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    Wi-Fi 'Allergies': Is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Real?

    The major problem with this WI-FI sensitivity thing, is that it is BS. While there is a distinct" voltage difference between neurons, this is simply because of an ion difference. There is no "electricity" travelling along neural pathways in the sense of a copper wire. This is why that an EMP...
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    Judge: Give NSA Unlimited Access to Digital Data

    This idiocy is ONE of the reasons I want to leave the country and move with my friend in Helsinki...
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    More Uber Craziness

    It's not that hard to spoof a return number in a SMS message. This seems likely to have happened.
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    Bloggers Gets Same Speech Protections as Traditional Press

    Ahh yes... the great destroyer of common sense. Annoyance
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    Bloggers Gets Same Speech Protections as Traditional Press

    This is great news to read, but why did this protection not be considered automatic without a court ruling? It is still printed media, after all. Annoyance
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    Creating Bootable Windows Flash Drive Installers

    I'll just leave this here... SarduCD :) Annoyance
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    Evercool Venti CPU Cooler

    Da heck? When did Starbucks start making CPU coolers?
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    Woman Sues After Date Stabs Her

    Basic rundown... *launch in browser* Ooooh! He's hot! EHRMAGERD! RANDOM INTERNET STRANGER STABBED ME! *sue* *get slapped like the cholo you are* Annoyance
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    ASUS Responds To Intel's Decision To Leave The Motherboard Market

    I remember having the venerable ASUS CUV4X-DLS :) I miss my 300A's at 450... Annoyance
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    Apple Applies For Patent On Google's Idea

    I know... but my son is hooked and wants a MacBook >.< He wont do VMWARE :( Annoyance
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    Hulu CEO Finally Announces His Departure

    Or, for that matter, Cania/Caina...
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    Hulu CEO Finally Announces His Departure

    You mean the fifth layer, Stygia. A vast cold wasteland dominated by the river Styx :) *flexes his Manual of the Planes like a BAWS* Annoyance
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    Foxconn Could Build 130-Inch Ultra HDTV Panels

    Honestly, who in their right mind needs an UltraHD panel this big? Papa John? Well.. he is saving money by cutting worker hours. He could afford it... /facepalm
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    First 802.11ac WF-Fi Router Coming from Netgear

    You could always boost the range IF there is a RP-SMA type connector and you attach a helical coil antenna or a parabolic reflector tuned to the frequency :)
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    FS: HP Proliant DL 380 G5 Rack Server

    Louder than Loud! But the fans kick quiet after 45 seconds.
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    FS: HP Proliant DL 380 G5 Rack Server

    Bump for server love
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    FS: HP Proliant DL 380 G5 Rack Server

    For sale! WOOOWOOO! party time! HP Proliant DL 380 G5 rack server with... *drum roll* 2! Count em! 2 Intel Xeon 5335 CPUs WITH VRMs! 2.0 ghz of Dual Quad Core LOVE! 4 73GB 10krpm SAS drives with room for 4 more! 2 850 watt power supplies! 2 gigabit ethernet NICs 1 HP Smart Array...
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    Unintentional Processor Deal of the Day

    Wow. Not bad. I just ordered an IBM Eserver x336 used from a vendor, and they sent my a Dual QUAD Xeon 5335 based HP DL380 G5 :O *happeh dancesness?* Yes. I called them. Yes. They said it was their mistake. Yes. They said keep it. I do have SOME morals. Now... Time to play...
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    Sony Announces Changes to PlayStation Network

    OOOhhhh.. Even more systems to keeeeel! LOL
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    NVIDIA and Dell in Bed on Insider Trading

    I say this. Insider trading? You get seized by the gov, they liquidate all your assets, and distribute it to either the shareholders NOT found to be involved, or social security.
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    How much to Charge?

    I charge $40 an hour for college students WITH valid, CURRENT student ID. I charge $60 an hour for family for networking. I SHOULD charge more since they ARE family. I know this since they always botch something later and demand I fix it "under warranty" NORMAL client (home) is $75 an...
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    Overclocking laptop Radeon

    I have an HP Pavilion DV6 6170 US laptop with an integrated Radeon 6770. Is it possible to overclock the integrated Radeon in any way without BIOS or HARDWARE modification. I.E. ONLY through software? Now... to fix the system fan on my laptop. Every 10th to 15th reboot the diagnostic...
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    Beats Electronics Is Breaking Up with Monster

    Quick post. I have listened to Beats headphones, Soul Headphones, and my trust Logitech gaming headset that cost 28.00+ on Newegg with shipping. Guess which gave me the MOST bang for the buck? <3 Logitech They even replaced the lost dongle for my wireless mouse for FREE with FREE...
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    SOPA Violates The First Amendment

    TIL - I hate babies. *fires up the bar-b-q* Annoyance
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    Apple Patents "Slide To Unlock" Feature, All Android Devices Now In Violation

    The EU invalidated the patent application citing prior art. :) Annoyance
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    Dell Inspiron 1440 issue

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1440 that I got for free. Cosmetically it is pristine, and I would love to give it to my fiance' as a gift, but I have ONE issue. &#9632; LCD screen response is SLOW as heck, the mouse trails, and it is washing out. It has a Dual Core CPU @ 2.1ghz, and has 2 GB of...
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    Thinking about jump to Intel for the first time...

    Just do it *swish* I went intel i7 for my laptop and I do not regret it. 2.6Ghz with Throttlestop running, and it is stock @ 2.0 (all 8 cores running free) Annoyance
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    Any IT folks running BitLocker?

    Correct Battery Horse Staple Much easier to remember than H8826fnGneig!vve8b! :) Annoyance
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    Dealing with none technical IT Managers

    I am so appropriating this ... Annoyance
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    Alternatives to Cisco ASA 5520's for firewall

    I concur. I'm all for free/OpenSource, but the 5520s are nice and already can do an adequate if not exceptional job :) Just grab managed switches if you need more ports. Annoyance
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    I will work on dropping the know-it-all attitude :) I will be doing business ethics :) Annoyance
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    I will work on being more humble. Thank you. Annoyance *turns off InSSIDer*
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    The ultimate reason for WEP? People who had OLD routers at home and PSPs on the job. I *bad word for crap* you not... Not as bad as a subcontractor job to install a printer that I got at a MAJOR financial institution... They never asked for ID, never asked WHO I was, and just let me in the...
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    Securing a network is not THAT difficult. RSNA-CCMP for the routers at a MINIMUM for sensitive areas, separate VLANs for secure and not secure, and dont let people sit at a secure use terminal if they are not allowed. It's amazing how often this one isn't listened to. Also... I have to get...
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    Ethics will help me stay a bit more on the "straight and narrow" Mind you, I will STILL charge double my normal computer repair rate for my family members. Every last one of them are back stabbers of the highest order. Trash talking even ME when I did work for HALF my normal rate. Now they...
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    I am going to be working in the campus NOC next semester, and I am looking at internships already :) I understand school will not teach me about the real world. I've seen MANY a netsec major on my campus bomb out in real world situations. (Please dont get me started on the guy who deployed...
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    I have a 4.1 GPA at the moment, and 12 credits of classes. I work an hour a night on my homework. It would only be 12 more credits for Business Management. Annoyance :)
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    I have applied for work study (part of my grant package) in the NOC on Campus. It helps that I have known the IT director for about 25 years, since the days of his dial up BBS :) I am going into network security management and security auditing. The Security + class MIGHT be fun ... >.>...