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    7900 xtx vs 4080 (used)

    is it worth upgrading from my 1060 3gb yet?
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    2 gamers, 1 box?

    unraid is so much hassel, and you would have to buy new hardware anyway...
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    Aftermarket RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 card prices revealed

    it would be nice to see a FPS/$ graph to give a true upgrade path
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    Windows Licensing and Virtual Machines

    I would think its cheaper to spend £82 x 10, than subscribe to a Microsoft licence with audits and penalties.
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    Windows Licensing and Virtual Machines

    So I need buy 5 copies of windows 10 when it comes out? Oh well. I don't want to get into a multiple licence agreement, so this would be better to keep them at arms length I can see why WindowsXP is still popular. In a virtual machine I will keep it indefinitely for legacy virtual machines.
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    Building a Plex Server - UK

    Avoid ebuyer! Bad delivery, Bad customer service bunch of liars and cheats I never thought I would say this, but stick to ebay! at least the sellers there have a reputation to uphold
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    Windows Licensing and Virtual Machines

    Hi guies, because of my work and now self-employment, It makes sense to me to use virtual machines. The software I use has now been upgraded (Siemens software) and now it will only work with Windows 7. I have a Windows 7 retail licence, but If I make an activated copy and clone it, will I...
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    PSU Load test @ 220-240v?

    at the most basic level of explanation, without resorting to mathematical proofs, if you have 5 amps at 220V AC, you will have 10 amps at 110V AC for the same resistive load. I'm sure you can work the rest out.
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    yes I'm an EE, and its considered a profession over here. The tubing is 8x6mm polyurathane. The fittings are MetalWork (company) pushfit which are used for compressed air upto 200 PSI. Ive been using them with potable water for years and noone has complained. I dont know why people dont use...
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    After not posting for a few years, I found this thread on monday, now friday I have this to show for a weeks work (on and off) :D features include display of coolant temp (glycol) and setpoint to start the fans. The temp controller itself was liberated from a dumpster cost £116 new from...
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    Will you be getting Halo 2?

    when it comes to PC, perhaps i will care... :rolleyes:
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    Your Thoughts on 3DMark threats to HardOCP.

    hmm.. it wants me to use an archaic, bug ridden, non-complient and out of date web browser..... :rolleyes:
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    Your Thoughts on 3DMark threats to HardOCP.

    well i have to say, that i am really behind bannit on this one as well as the phantom shens. :rolleyes: as a UK'member i am really getting sick of the "sue culture" in the US (and which seems to be spreading to the UK) anytime express an opinion. defend youself hocp! :)
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    Omg I Have The Phantom

    wow amazing stuff there :p i wanna go to quakecon!
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    My college says no Athlons....

    "it said windowsxp or better, so i installed gentoo on my dual athlon system" :p
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    General Mayhem??

    ahhh, memories
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    Project: Virtual Picture Laptop (Finished)

    hi guys, whats going on in this thread?
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    My rats pad!!! GS!! :(

    do you think kyle did something to them?