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    Headphone for Audio-out (headphone) jack/Audioin

    i dont know corsair models, but if you look for mobile or macbook compatible headsets, it will work, since cell phones and macbooks use that jack as well. if not, you can get an adapter easily enough.
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    static sound in the connection of my Sony CD player remote

    does it have a volume dial? its probably dirt inside the dial .
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    any USB 3.5mm remote inputs?

    yes, if i cant find anything i can take an emitter, take the receiver i linked and tape the ends of them together, but i was wondering if there was a simpler solution. i already have something like that. i want to run a 3.5mm cable between that and my PC. i want to control my PC with a...
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    FT03 Mini 2x3.5" ?

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    any USB 3.5mm remote inputs?

    basically something like this: but instead of an IR receiver it has a 3.5mm trs input to be used with an IR distribution block.
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    FT03 Mini 2x3.5" ?

    does anyone think that if am using onboard video i could squeeze a second 3.5" into this case? i dont mind doing some finagling.
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    USB wow headset broke. looking for a sub 50$ replacement

    stretch a little bit and see if you can afford a plantronics gamecon 780
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    Cute Kid Bills Dad For Tech Support

    why not just link to the reddit thread?
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    Connecting Ps3 to Auzentech X-FI HomeTheater Hd via Hdmi in

    go grab a 10 year old surround processor on ebay.
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    G930 surround sound question

    yes its normal. its meant to simulate a speaker set up. if you play just the left side speaker, your right ear still hears it, just at a lower volume. the thing about the human brain is, that if you play a sound loud in one ear and soft in the other, your brain will swear to you that its only...
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    Sound Blaster Z Speaker Setup

    i strongly suggest using a subwoofer on high level inputs and solving your problem with hardware rather than software. it simply sounds better in most applications and adding some speaker wire one time is going to be way less headache in the long run. it will not have the sound card combine...
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    Quick speaker selection question

    dont get a sound bar. a 2ch setup will provide more directional cues because the speakers will be further apart. what are your sources and budget?
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    Ceiling Speakers for ATV and PC

    all you need is a cheap DAC, stereo receiver and a pair of speakers. its really simple. examples:
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    Wifi Dongle for Pansonic Vierra TV

    i have a similar situation, and i use an Asus N router as a bridge.
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    Am I crazy? B&W CM8 powered by Logitech sub

    ok the high pass on the logitech set up is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 150hz.
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    WTB: Set of 1TB Drives (WDGreen OK)

    WD10EALX 3 availible?
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    Exomega's WTB stuffz

    4000dpi, and it has the receiver and the actual remote.
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    Exomega's WTB stuffz

    1. WD10EALX - warranty until Feb 2014 2. Razer Lachesis red, sealed 3. sorry. 4. gently used N5902 $115 ?
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    WTB CPUs, HDDs, GPU and maybe water-cooling

    any interest in a quadro FX 1800?
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    WTB: Intel i7 CPU + MOBO

    any interest in a 2600K and a Gigabyte Z68 board around $300?
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    120w Speakers?

    $250 initial suggestion: 1. Topping TP20 Mini amplifier 2. Dayton B652 Bookshelf Speakers 3. Dayton Sub 1000 its a little over budget with shipping, but if you want a sub, thats what i would look at.
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    Any reason to install Nvidia HD Audio drivers if I have a discrete soundcard?

    1. you dont get HDMI audio 2. no 3. see 1 4. no
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    120w Speakers?

    that turntable has a built in phono pre amp, and its operation is selectable with a switch. therefore you dont NEED to use a phono pre amp, but you do need to make sure the switch is in the correct position; that could be the cause of your volume issues
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    120w Speakers?

    a phono pre amp takes the low signal level from a phono cartridge and adds an amplification stage which raises it to line level. the second thing it does is provide RIAA equalization. all records are put through an equalization curve to better suit the vinyl medium (things like playtime, SQ...
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    120w Speakers?

    you need a phono pre amp, not more powerful speakers.
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    WTB: CPU, motherboard combos and hard drives - at dirt cheap prices.

    what kind of specs are you looking for?
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    WTB: i3-3225 to i5 2500k S1155 CPU

    whats your best offer?
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    PC Gaming & Lossless 5.1

    you could also get a receiver with a passthrough option. where is takes the audio and passes the video signal unaltered. of course you wont get an OSD through your display but not important.
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    WTB: i3-3225 to i5 2500k S1155 CPU

    3225 new, sealed, $130?
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    WTTF / WTB PC Parts / PSU Adapters / DX10+ Video Cards / SSDs / TB+ HDDs / Case Mods

    would you consider this 4650 with an official ATi DVI-HDMI adapter? i also have 1 DP cable.
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    WTS: Logitech G500

    how is the mouse for big hands? i heard this is the one to get.
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    Dell PCI-E Card in a Satandard Motherboard

    yeah, they will work. but you need a DMS-59 breakout cable with the first one however.
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    old receiver, spring clips broke

    well you could open up the receiver and replace the spring clips.
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    WTB: i3-3225, 5.25" BD Drive and 1TB 2.5"

    how much for a new i3 3225? does the BD drive need to burn DVDs?
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    WTB Socket 775 combo