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    Microsoft Hopes its Phoenix Will Rise

    Here is the video :D
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    Our First Bioshock 2 & Eyefinity Experience

    The advantages are mostly in games that you need a wider field of view. Its not stretching it to fit the screen like a large TV, its actually giving you a wider resolution. In driving games and shooters you can see a wider field of view.
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    DreamHack Winter Festival 10,000 LAN Pics

    Here is an old video about the network of dreamhack:
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    Canonical devs getting paid to work on Chrome OS

    Chrome isn't meant for desktop at all, it is a lightweight netbook OS, it wont even run on desktops in the final release.
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    My Linux Workstation

    using ubuntu 9.10, compiz 1:0.8.4-0ubuntu2. I am using an 8800gt with the proprietary drivers, That may help. Im new to linux but ive had no problems with flash in ubuntu so far.
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    My Linux Workstation

    I have no problems with flash and I have compiz on ubuntu.
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    C.O.P. submersion testing

    regular motor oil normally has detergents to clean sludge in engines so that might be causing some of the problems. If you are going to try more testing I would suggest non-detergent motor oil or a synthetic. It would be interesting to see the results in those.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    lets go
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    Monitor flickers then goes blank

    I've tried all of my cables and it didnt change anything. I have also tried turning it on with nothing connected and the searching for signal screen only shows for a second and the screen goes blank
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    Monitor flickers then goes blank

    So my samsung syncmaster 943bx started to act up. When I turn it on it flickers then goes completely blank, the power button is still on so I know its still on. Ive tried swapping cables and know its not my videocard because my backup monitor still works. Any help?
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    Who will actually upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista?

    I believe that they released support for touch screens/tablets recently, I might be wrong though
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    I was tired of messing with icons
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    well harro thar, been a long time man :D

    well harro thar, been a long time man :D
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    Danger Den kits

    Would that kit with 1/2" tubing and the d5 pump be able to cool i7 920 OC to 4.0ghz, chipset/mosfet and a gtx285 possibly two in the future?
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    Danger Den kits

    What are your guy's opinions of the Danger Den kits for their tower acrylic cases? for example: