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    Lair gets a 4.9 from IGN

    there's no consistency with the scores IGN gives. For a game that supposedly pushes the PS3 hardware and looks amazing it receives a 7.5 for graphics. Thats the same score Rainbox Six got which is another crappy port from the X360 and looks even worse outside 720p. Sure its chugs but by those...
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    UT3 timed exclusive for 2007 PS3/PC .

    Thats not the point of my post. We haven't even seen x360 version to make those kind of comments. Your article on EGM seems to say it's running rather poorly on PS3 yet current hands on previews say otherwise. from...
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    UT3 timed exclusive for 2007 PS3/PC .
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    Tretton blames third parties for PS3 software deficiencies

    a couple of months ago it only just got released in the PAL territories. The PS3 isn't even a yr old and Sony are already trying to help as many developers as they can to code for the Cell.
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    Tretton blames third parties for PS3 software deficiencies

    Totally agree with what Tretton said. These ports coming over to PS3 are seriously horrible with the exception of a few. It's sad seeing ported games looking crippled compared to its 360/pc counterpart on machine that is not crippled at all. Upcoming games such Lair, Heavenly Sword, Killzone...
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    The Great Xbox 360 Repair Debacle, Been waiting over a month for your console?

    Maybe this could be the reason? edit: oops didnt realise it already had been posted by conker :P
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    UK PS3 Launch is a disaster.

    Yeh D would explian it. It's cos deep down they want one :p, in almost every gaming forum you'll see angered gamers trying so hard why to justify why their "Wii60" combo is enough. If they're truly satisfied then they would have no need to justify this. It's simple, if your satsified and...
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    Heavenly Sword clip shows up on NBC's Heroes (56k no)

    This is the game i'm most looking forward to getting for my PS3! I can't wait!
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    Forza Motorsport 2 Info (Screenshots, Partial Car List)

    wow, those are in-game graphics? that looks crazy detailed! much better than motorstorm. I'd like to see that running
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    Major Konami Announcements on Monday but he also said this:
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    Anyone else have trouble connecting their wii to the internet?

    yup have rebooted my router already and i have the latest firmware already. All my wireless devices connect fine to it except my wii! ugh... its so frustrating especially knowing it connect before with the previous firmware.
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    Anyone else have trouble connecting their wii to the internet?

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! And get this, I connected fine but as soon as i updated my Wii it refuses to connect to my fricken router! Ugh how annoying. I'm definitely not dong anything wrong cos its using the same connection that i had saved when it was connected! I feel like smashing it, so frustrating...
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    Wii 480p vs 480i on Dell 2405FPW

    actually if you read carefully i said i had component which i used for my dell 2407 and it still looks better on on CRT TV using regular composite.
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    Wii 480p vs 480i on Dell 2405FPW

    i've got component cables and i've hooked up my wii to my Dell 2407 and to be honest, it looks much better using composite on a regular TV( on a 68cm). Like Mrbojangels said, LCD just brings out all the ugly faults like all the horrible jagged edges. The only thing i really prefer with my 2407...
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    PS3 impressions. Let's hear what you think!

    got to watch Motostorm playing on a huge 60" LCD. I have to say that i'm very impressed by the visuals. Graphics look as if they're pre-rendered and i don't see signs of any slow down that people have been mentioning. I seriously don't know what slow downs you guys are talking about but it...
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    Farcry on Wii

    ^^ yeah i totally agree, i know the wii wasn't suppose to be graphically as good as the ps3 or 360 but it looks worse than the xbox version and its a shame for a console supposedly more powerful than that.