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    Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer

    We've been burned before, with the debacle of the Z7S WS boards. Enthusiast's and workstation users had countless board failures and BIOS issues. But I can't remember how ASUS remedied the situation.
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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    Flat sheet foil for a bus bar? I'm sorry, that adapter design is a engineering failure.
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    Robotics Kit? (Science project with kid)

    I still have my Mindstorms (RCX v1) set and two of the expansion sets. I have not used any of the newer systems, but I would suggest a Lego set first. While I was never involved with FIRST robotics in high school, I was a mentor for a local team ten years later. It was a worth wild experience.
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    Notebook Review and Forums closing 1/31/2022

    My laptop workstation is still ticking with a failing board. That site was a contributing factor for its existence in my work bag.
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    The only card I had major issues was the MSI 7850 Twin Frozr OC. The first card had artifacts out of the box, and the replacement experienced long-life deteriorating cooling issues until death.
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    Rise and Fall of the [H] team

    My workstation competed a handful of early bigadv units on-time with stock clocks within the deadline. For science, it would be nice to have large atom count projects again.
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    Tesla Unveils Radical Cybertruck.

    A few details in the tweet thread of the special SS alloy. The tool and die set could break during the stamping operation, or the weakest component of the press. Still not enough information of alloy or the foundry who is making it for them.
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    Tesla Unveils Radical Cybertruck.

    I agree the styling is radical, and I don’t care for it, but consider a few details. I’ll try to explain the best I can. A more conventional bed and cab design would work fine for a body-on-frame. Tesla went for a unibody, and so the side stampings would have to be larger, near the bed and rear...
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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk Details Funding Plan for Taking Tesla Private

    Fidelity Investments is involved with both Elon's companies, and my guess who one of the major contributors could be.
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    Microsoft’s Edge Browser Is in Serious Trouble

    Our lab stations are forced default installations of Windows 10 with only Edge. It is annoying Edge will open the lame welcoming page with the speed graphs.
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    Apple’s iMac Pro Arrives December 14, Starting at $4,999

    With the premium price tag, what can users do in case of hardware failure? AppleCare?
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    WWDC June 2017

    No information provided, but I'm hoping for a real Mac Pro successor in the future.
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    WWDC June 2017

    It seems the new iMac Pro is the Mac Pro successor, starting at $4999. Update: The base model is only 8 cores and 32GB, poor value.
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    Samsung Ditches Digital Camera Business

    It seems Samsung is in the middle of restructuring operations, as they sold off their printing unit not long ago.
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    Tesla Extends Free Supercharging Window By Two Weeks

    I originally figured the offer was only good for Model S buyers and not Model 3. Times have changed, but two week offer to boost flat lining sale numbers?
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    Post Your Workstations 2017

    Happy New Year with 2017!
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    NASA's Chief Scientist Departs Space Agency

    NASA does much more than space, but sadly the public does not know. They provide support services for agencies such as the FAA, NOAA, USGS, and etc. The civil servants who perform climate and atmospheric research are panicking with the new administration. Hopefully the witch hunt does not extend...
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    Tesla's Gigafactory Taking Shape In 4K Drone Footage

    Why worry about design issues now, when the real issues surface in early production phase. Long as nothing is leaking on floor of the gigafactory, the land won't become a superfund site anytime soon.
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    Yahoo: 1B Accounts Exposed In Newly Discovered Security Breach

    Att, Prodigy, and others under att, used Yahoo as the email servce for ISP customers. We've been screwed for a while.
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    For laughs, I got 02:47.78 on the stock 920.
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    Lian Li cases

    I agree the recent case designs are lacking. But my thoughts are the designs might be constrained because of their tooling. Lian Li manufacturing is centered on heavy use of brake presses, and do not typically use complex sheet metal stampings.
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    Musk: Solar Shingles Will Cost Less Than A Dumb Roof

    I wonder how well the SolarCity shingles can handle hail, and yes, hail storms will damage a typical roof.
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    Intel Core i7-6700K vs Intel Core i7-6800K

    The 6800k is a single socket enabled processor, and only has 28 pcie lanes. The limited processor features hurt the benefits of moving to the LGA2011 platform.
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    The Asus P6T Deluxe boards have a chipset heatsink with sweeping fins. Asus desgined the fins to take advantage of the down flow air from the stock Intel cooler. Asus did include plastic standoffs for 40mm fan.
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    SpaceX Investigates Possible Falcon Rocket Sabotage

    The densified propellants technique is very experimental, and the latest Falcon 9 iteration is first to use. By lowering the temperature of the propellants to really cold temperatures, they can have more propellant stored in the same tank volume. This improves the performance and to land without...
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    Cisco Says Router Bug Could Be Result Of ‘Cosmic Radiation’

    Cosmic rays are a problem with in-space electronics, but not at 500 feet above sea level.
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    Tesla Sues Michigan State Over Ban On Direct Sales

    Rick Snyder and Company is partly to blame, and the dealership cartel are against Tesla direct sales model too.
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    Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach 500M Users Affected

    The umbrella of Att internet providers have used Yahoo as their primarily email service for the last 15 years.
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    Windows 7 won't update to 10 - stuck at 0% downloaded

    Your SCSI devices may work, I have tested my Canon microfilm scanner with a internal usb converter on my Windows 10 laptop.
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    Apple Is Discontinuing Its Only Monitor

    The announcement saddens me, but it might be Apple’s best choice for the near term. I have a feeling the iMac 5k and future 5k versions of the MacBook Pro, will replace the iMac Pro and the external display. But who knows, Apple may wait for 8k hardware to revive the Mac Pro.
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    One Tweet From Elon Musk Made $580M Disappear

    I agree. From another standpoint, if a Tesla or SpaceX supplier was noted in bad light for even a minor defect with their product, they would disappear completely.
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    what your buying, Intel i7 6950X , i7 6900K , i7 6850K or i7 6800K?

    The 6950X (10/20) is expected to be $1700.
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    SpaceX Fails A Third Time To Land Falcon 9 On Barge

    Kaboom footage just posted, via Elon. It appears to be a ram failure of a leg.
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    SpaceX Fails A Third Time To Land Falcon 9 On Barge

    The sea were rough at 11 feet, even during the webcast the ship could be seen moving. Not very surprising one of legs failed, either due to the wave action, or the leg did not latch open. They also did lose the live uplink from the barge during the landing timeframe, but they should have video...
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    2016 CPU Progression Thread

    Intel Pentium 166MHz (16mb to 48mb) Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz (512mb) Intel Core i7 920 (12gb)
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    Winamp Has New Owner, May Relaunch Again

    After all these years, is the historical codebase for winamp even intact? I would see it open sourced.
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    Watch Robots Build The Steam Controller

    I just noticed the Flextronics logos during the last segment.
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    B-52: The Air Force Plane That Refuses To Die

    I wager the tooling still exists or can be reproduced, the key is political will and money. As for security, drawings for the earlier models of the B-52A-D were archived for historical reference, and is publicly available.
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    Facebook Prods Users To Share A Bit More

    I'm tired of people using Facebook as their multi-level marketing tool.
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    Consumer Reports No Longer Recommends Tesla Model S

    Musk is swinging back.