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    MicroCenter: eVGA Geforce GTX 970 4gb SuperClocked $139.99 AR

    Same here. I almost kinda felt bad picking up the one card they honored; the (very nice and genial) young sales associate was kinda dripping with envy. ...and on my way home I check my email: hey you get a free Witcher game. "Hmmm, wonder if it's Witcher thr...why yes it is!" This...
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    MicroCenter: eVGA Geforce GTX 970 4gb SuperClocked $139.99 AR

    Hey, worth a shot. ;) Yup. Will likely sell to a friend/colleague at par pricing cause they could use it more than me (already have an MSI 970), but still. Much too civilized for pitchforks here. Online for store pickup; I believe that was the only option.
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    MicroCenter: eVGA Geforce GTX 970 4gb SuperClocked $139.99 AR

    Bought 4, they will honor 1. Not complaining; as far as I'm concerned it's nice of them to actually honor even one.
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    $120 + Tax ! SanDisk SDSSDX-240G-G25 Extreme 240GB

    I bought this for 280 a few months ago T_T. Great drive, lightning fast, you newcomers won't regret it.
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    SanDisk Extreme SSD 240GB SATA 6.0 Gb-s SDSSDX-240G-G25 $180

    I have the 240gb as my boot drive. They are very impressive from personal experience, and also rates high from just about every review that I've seen for it. I paid $280 a couple of months ago, AT discount; this price is robbery at this point. The 480gb is so tempting for a steam-exclusive...
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    HOT - SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD $119.99 FS @ Newegg

    I just bought the 240 gb and it is fantastic. This is my AS SSD results from another thread, 120 gb speeds may be a little slower.
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    $238.99 240GB Muskin.SSD SandForce SF-2281

    Wooooo, even better than my Sandisk Extreme for $280. It's natural to want to stock up on SSDs just for the hell of it...right?
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    Newegg Shell Shocker Sandisk EXtreme 120GB SSD $129.99 no rebate

    I finally got around to installing the 240gb extreme in my new rig, which I'm using right now; here's a speed test. Having bought this at $280, this is slowly looking like a highway robbery sort of buy.
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    Corsair Obsidian 550d?

    Actually you're both right. I was mistakenly under the impression that the front panel has to be removed for airflow purposes...must have had one of *those* moments. Thanks for the clarification all.
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    Corsair Obsidian 550d?

    Well, I've finally assembled my rig, which is pretty much a Corsair build considering the case, PSU, and cooler are all Corsair. I'm very satisfied..despite the whole mate-throwing-away-box-so-I-can't-claim-rebate thing. A couple of thoughts. -The removable side fan panel isn't lining up...
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    Avoid Corsair Hydro coolers for now - bad batches.

    Just installed my H60 a couple of days ago and it's near silent. I haven't compared the cooling performance but the noise levels certainly doesn't warrant complaint.
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    Which TenKeyLess Mechanical Keyboard?

    Had the Noppoo Choc Mini for a few weeks now and absolutely love it.
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    Corsair Obsidian 550d?

    Ugh, does anyone have the UPC from the box that they don't need? My apartment mate threw away mine before I could clip it for the Newegg rebate...
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 in stock at FrozenCPU ($18+shipping)

    I am now considering returning my H60 altogether and just picking up a NH-D14 since the prices for the H60 and the fans essentially add up anyhow... Who knew fans would be the most confusing part of my build?
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 in stock at FrozenCPU ($18+shipping)

    Well shit, can't argue with that... Thanks for the info.
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 in stock at FrozenCPU ($18+shipping)

    Would you mind elaborating? I'm building in the next couple of weeks and wouldn't mind finding a few more fans for both the case and the H60 that I'm getting, but all the talk re: fans seems to center around the Gentle Typhoons as of late. If there's a more reasonably priced alternative...
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    New Directron Hot Deals

    Interesting; I appreciate the explanation of the intricacies. I've done supply chain work but mainly domestically, so it's nice to get a snapshot into some of the details behind the operations.
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    New Directron Hot Deals

    I hear you on the "on a boat" thing, used to work for a small e-commerce shop and these used to make interesting, yet apparently unreassuring explanations for customers. I'm eyeballing the Noctua as a backup but I think I'd still like the SA if I can nab it at a decent price. Although, I might...
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    New Directron Hot Deals

    Any way to get the Thermalright Silver Arrow back in stock? :(
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    Newegg Shell Shocker Sandisk EXtreme 120GB SSD $129.99 no rebate

