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    The Official P45 Asus P5Q Motherboard Thread

    Out of curiosity, are you using Asus's Six Engine program? Haven't seen the previous posts reporting this issue, but indeed if there are several others experiencing it it would be worth a separate thread. It's a big hassle but I'll probably end up RMAing the board if it continues. Thing...
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    The Official P45 Asus P5Q Motherboard Thread

    Have the same issue here on a P5Q-E. Although reflashing the BIOS, loading defaults and recreating profiles seems to work, it doesn't last. Randomly, when I resume from standby, my BIOS settings are lost/corrupt and I can't boot. I then need to cut power and sometimes clear the CMOS with the...
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    D945GCLF - complete with Intel Atom

    At least the 945GSE has a low TDP of 6W, compared to the 945GC with 22W. If we could get a mini-itx board with Atom N270 + 945GSE + Gigabit LAN controller it would be great for a server/nas or other network device. For HTPC uses the G45 mini-itx board should be a good option.
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    Question on ASUS P5Q series motherboard

    These boards were announced a few months ago, but only launched at Computex this past week -- they are now starting to show up for sale. No idea about the P5Q3, but should be very soon.
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    D945GCLF - complete with Intel Atom

    Does the heatsink on the chipset get hot at all? I was hesitating between this and the D201GLY2. I wasn't so sure the total power consumption is that much lower due to the 945GC chipset, and the Atom is considerably slower than the Celeron 220. I've also read that you can undervolt the...
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    Screeching Noise in New Build

    Also check your video card. If you think the noise might be coming from it, you can try removing the drivers for the card to see of it gets better. Also, try a 3d app/game to see if the noise gets worst.
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    Good 2.1's Do they exist?

    Anyone willing to live without a control pod and willing to accomodate 1/4 inch inputs should look at M-Audio's LX4 which is a 2.1 that is expandle into a 5.1. It is marketed mainly as a studio monitor but is only slightly more expensive than the better "multimedia" speakers. I have both this...