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    Government To Require Websites Be Handicap Accessible?

    I swear to god, the selfishness of some people these days is outstanding. No, we don't 'need' to help blind people access the internet. No, they're not 'entitled' to internet access more than anyone else. It isn't about 'entitlement.' If it was, we would be giving blind people free internet...
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    Microsoft Really Does Give an F#

    You are mistaken. That's J#, and it was discontinued forever ago. F# is a functional programming language for .net. If you have used OCAML, then F# is bascially like that. I've used it in a few projects for school in which functional programming offered a better approach, but I still...
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    More Questions for Facebook

    The baseball sterioid business is because the government gives MLB an anti-trust exemption, meaning that the MLB can have an effective monopoly on nation-wide baseball teams and nothing bad will happen. The fact that said MLB was having an illegal substance problem stirred up the whole pot.
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    Change Your Password Twice a Year

    Well, personally, since people can just walk by my house and look at it, I don't really care about street view...
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    Netflix: Americans Are Somewhat Self-Absorbed

    Page 3 until I found a comment I actually agreed with...
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    Pentagon Chooses Two Companies to Build Flying Humvee

    Economics != law. The U.S. government could say tomorrow, "We're not paying you back, China," and guess what China could do about it? Pretty much nothing. If things could be done about that, then Hitler would never have been able to "afford" going to war against Poland in the first place. Google...
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    Pentagon Chooses Two Companies to Build Flying Humvee

    Hate to break it to you, but the defense department has been spending money on "stupid shit" for a lot longer than Obama has been president... And in terms of stupid shit, this isn't even really that stupid.
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    Win7 Features Poll

    You can pin items to the start menu and they will appear above your recently opened programs. Personally, I disable recently opened programs. It's pretty much the only thing I change from a default Windows install. Is there any reason why it caused you grief? Or are you just not like...
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    There's a PS2 emulator, a GC emulator, a DC emulator, but...

    People don't really make emulators to run homebrew. They're completely different things. And even if you plug the Xbox into a monitor, you're still running at 640x480 for 98% of the Xbox games out there.
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    Anyway to unblock the blocked updates from the administrator

    If it's blocked by group policy, then pretty much all you can do is go to your system administrator and give him/her a sad face. I know I would. Blocking all Windows updates like that is pretty retarded.
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    There's a PS2 emulator, a GC emulator, a DC emulator, but...

    If emulators for Wii exist, then Xbox emulators can exist too. In terms of processing speed, the Wii is probably around or a little bit better than the original Xbox. The hardware is VERY similar between Gamecube and Wii. You're right - the Wii literally isn't just a Gamecube with a different...
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    Internet Explorer 9 Beta Coming Next Month

    Sounds like you still think IE is IE6.
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    360 S Skins

    I'd just like to point out that even if the kids ended up playing GoW, they wouldn't suddenly start going crazy or out of control or everything. I beat Wolfenstein 3D and it's expansion pack both before my 4th birthday and I didn't go crazy or anything. Out of control kids are a product of bad...
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    Legal to hack?

    I wasn't talking about hacking your console to play "backups." I was talking about cracking firmware in general. Sometimes people hack their consoles to cheat in online games. These hacks are legal. Obviously anything which goes against the DMCA is illegal, but not all hacks do this.
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    32 or 64 bit?

    At my old job, I once had to teach Dreamweaver to a bunch of administrative assistants who didn't know what I meant when I said "open Internet Explorer." Then I realized some of them didn't understand copy and paste either.
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    30 Percent of Europeans Are 'Digital Virgins'

    I'd like to point out to you guys that Europe includes places like the former Yugoslav states, where quality of life is pure crap after having wars going on over there for years. For example:
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    Legal to hack?

    It wasn't a new U.S. law that was passed, but simply a court opinion. I forgot which court it was, but I believe it was a federal one. That court opinion is old news, though. Here is a common confusion / pet peeve of mine, so here goes: It's never been illegal to mod your console or do...
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    32 or 64 bit?

