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    The Lian Li PC-700 Thread :-)

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    Better than Firefox 7

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    what MHash/s did you get on the sapphire 5850s? what were the MHash/s for the other cards?

    what MHash/s did you get on the sapphire 5850s? what were the MHash/s for the other cards?
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    What's your pick for a hosting service?

    i've been using bluehost for 5 years now. their great. just signed up again for $3.95 per month. search google for $3.95 per month bluehost
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    680 + physx bench

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    3930K overclocking

    nice it does VT
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    Quiet CPU coolers that don't require to take out the Mobo?

    i'm running an Noctua NH-D14 120mm & 140mm and its quiet
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    is my airflow bad?

    mine is similiar except i have an exhuast in the back instead of a push pull and i'm using a noctura d14 and not front intake
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

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    Pictures Of Your Dually Rigs!

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    Chess bot

    signup at and play a few rounds there. there are bots for learning end games, openings, etc... lots of IM and even GM are there too.
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    Chess bot

    there are several chess engines out there that are free. you can connect at with them through an interface such as winboard. you can right now grab a copy of crafty chess engine and winboard then setup zippy to connect to chesspartner is a great user interface that...
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    PHP Textbook w/ applications and "homework problems"

    +1 heads first for everything!
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    Constructive Critism for my Website

    no, i'm looking for feedback. I agree. I do need a new theme. Its hard to find a good one for wordpress. Any suggestions of wordpress themes that you have worked with in the past that would work with this site? ideally i'd like to use a theme like or both of...
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    Learning Java from scratch

    I highly recommend the book: Heads First Java Here are a few programming examples for starter projects: Try out the first question without looking at the solution when you've gotten far enough into the Heads First Java book.
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    Constructive Critism for my Website

    Hello Everyone, Can you provide some constructive criticism for my website: What do you think? Thanks!
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    Need 486DX4-100 motherboard

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    Need 486DX4-100 motherboard

    Hello, I need a 486DX4-100 motherboard. I can trade you something for it, such as a power cord etc... I'll pay shipping. Thanks. pm me if you have one.