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    SB Router/FW Recommendations

    great info. thanks. so for the two route scenario i described- how would i accomplish that with the zyxel? would i be configuring per-user routing so that some users get to both LAN1 and LAN2, or am i setting up essentially 2 different endpoints? also, it looks like the only difference with...
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    SB Router/FW Recommendations

    having the skills and having the time are 2 different problems. i've run openBSD with nothing but pf and CLI before as a core network device, but i'm looking for something i can set up, run a routine backup of the config, and then never think about it again. actually, pfsense or openBSD would...
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    SB Router/FW Recommendations

    so it is capable of having 2 unique VPN setups or of being able to implement different routing rules based on the user? all these devices (i mean any vendor: cisco, draytek, etc) say is that they support X number of tunnels. but if there is only one VPN config i can use and all the X number of...
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    SB Router/FW Recommendations

    any specific model? btw, in terms of a budget- anything up to $1000 would be fine. from what i've looked at i don't think i should have to pay more than that, but if necessary anything up to $2000 would probably be considered.
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    Ubiquiti Unifi Questions...

    thanks everyone for the replies. they do not seem to have a lot of resellers (none that i've heard of before anyway), and the warning about making sure the seller includes the injectors will save me a lot of hassle and rage later :-) thanks all!
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    Ubiquiti Unifi Questions...

    these units get power over the ethernet cable, right? i've never had a PoE device before so n00b question: if you just plug an ethernet cable from any switch or router into this thing will it work, or do you need some special power input on the other end? TIA
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    SB Router/FW Recommendations

    All, I have a small network which I am currently running an Asus RT-N16 with DD-WRT in front of. The network is split into 2 subnets behind the router with each firewalled from the other by the Asus. |---> LAN1 Internet ---> Asus ---| |--->...
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    Problem with Dell GX150

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    NOS End-semester lab, need help/pointers/advice

    yeah, i mean it's fine if she wants you to figure out HOW to do something on your own, but she's asking you to figure out WHAT to do. seems idiotic. i would look at basic network services first. DCHP and DNS. choose one machine to set those up on. create a domain, and join the other...
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    Apple Needs To STOP................

    a laptop with a 12" screen. has there ever been a crappier invention?
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    How best to move from dual to quad?

    and by the time you do your $1800 system will be worth about $900.
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    What proxy are you running 500+ users?

    well "last time i checked" was 3 years ago ;)
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    Why can't I use a DVI-HDMI cable, and what about HDMI video cards?

    for any PC to TV connection you are going to need to go through complicated refresh rate tweaking. the TV is not a monitor. it does not have the exact same resolution or refresh rate as a monitor, and thus windows does not have a 50Hz refresh rate in as a default which will make your tv happy...
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    What proxy are you running 500+ users?

    well without checking- last time i looked ipcop did not support scsi devices. i would ditch the linux idea because i'm a hater. i'm just trying to be honest. openbsd or freebsd with squid would be my choice. funny about the mention of symantec's solution being a piece of poo- that was...
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    Need help on small office Network

    they probably downloaded an update which turned on the MS firewall or something. check in control panel --> windows firewall to see if it is turned on or disabled. if you're not running windows xp (and thus no built-in firewall) then give me more info in your post next time ;)
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    job interview; what to expect?

    if they are decent interviewers you will face as many "problem solving" questions as anything else. you might be asked to discuss a time when you faced a certain type of problem (personaility conflict with coworker, time management, etc) and how did you deal with it. or you may be asked how...
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    Is bandwidth limited on big networks?

    i think you meant . . .
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    where do you get fonts from?

    the one that's like $9.95? thanks
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    where do you get fonts from?

    my GF needs a bunch of fonts in a hurry. does anyone know of a decent font package she can buy? she has tried downloading free fonts, but says that a lot of them don't work or look like crap at more than 8 points. any suggestions? thanks, big boi
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    Where do you keep your passwords?