    I literally just got in the 240gb variant delivered to me today. These drives have been reviewed extremely well but I won't be installing mine for another week so I can't say. Might pick up one of these for the rig I'm revamping for my mom.
  21. D Deals 3/8

    I got my drive today came in a padded envelope with very little actual padding. The actual box that the disk comes in is pretty much plastic frame in cardboard package. When they said it doesn't come with anything, they weren't kidding... Drive looks ok for now, should be installing...
  22. D Deals 3/8

    I went through that review and I think that Tom's chart is where I got my impressions from. I actually bought my drive early at $279 so I didn't have an issue with the price. There are a few more reviews up around the net now. Judging by the looks of things, short of some kind of defect we...
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    Intel i5-2500K $199.99 Shipped

    Jumped on this...this is about a good as a deal as those of us without MC/Fry's is going to get, unfortunately.
  24. D Deals 3/8

    I jumped on it early; the math works out and the drive was reviewed very positively; though it is in a relatively early stage of its product lifecycle. In addition, the 200gb+ toggle NAND type is arguably one of the highest rated drive categories on the market. Sandisk is using their own NANDS...
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    Corsair Obsidian 550d?

    Redbeard: here's a link to my pictures showing the contents of all seven bags with what I think may be their correct descriptions. This may be useful to anyone who's having questions about what screws...
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    Corsair Obsidian 550d?

    Hmmm, upon closer inspection, I have seven bags of screws to the user guide's five illustrated types, and it *MAY* be missing the motherboard and/or the HDD/ODD screw. I still have to wait for parts so I'll reserve judgment until I actually do the build; it may be that the illustrations are...
  27. D Deals 3/8

    If you do their math, it comes out to $274.99 for the 240. 374.99 is just a typo. Might have to jump on this...
  28. D Deals 3/8

    Aren't these new Sandisk Extremes supposed to perform on par with and even outperforming the Intel SSDs in certain tests? If so, that $274 seems like a hell of a bargain...
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    Corsair Obsidian 550d?

    I understand enough, but the plastic latches they use seems so fragile. I really think four snap-ins would have worked sufficiently; it at least seems like it'd hold up better than the latches they have now. Regardless, I'm hardly dissatisfied. Now to see how it sounds and cools when the...
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    Corsair Obsidian 550d?

    Just got the case for my first build in about almost five years. Some thoughts after having just opened it: Thumbs up: -Coming from a NZXT Zero, the build quality on the 550 is fantastic. The matte surface looks great and feel nice, much more so than any picture I've seen give it credit for...
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    Corsair 550D is in stock at the Egg

    Yeah I figured, thanks for the tip. Picked up mine!
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    Corsair Obsidian 550d?

    Reposted from the sale thread for this case: Would a case like this fit something like a 212 Hyper plus/True Spirit? Don't think my GPU will be an issue but CPU coolers always concern me with mid-towers.
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    Corsair 550D is in stock at the Egg

    Would a case like this fit something like a 212 Hyper plus/True Spirit? Don't think my GPU will be an issue but CPU coolers always concern me with mid-towers.
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    [H]ot? CORSAIR DDR3 16GB 1333MHz (4X4GB) $52.99 AR

    That's what I'm wondering. I understand that 1600 may be better if you're overclocking, but I can't ascertain the exact trade off. Can't figure out whether to jump on these or go higher.
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    Neweggbusiness $50 off $250

    Re: SSDs, it looks like the M4 prices went up but the 256gb Plextor M3 can still be had for $269 after the $50 off.
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    [H]ot? CORSAIR DDR3 16GB 1333MHz (4X4GB) $52.99 AR

    Nabbed from Slickdeals These are 4x 9-9-9-24/1.5v sticks. Seems like a great deal for a z68 build and I feel like pulling the trigger. Thoughts? Ship is $5.99 via ultra saver for me. Rebate link...
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    Hot~ Crucial M4 256GB SSD - $295.99

    It looks like Tiger still has this at 299; the prices for the other capacities looks good as well.
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    40" NEC P401 WS LCD 1920X1080 for $267 (Dead Deal)

    Oh, oh dear. Congrats to those who got one. If any one of you who got this is in NYC and has a change of mind, shoot me a PM! LOL
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    Year-End 75% off select PC Game Downloads @Amazon

    I wouldn't say it makes them a serious competitor, but you're right in that there are quite a few gems in there. People, buy King's Bounty platinum.
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    Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    It takes more than 1 card to make a thing go right, it takes more than 1 card to make it outta sight.