    And why not "go 64?" Why should the user have to stick with 32-bit if they don't know the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems? There isn't any valid reason to stick with 32-bit Windows unless you have older hardware, and that's not an issue here. Therefore, going with 64-bit...
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    Games Don’t Convey Emotion

    Surprised nobody has mentioned Phantasy Star IV yet. If you've played this game, you know what I'm talking about.
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    Half Million Dollar Abstinence Simulator

    What kind of sex ed program did you go through? Of course those things are taught. I'm still scarred for life from them showing us pretty graphic ghonorrhea pictures, lol. When I went through sex ed, they taught abstinence. But because it wasn't abstinence ONLY, we also went through birth...
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    Startup applications on win 7, how to make it stop asking for a password.

    Setting an application to 'run as admin' will simply have the application run with administrative privileges. It will not automatically supply the admin password. If your account doesn't have admin privileges and the program has to run as admin in order to work, then it will give you a UAC...
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    Question about W7 and GPU drivers.

    From my experience, all you should need to do is slide the card in, turn on the computer, wait for Windows to install drivers and then restart.
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    No reason to send Xbox 360 in for repairs anymore with $150 Xboxs?

    And I've had plenty of consoles break. My Gamecube broke and I had to send it in to Nintendo to repair (had to pay a repair fee, BTW). My Virtual Boy also broke, but that was after they stopped doing repairs for them (only like 3 years after they started selling them, lol). Sometimes things...
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    Sign of the Apocalypse: Lady Gaga Heads for 10 Million Facebook Fan Record

    Don't you love it when marginally tech-related news is posted [H]ard|OCP? Especially when it gets everyone all riled up and angry over stupid crap? I don't care about Lady Gaga, but I'm not surprised she hit 10 million fans. I don't think it's a horrible thing either. And the second I see...
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    peeps with ps3's ffxiv

    And how many MMOs are there for PS3 right now?
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    My New Xbox 360 S

    Same thing happened with the letters on the side of my GTX 280. It said "GeF rce" until I glued the 'o' back on.
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    YouTube Wins Case Against Viacom

    ...thanks for the heads-up. :rolleyes:
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    start networking before splash / start ?

    You have to run it as administrator or it is going to say that it can't load the snap-in. If you aren't running an admin account and have UAC disabled, right-click and make sure you run as admin. edit: Quick Google gives us the results that the group policy editor wasn't included in Vista...
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    Alpha protocol troubleshooting

    :( Sorry, but I think we found our problem.
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    Utah Firing Squad Death Announced on Twitter

    There were people who were executed in the late 70s who are only now being found innocent due to this newfangled technology we call DNA analysis.
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    Noobie: New secondary hard disk Quick answer pls

    If it's an entirely new disk, it must be a primary partition. Extended partitions are just subsets of primary partitions. It is true that your OS must be installed to a primary partition, but this doesn't mean that if you're not installing an OS you shouldn't make a partition primary. In...
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    Nintendo's 3D Device - Unveiled!!!!

    Dang, this makes me want to get out my VB and play Wario Land.
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    Goldeneye remake coming to Wii and DS

    Perfect Dark also had a "high-res mode" that put it at 640x480, but the framerate absolutely bombed while that was enabled.
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    encryption problem

    Did you export the key? If not, the data's probably lost. The reason why it's a hassle is because the data is encrypted. If it wasn't a hassle, the encryption would be no good. Only way in Windows to decrypt would be if you had exported the key before formatting. Otherwise, you're probably...
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    A new elder scrolls game?

    Fallout: New Vegas is being developed by Obsidian.
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    Nintendo 3DS = F*** YEAH!

    I'm actually looking forward to this a lot. Haven't played a whole lot of DS these past years, but the lineup of 3DS games sounds incredible. Just looking at what Atlus is coming out with is more than enough reason to pick one up.
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    Which domain controller should I use?

    No problems with 2008 R2 for my home DC.
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    Changed motherboard on Vista 64-bit SP2 install. Anyway to repair the OS?

    If it was me, I would probably be driven to fix it. Reformatting is not how a real man does things. A real man upgrades a Tandy 2000 and jams that 10MB hard drive with DOS 5.0 installed into a new Lian-Li along with a 5870 and a 1000W Corsair PSU. Actually, a real man just syspreps it.