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    Technology Gone Wrong

    In Albany, NY, we have solar powered trash cans, it's actually pretty awesome. Many trashcans have a built in compactor that is battery powered and hooked up to a solar panel that covers the top. Also the best part is they don't ask me for ID and charge me money! I suppose the collective...
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    The 660Ti looks like the perfect blend of power efficiency and performance. I want gaming performance but I don't want a 1000W PSU and crazy electricity bills or extra heat. The DirectCU saves me from needing a 3rd party cooler as well. I am in the process of researching parts I will need for a...
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    Sandy Bridge adopters -- post your new build.

    Old: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86ghz @ 2.6ghz Abit AB9 Pro Motherboard Powercolor ATI Radeon 4850 1GB 2X2GB GSkill DDR2-800 Mad Dog 500W Modular PSU New, just ordered!: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3ghz MSI P67A-C43 Motherboard 2X2GB Kingston DDR3-1333 CORSAIR CMPSU-600CX 600W PSU Keeping...
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    A little OC causing mouse to "stick"?

    I had the same damn problem with the comp in my sig. I just raised the voltage a bit on the cpu and the problem went away.
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    Don't Buy Global Agenda - [H] Editorial

    If you want to run eyefinity with all the details cranked to the absolute max on on three monitors in their native resolutions (at least 1680X1050 each), you would have to get two 5850's. I am only going to get one because I only care to game and focus my attention to one monitor, I am sure...
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    Don't Buy Global Agenda - [H] Editorial

    I just sold my Core 2 Quad system and I am about to bite the bullet on an i5/i7 system with a 5850 next week. I updated my sig, I only had that sempron for like a week and thought it would be funny to put it in there. I have a C2D system in the meantime, and I have MSDN access so I have four...
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    Don't Buy Global Agenda - [H] Editorial

    Do you really care that much about this? You are in an absolute extreme minority of PC gamers. Hardly anyone at all, much, much less than 1% of PC gamers would drop that much money on a setup to play a few games. You would need a minimum of 2 $300 videocards and 3 $300-800 monitors. I understand...
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 5

    I could use a new card badly :)
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    OCZ Z Series: Z850 Power Supply Drawing @ [H]

    Ill enter for sure, could use an upgrade to my 350W enermax :)
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 4

    I desperately need a videocard :(
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    Galaxy - 8 Weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 3

    I currently have integrated graphics, please help me :(
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    Mojave to Revive Vista's Image?

    I wonder if the GUI was changed at all...
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    GTA IV: First Impressions (no spoilers)

    I got it for 360 and I am running it through VGA at 720p on a 19" LCD. Looks pretty amazing depite a few graphical quirks. So far I am extremely impressed. The sheer amount of things to do, places to see, etc is just awe inspiring. The story is incredible, the radio is hilarious, I especially...
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    HOWTO: Overclock C2D Quads and C2D Duals - A Guide v1.0

    Just got a new mobo for my E6420, the abit IP35-E. It was only $60 after a rebate. I just cranked it up to 3.2ghz with a 400mhz fsb and it ran OCCT all night long with no issues. My vcore is set to 1.41V. Max temp was about 66C with my old zalman 7000, only 25C idle. I'm just amazed at how fast...
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    Free Raffle from and MicroTemp

    Im down for one.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Posting in a contest thread!
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    Water cooling over hyped ?

    I am rather amazed at how far air cooling has come recently. Two of my friends just built quad-core systems, one with a Q6600 on a zalman 9700 and one with a Q6700 with a Thermalright XP120 Ultra Extreme. I was able to overclock them both to over 3Ghz easily. I got the 6700 to 3.4ghz with some...
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    Need a videocard to support Dual VGA and HDMI

    I am building a computer for a client of mine and he needs to be running 2 VGA monitors as well as an HDMI display, all at the same time. The picture just needs to be mirrored. I found this Radeon HD2400 on newegg: It has all the...
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    Rivet Removal

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    Need a Core 2 board with AGP and DDR1 support

    I am going to be getting a Core 2 Duo and mobo for a pretty nice price, but the problem is that I do not want to shell out any more cash for new ram and a new video card. I already have a Geforce 6800 AGP and 1.5GB of DDR400. I found this ECS board...
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    Gaming laptop for $1500

    Well, my friend needs a laptop for college, and has around $1,500 to spend. He plays WoW and CS:S and wants to be able to play some future games, but does not care about having the highest details, just decent playability. He also wants one that will last him all 4 years of college. He also does...
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    Best Brands?

