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    Octopath Traveler

    i have a switch and i really want this on pc just so i can pay less than 79.99$ CAN for a 2d rpg.
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    The Division 2

    I actually bought it from uplay, mentionned that i never had such a thing happen on steam It wasnt there. Lot of people had this problem yesterday evening. I bought it "again" this morning and everything went smoothly. Still show that i have 2 orders in my order history and still have the...
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    The Division 2

    Tried to buy the game last night. Shows in my order history (with receipt and everything), does not show in my gamelist. Sent in a DM on twitter and filled a ticket with ubisoft support. Charge is still pending on my CC and i really dont know what to do at this point. Should i re-order? will...
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    Google GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

    Wonder what is gonna be intel's take on this.
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    Google GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

    Crazy times we live in.... and Canada is gonna announce broadband for every Canadian by 2030!
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    Intel Delivers First Exascale Supercomputer to Argonne National Laboratory

    Half the price is gonna be for optanes drives.
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    dual 8180m miniITX build

    Any gaming benchmarks? Amazingly good looking build!
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO Review @ [H]

    Looks like an amazing card. Too bad here in canada it is more expensive than the i9 9900k, 16 gig 3200 ddr 4, corsair 540 air case, h115 platinium, 1tb m2 pcie ssd, asus tuf gaming mobo i just bought. (combined) I feel like i paid 900$ CDN when the gtx 1080 came out for equivalent performance at...
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    "Forgettable, Repetitive": Early Reviews Aren't Kind on Anthem

    Subbed to origin premier to ty it and really enjoying it so far. I really liked Destiny 2 up to the point of high end content because the game didnt give you any matchmaking or way to actually converse with other players. This one gives you the tools.
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    Australia Passes World's First Anti Encryption Law

    This is the conservative ("right wing") government.
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    Washington State Tells Ajit Pai to Suck It

    Market evolves. ISP are looking for new ways to make more money without any added services or content and they are publicly traded companies. Washington's law aims to protect the quo statut.
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    Tokyo to Build 350M Tower Made of Wood

    Laminated wooden beams. We have some 10 stories building with laminated wooden beams in construction over here, not quite 70 stories lol.
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    PHubs Year in Review - 2017

    Watchout when pops have to pay for the pornhub internet package in a few years... this is when we will see general population pushing for net neutrality :)
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    Destiny 2 Clan (PC)

    Friended you
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    How Much Will Next-Gen Consoles Cost?

    I didnt play any games consoles since twilight princess on gamecube and the 3rd metroid prime on the wii. Somehow, even with a sizeable pc games collection and a nice gaming pc, my switch is getting a lot of game time with only 3-4 games. Arms and mario kart are decent party games. Whatever...
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    Legit reviews cpu showdown 1700x vs 7700k... with a gtx 970.

    Reading this review, i was quite hyped to finally consider an AMD build for my gaming rig, but i was wondering why some of the results were off compared to other reviews, until I saw that their test system used a gtx 970. GPU bottleneck in a cpu showdown... :X
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    Personal top 10 Games of all time!

    1. Witcher 3 2. Chrono Trigger 3. Metroid Prime series 4. Mass effect series 5. Zelda: A link to the past 6. Quake 2 + xpack 7. Tactical ops 8. UT2K4 9. BF3 hardcore mode 10. Final Fantasy X/X-2
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Played all mass effects twicce except the 3rd one, actually liked the 3rd mostly due to one of the dlc toon, yall think i will enjoy andromeda?
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    Nintendo Switch

    I was on the verge of ordering one, but Nintendo abysmal supply to Canada convinced me to hold on untill mario kart 8 deluxe.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Video Card Review @ [H]

    As a gtx 1080 owner since release, i am quite happy with the current performance of my card, but the gtx 1080 Ti has me hyped for what we can expect from volta!
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    Nintendo Switch

    mentionned 1080p because I like to play pc games in my living room. I prefer high framerate to a higher resolution. Since apparently 1080p works well on a 4k tv, i will indeed go 4k
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    Nintendo Switch

    The early switch reviews just confirmed my thoughts, i will wait for a bundle to pick one up for zelda. Will probably invest in a good 1080p tv and a ps4 pro instead for bloodborne, the last of us, uncharted and horizon zero dawn.
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    Nvidia GeForce Live Event

    I'm quite impressed that no one is yelling paper launch. GTX 1070/1080 had everyone screaming paper launch since apparently announcement = paper launch now.
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    1080/1070 users - Upgrading to 1080 Ti?

    Will we get HDR 1080p tv?
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    Just What does Intel Have up Its Sleeve in Response to Ryzen?

    Currently have a 3570k, therefore going i7 or amd 6-8 cores will be a substantial upgrade, in no hurry to upgrade tho, waiting on reviews!
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    Shadow of Mordor Sequel Leaked

    the first one is still a stellar looking game. Really liked the gameplay.
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    1080/1070 users - Upgrading to 1080 Ti?

    got a 1080 on release, i usually go x70 sli or top end and skip a gen.
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    Edge of Eternity

    cant find the game on steam
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    AMD Video Card Driver Performance Review - Fine Wine? @ [H]

    awesome article. cant wai for the follow up with nvidia.
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    Pillars of Eternity II

    First game i bought the dlc at full price
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    Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is coming to PC

    gotta borrow my brothers ps3 to beat the first one!
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    Looking to go over the Resident Evil series

    Thanks a lot for the input! will snag the resident evils remake on sale :o
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    Looking to go over the Resident Evil series

    Howdy! I've only played trough RE4 (original on gamecube) and RE5 (on xbox360) and I'm looking to get into the serie again. I do not mind isometric games (huge fan of Eternal Darkness). I went trough the list of RE games on Steam and I'm at lost with all the remakes, biohazard...
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    Lawsuits Suck for

    It was indeed some amazing journalism. I remeber actually being hyped for this console.
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    AMD Press Release on AM4 Motherboard X370 Chipset Specifications

    As evidenced in this thread, they all have a varied amount of pcie lanes. What remains to be seen is the ammount of pcie lanes each cpu sku have.
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    GeForce Now: a dream come true for familly members

    Taking into account a 1500$ pc (just for gtx 1080, high end cpu, ssd, enough ram and cooling for all of this) forking the same ammount toward GeForce now at a fixed 25$ for 20 hours of gameplay (no idea about deals or packages) will net you 1200 hours of game play but you are left with no...
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    GeForce Now: a dream come true for familly members

    Really hyped about this. Taking my younger brother by exemple, at 25$ a month with no maintenance, someone like him that get access to cheap unlimited 60mbps would totally jump on this. Even if it introduce some input lag, I can see a lot of pc gaming non competitive peons moving toward this...
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    How to properly clean a monitor?

    thanks for the replies. some of the smear on my shimian do in fact look rainbow colored under certain lightning. I will stick to distillated water and microfiber cloth!
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    In the market for a new monitor! GSYNC vs 21:9?

    Finally received my Dell S2716DG. It took about 1 hour to get working since my gtx 1080 was acting strangely with display port. Had to reset my motherboard's bios to default then the monitor worked right off the bat. I did reset everything to what it was in the bios and it still work. I'm partly...