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    Haswell overclocked to 7.01ghz

    Second that.
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    Galaxy GTX 680 (the white one) not Catleap-friendly?

    Catleapz Issue with Galaxy SC This is what I get. :-X
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    [H] users 7970 Overclock Results thread

    I want to see everyone to try Leo with their OC settings higher than 1150 core. If they can then this mean Leo is a great way to test your OC stability isn't it? :p
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    [H] users 7970 Overclock Results thread

    I had the same problem with Leo demo... 1150 seems to run fine. If you go higher than that, it's driver crash or black screen. I think it's the demo cannot handle the speed of it or it is too stressful compared to other software? Maybe driver? :confused:
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    1055T overclocking reference: settings, hardware, temps, etc

    1. Clock speed? 1090T (3.9 GHz) 2. Have you confirmed stability? 1 hours of OCCT and 2 hours of Prime95 3. What motherboard are you using? Crosshair IV Formula 0801 Bios 4. What settings are you using? Auto a. bus speed? Default b. HT link speed? Default c. CPU/NB link speed? 19x Multipler /...
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    HD issue (Transfer/Response)

    Mmm... I have Corsair 800D case. It has HD cage with swappable tray. The power adapter on it is connected directly to one source of sata power connector from PSU. (Meaning all 3 HD are connected to the same power line.) Also, I recently replaced sata cable with asus one "out of the box". I will...
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    HD issue (Transfer/Response)

    Threshold is at 0... 10k+ data point for UltraDMA CRC error count.
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    HD issue (Transfer/Response)

    Current pending sector - 200 UltraDMA CRC error count - 200 Doesn't look good isn't it? :(
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    HD issue (Transfer/Response)

    I ran WDDIAG off from usb, and it showed no error for my new HD at all. I ran hddtach that my roommate suggested me to do so. It showed correct speed for my new hd... Also, this morning my new hd icon just disappeared from my computer for some reason...
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    Official Phenom and AM2/AM2+ Overclocking Guide

    Can I include 1090T OC result and etc?
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    HD issue (Transfer/Response)

    I am not sure where to begin with. Yesterday, I got new AMD 1090T, Asus Crosshair 4 Formula, and few other upgrades for my rig. Along with my new upgrade, I got WD Black Caviar 1 Tb 64 Mb cache Sata 3.0 HD. I put all my new parts all together with my old HD from previous rig - WD Black Caviar 1...
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    Q9550 to 1090t- time to switch?

    Mmm, glad to hear that because I am getting 1090T and crosshair 4 formula. I am hoping to kick some bad azz out of this. Yet my current rig is almost same with your haha. :D
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    Galaxy's Name That Fan Contest

    The Blue Quasar
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    Your CPU progression

    1. AMD K6-2 450 Mhz 2. Athlon XP Palomino 1.4 Ghz (1600+) 3. Athlon XP Barton 2.2 Ghz (3200+) 4. Athlon 64 Clawhammer 2.2 Ghz (3400+) <--- Removed heatspread. (OC'd to 2.6 Ghz) 5. Athlon 64 X2 Brisbane 1.9 Ghz (3600+) (8.5x) (OC'd to 2.88 Ghz) 6. Athlon 64 X2 Windsor 3 Ghz (6000+) <----...
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    What's the hype?

    Thank for your response eric66. RamonGTP, I used search tool to find anything relating to power consumption and etc... It took me to this thread. I apologize if I posted it in wrong thread. In fact, I am trying to avoid making new thread because last time I did. I got flamed by someone for...
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    What's the hype?

    What does this has to do with my post? I am talking about power consumption on HD5970 not Nvidia card or price wise whatever you are talking about...
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    What's the hype?

    I am planning on buying HD5970 very soon, but what bothers me the most is the PSU. My spec is in signature. I wonder if it is enough to handle HD5970 OC'd? I read on Anandtech forum and it mentioned that AMD recommends 750 watts or above in order to get better performance result from OC'd...
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    Problems with the 8800 GTX:Need some help

    Thank, I will look at that site soon. Any more thought other than Kowan's? Edit: I forgot to add something to my story. Mr. Stryker tried out few different drivers - 163.75, 169.25, 169.44, and few other tweaked forceware drivers. Still same problem with all of it on his system and mine. Right...
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    Problems with the 8800 GTX:Need some help

    Look at my sig, too. ATI + Intel mobo seem to bond pretty good than Nvidia. Did the relationship between Nvidia and Intel went bad? Edit: Before I got my Foxconn Mars mobo on the month of Feburary, I had no problem with 8800GTX with IP35 Pro mobo.
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    QuadGT vs Maxiumus vs GA-X38-DQ6 - never ending dilemma

    Difference between DS4 vs DQ6? Do both of them have similar problem? Just wondering.
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    TR 120 Extreme will fit?

    I am planning on buying new motherboard which will be GA-X38-DS4. The question is will my Thermalright 120 Extreme heat sink will fit on GA-X38-DS4 motherboard? It look like the NB heat sink might block the way. Any thought?
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    Help me pick free A/V - Gamer

    I use Grisoft Malware with 2 years of subscription. It never fail me. :D
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    QX9775 = 3.2 ghz, 1600fsb, 45nm 12mbL2 , DP, 150w tdp = $1500 each

    <--- waitin for cheaper and higher multiplier yorkfield cpu. :D
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    Vista 64 only shows 2 cores on a Quad 6700?

    It's ur mobo, I own same mobo u have before. you need to go into bios and tell it to enable 2 more cores. ;)
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    Can't get my Q6600 GO past 3.0ghz

    When you oc your cpu, be sure to up ur chipset voltage since you are ocin it, too. ;)
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    (G92)8800GT First review!

    nice and one slot cooler awesome. :D
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    Best Intel Processor under $250 to replace my x2 4400+? - Q6600 $280 - IP35-E $90 - Geil DDR800 (1 Gb x 2) $58 Total: $428 excluding ship and tax You save $22...
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    What's your CPU's vista score?

    5.9 for my 3.4 Ghz Q6600, but my overall score is 5.7. My hd scored 5.7 lol. Yea no raptor on my system. :p
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    x850xt pe on 24" monitor

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    Foxconn first to list the 8800 GT. No really. Foxconn.

    QFT In additional, don't get into grapevine. :D
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    When overclocked my machine is actually SLOWER???

    can't be ur cpu, i would say ur ram got maxed out and start to use virtual memory? just a thought. note: remember, vista use more ram space than win xp do. ;)
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    Q6600 or E6850?

    Q6600 is a go. ;) Hope u get G0 steppin then u can OC and hit over 3.2 Ghz for sure. QFT :D
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    Inexpensive 775 until Penryn

    E2140 go go go. :p
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    QX6700 Acceptable Temps

    prolly, can u sell it 2 me? :D
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    Holy Cow! QX9770 1.6GHz FSB [email protected]

    was wonderin bout that, not surprised if it was cooled with phase change set up or N20.
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    Bad time to buy 8800GTS ?

    Wait for Oct. 29 and buy new 8800 GTS ver 2 then u r good to go. ;)
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    8800 cards and Unreal 2k4

    I am using forceware 163.75 beta driver for my 8800 GTX card and no shuttering problem in UT3 or UT2k4 @ all for me. Shuttering may occur when it come to memory issue (filled up ram and use virtual memory instead) or driver problem.