    IIRC, all the cards should be exactly the same, the only difference is the packaging and included software.
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    Best video card of all time?

    Ti4200 or 9700/9800pro. Before that, voodoo!
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    Best Thermal Paste for Bare Core

    I have always used a variant of Arctic Silver, seems to always help a tad on my temps.
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    Display Gaming Poll

    4:3 in 1600X1200 on a 19" CRT.
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    Nforce 2 Drivers for Win2K3 server.

    I am currently working on a clients machine that has an Asus A7N8X Deluxe Nforce 2 Ultra 400 board. It has Windows 2003 Server installed, and I cannot seem to find offical drivers for the OS. I have attempted to install Windows XP drivers on the system but they did not work properly. Can anyone...
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    Just please keep in mind we want both ATI + nVidia to win

    I really wish that there wasnt such crazy competition between the companies. If they just slowed down and made new generations every 1-2 years, I think it would give software developers time to catch up, and optimize games much more. It would also allow much more time for Graphics card companies...
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    How much is my PC worth?

    Hmm, well the processor has been at 2.2GHz w/400MHz FSB all its life, runs prime95 at over 2.4ghz overnight and never fails, if that makes any difference.
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    How much is my PC worth?

    Im selling my custom built computer, due to the fact I need money for a car. Specs are: Athlon XP-M 2400+ 1GB Dual Channel Mushkin DDR-400 Albatron KX18D-Pro Nforce 2 Motherboard Albatron Nvidia GeForce 6800 128MB Sound Blaster Audigy 5.1 Gamer Edition 250GB Maxtor Hard Drive With 16MB...
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    My friend's internet is severely messed up, please help!

    It seems unlikely that 3 different NIC's would be busted. I have tried pretty much everything, and called his ISP's tech support numerous times to no avail. They tell me they are "reseting" or "boosting" the connection and it works perfectly for about 5 minutes. They have also had people...
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    My friend's internet is severely messed up, please help!

    For the past few months or so, my best friends Internet has been really acting horrible. He has Earthlink cable which runs on the same connection as Time Warner Roadrunner. His net will disconnect constantly and currently he can only get on AIM and some other basic things but cannot access web...
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    eVGA ACS³ Arrives:

    I believe the biggest fault of the cooler lies in the extremely small size of the fan.
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    eVGA ACS³ Arrives:

    Judging by the fan, it looks like they put a big plate of metal over a stock sink.
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    eVGA ACS³ Thermal Solution Thoughts

    All they did was put a metal plate over the stock cooler. That plate better be made out of solid awesome.
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    320Gb WD=...127Gb??

    I just ran into the same problem. I formatted with my new 250GB maxtor drive. If I use a XP disc with SP2 and reformat will I be able to use the 250GB? I just formated, installed SP2, then the patch which came with my maxtor drive which should let it read all 250GB, but I guess it wont since...
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    The New, (now) official, Show off Your Video Card Thread

    I have that same card, yet I glued an old pentium 1 heatsink onto it, I really should try to overclock it.
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    Help! Built in S3 Graphic Unichrome card in AMD

    You should definetly get a new card. But we need to know 2 things first: Do you have an AGP Slot on your motherboard?(brown or offset slot next to a bunch of white slots) How much money can you spend on a new card?
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    PS3 Killzone Trailer

    Based on the power of the PS3, that footage could very well be in-game. A few things to point out would be the ragdolling of the hellgaths and the flames from the flamethrower. If this is how a pre-alpha game for PS3 looks, then I cannot imagine the final games.
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    Best card $50 or less...

    In order from best to worst: Radeon 9600 Radeon 9250 FX5500 FX5200 MX440 MX4000 The best one is a 9600 by far, and make sure it has 128-bit memory.
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    Video Card under $50

    Id say a geforce 4Ti (NOT MX) or a radeon 9600, and make sure its 128BIT.