 or 2000 mAh. I think Motorola is going for a cheap price and an iPhone Light competitor. So this will probably be priced at...
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    NVidia SHIELD

    I had this thing on pre-order, but after the delay announcement last month, I realized my excitement might have been more about it being a new cool toy than an actual need and want for a $300 gaming device. So I ended up canceling my pre-order. I might give that Splashtop app a try on my Nexus...
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    Mouse woes - Logitech G500 double click & RMA

    For some reason I've been having really bad luck with Logitech mice the last few years. I've gone through quite a few G5 and G500 mice because the left button starts acting up after a few months. If the issue is recent enough and I can find my receipt, I don't have much trouble with Logitech...
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    Ex-Xbox Boss 'Lives Like A Saudi Prince'

    I kinda like the Xbox One, but this guy kinda came off as a dick when answering questions about the console. I suspect Microsoft wanted to get rid of him, so good thing Zynga wanted him. And I have a feeling he'll fit in well with Zynga. No chance of me feeling sorry for this guy.
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    The Last Of Us Contains Sex Hotline Numbers

    Why is it every misprinted phone number or supposedly fictional phone number always leads to a sex hotline? I have a feeling if I just smash my face into a phone dial I'll get a sex line every time.
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    Windows 8 "full screen browser" no maleware and spyware?

    IE seems to have separate browsers for Metro and desktop versions. But Chrome definitely is the same browser whether it's in Metro or desktop mode. I would imagine that if you run into malware with the Metro browser your computer is still as vulnerable as it is in desktop mode. The Metro...
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    Logitech mice users what is your DPI set at for normal desktop use?

    I keep my G500 at 3400 DPI with my 27 inch 2560x1440 monitor.
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    Corsair Unveils Carbide Air 540 and Carbide 330R Cases at Computex 2013

    Looks like a great case, like that side by side design. I only wish they provided room for more hard drives.
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    Logitech G5 Replacement

    Not sure what you mean regarding the G500. There is a toggle button on it that toggles the scroll wheel from free scroll to click scroll. In the click scroll mode it should feel the same as the G5. I've had the G5 and now use a G500. I love the G500 and it's scroll wheel.
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    Asus 39 inch 3840x2160 60Hz panel.

    They are greedy little bastards. Korea has 27 inch 1440p monitors for $300 and in the US Dell, HP, and others sell them for $700.