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    serious problem with ZIP files

    i get an error message saying "RegSrv (or whatever it calls it) failed. Exit code: 0x2903890890" except i made that exit code up. i have run registry cleaners. you'll note that i am having a problem with the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.ZIP key. when registry cleaners run they see the key and will say...
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    serious problem with ZIP files

    sorry for the confusion. the built-in program is compressed folder. i only mentioned winzip in my post because i also have that installed and since Compressed Folder does not work i need to use winzip. as a point of note, i can open zip files with winzip. but it will not do it...
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    serious problem with ZIP files

    okay, i installed some crapass freeware zip program a while ago. i don't recall the name of it. , but anyway i decided it sucked so i uninstalled it. here is the problem: 1) windows XP did not revert back to using it's own zip utility. 2) when i try to open a zip file with winzip and check...
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    Is it posible to record a computers actions ???

    in order for this to be legal, the recordings must be made as a normal part of operating your business. this generally means you need to have a policy stating that you may be monitoring email, web browsing, etc. the employees need to be made aware of the policy- usually you will want to...
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    Master's Degree decision - advice needed

    as a note regarding the SANS institute: i have it from a reliable source that the first group of students will be graduating this year, and that the application process for accreditation with the middle states accrediting body is underway. i'm not sure how long that whole process takes, but...
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    Questions about proxy servers

    you don't need an application proxy. that is just one kind of proxy and it is a common one. what are you going to be proxying? what type of traffic is this?
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    Need a catchy remark!

    a great line o heard at someone's 25 year anniversary was this. "the key to this kind of longevity is showing up."
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    Questions about proxy servers

    there are different types of proxy servers. if you want an application proxy you will need a server for each service you are proxying. you could set up squid for HTTP/SSL, sendmail or postfix for SMTP, ftp-proxy for FTP, etc. you could set these all up on a single machine though. you could...
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    Which domain registrar should I use?

    i switched form network solutions to godaddy. network solutions is just so damn expensive.
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    Upgraded to RR from DSL, now router isn't working...

    as most have said, you should probably do a factory reset on your router. you'll need to reconfigure any specific settings you had and would like to go back to. also, when you cycle the router also cycle your cable modem. for some reason mine does not like to give out a new IP unless it...
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    Master's Degree decision - advice needed

    i work with someone who went to CM and they're a total lunchbox. anyway, again i don't think that's really even remotely an option. i'd have to quit my job and go full time, or at the very least, move to pittsburgh. itsmikey, SANS is exactly as good as everyone says it is. or better.
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    Master's Degree decision - advice needed

    SANS won't be acccredited until sometime after they graduate their first class of students. that would obviously be my first choice since i know the name is well-recognized in the field, the programs look great, and the education is excellent. however, without accreditation i can't get...
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    Master's Degree decision - advice needed

    did you think that the name of the school was important at all? i can understand where some people go directly from undergrad to graduate school and want to go to a school like RIT or something. they know that when they graduate there will be a lot of recruiters there looking for fresh talent...
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    Master's Degree decision - advice needed

    perhaps i should clarify. i haven't taken my GREs nor would i like to if i can avoid it. if there's a program that would be loads better than anything else i would consider it though. also, i should have specified. i live around DC. i am not planning on going to school full time since...
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    Master's Degree decision - advice needed

    a little background: i am turning 30 this summer. i graduated from a small liberal arts college with a BA in philosophy and a BA in Sociology/Anthropology. i have been working in the IT field for the past 6 years with basically the last 2.5 years in the information security area. currently...
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    Barracuda SPAM Firewall, your experiences?

    i administered a barracuda spam firewall for a while after trying a few different software solutions. it was definitely a step up, but not without its headaches. when i left the place i had installed the barracuda in i was seriously considering replacing them with postini. i wonder why you...
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    different workgroup = not vulnerable?

    yeah, i'm a doofus :rolleyes: go read up on vmware, and then get back to me.