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    Selling Gundam models W-Gundam and MS-06F Zaku 2 Custom Both are Perfect Grade, Opened but never touched besides that $200 W-Gundam Zero Custom $150 MS-06F Zaku 2 Custom I'd prefer to deal with metro Detroit but if outside I can ship for the cost indicated.
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    3 diff 290Xs on sale @ egg ~ $300 after MIR(4 games)+8G 290x showing up, OOS

    I'm tempted now to buy a 2nd 290x for 1440p. I've never xfired before though.
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    Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

    I'll wait. It seems that fraxis games go from good to classic after all the expansions.
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    Sexually Attractive Male Heroes In Games

    A 40K dollar truck next to a 30K trailer?
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    Cities:Skylines Reveal trailer Please don't suck, please don't suck, this looks like it may be the simcity 5 we have been waiting for.
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    Abyss Odessy unlocks in 23 hours

    It looks like a combination of a rogue like and the SNES magic sword.
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    DaRK SoULS 2 two more weeks!!

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    Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

    I'll treat it as any other fraxis game. Expect the base game to be very good but broken in some way, with 2 expansions that turn the game into a classic. Civ5, Xcom, etc.
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    MSI Announces The GTX 780Ti GAMING 4G

    See the importance of angles. Play with it yourself.
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    World's Most Elaborate Bitcoin Mining Operation?

    Did the brain damage from bit coin get mentioned?
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    [Legitreviews] R9-290X Press vs retail performance variances/anomalies still exist

    How do they compare with low level discreete gpus?
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    New headphone advice.

    I decided on the ultrastones, these things are awesome except for the fucking cables. I'd consider the dt770s if I had an amp.
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    Fan dying I don't know exactly what type of fan would replace though.
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    New headphone advice.

    Gaming and listening to electronic and metal music. So I also want something that has more bass than the ad700s. The cans give me the same problem when hooked up to my phone. I'll try replacing the cable connector.
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    Average eBay Price For PS4 Is $425

    You mean, the guy offering me a trip in his van for the item isn't legit? That's harsh man.
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    New headphone advice.

    I'm currently running Audio Technica ATH-AD700 on a asus xonar d1, the trouble is the sound is starting to cut out and i think the cans are close to dying. I have as my budget $150-200. I was thinking about the Ultrostone-Pro-550s. Question is, do I need an amp with my sound card...
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    Two dollars for 1 dollar!

    I'd buy that for a dollar.
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    Total War: Rome 2

    I didn't have as much of an issue with my old gtx 580 and I'm also running an i5 2500k at 4.5.
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    Total War: Rome 2

    This game is fucked with the R 290x. I get teen fps once the combat starts, 60 fps otherwise.
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    Whats your computers specs people?

    I have a type R sticker on my PC does it make it go faster?
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    290/290x availability thread

    Bought it as well. Thank you hardocp Would I be fine with a 650watt psu. I've been running an overclocked gtx 580 on it.
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    Is the 290X the only worthy upgrade from a GTX 580 3GB card

    As a gtx 580 1.5 owner, an r 290 looks awesome.
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    Are Valve And AMD About To Ruin PC Gaming?

    PC gamers ruined pc gaming
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    How do you find the time for gaming?

    The irony of life: 15-35 You have the energy and the time but not the money 35-55 You have the energy and money but not the time 55-Death You have the money and the time but not the energy
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    Microsoft's Next CEO: Handicap the Early Candidates

    They could promote from within.
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    Thinking of picking up skyrim

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    Forget the PS4 and XBOX1 this year...I'm getting this P:

    I'm waiting on Final Fantasy XXX.
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    AMD Hawaii-based graphics cards to mass ship in October

    IS IT OVER 9000?!!!!
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    Why is gaming on the console better than the PC.

    I've reached the point where I relize that a PC, Console, etc is a tool or toy. It's a thing, why should I get emotionally attached to a thing anyway.
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    12K PC Gaming on Windows 8

    Crank out metro last light on a 4k monitor!
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    My thoughts on Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (PC)
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    New Electronics Can Withstand Bodily Fluids

    Japanese robot bukkake?
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    Valve 3 ?

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    Dark Souls 2: March 2014