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    Why you chose linux

    Whether one has more time than money or more money than time is ancillary. I could well have more money than time, and yet still not see any benefit to paying for the proprietary solution, especially if I believe the widely-used free standards are of superior quality. We may not see eye-to-eye...
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    Why you chose linux

    First started using it a few years ago for work, to run biophysics software in a neuroscience lab. Discovered I really liked command line. Somewhere along the line I decided it was just more convenient to run it as my primary OS, because so much of the rest of the scientific community is in a...
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    Fifty Percent of Doctors Use Wikipedia

    You brought up many good points. While we're on the topic of Obama's proposed reforms, I have two main concerns. Number one. Cost. He's massively underestimating the cost of healthcare. Other countries with single-payer healthcare do not have out-of-control litigation costs (they also...
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    Fifty Percent of Doctors Use Wikipedia

    This ridiculous claim that physicians are somehow "money-making machines" is a part of the health care problem. Sure you make a six-figure salary, but you're slapped with a six-figure debt straight out of school, will be working 60-100 hours a week until the day you retire, and on top of...
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    Fifty Percent of Doctors Use Wikipedia

    Slow news day? This isn't alarming at all. Wiki is a great framework for information dissemination. As a publicly available and editable resource, it has a definite speed advantage over standard print or web-based peer-reviewed media. Doctors should definitely use Wiki for scouting out...
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    Nvidia and ATI should be worried?

    NVIDIA and ATI are going to look elsewhere for profit. Traditionally it's been the high-end GPUs for PC gamers that have made up the high-margin low-volume sales. As demand shrinks, they'll look to the HPC GPGPU market (CUDA, OpenCL) to replace this revenue. Their low-margin high-volume...
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    Want to really learn linux.

    The Rocks Cluster Distribution speciallizes in HPC clustering. It has pretty much all the standard tools gathered in one neat distribution. When you need to quickly set up a cluster, use Rocks. It seems to be in fairly common use, and certain HPC vendors (Cray) officially support it in their...
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    Carmack says market is going consoles

    I have no qualms about Rage going to consoles, but it being "designed for a controller" is a bit worrying. Guess I'll be skipping it. I'm on a 7800GTX, and I don't feel like eating a video card upgrade for Rage. The 7800GTX handled HL2:Ep2 fine, and to be honest, I'm really only looking forward...
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    Firefox With Q6600

    You're right, no 64-bit flash for Windows yet. My mistake. Not so far as I know.
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    Firefox With Q6600

    Might be an issue with 64-bit Flash. Try again with a 32-bit OS. Flash as a whole isn't a very efficient framework, for whatever reason. Combine that with all the poorly designed flash apps out there, and it's no wonder they're such CPU hogs.
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    Report Finds IBM Supercomputers Most Energy Efficient

    Except that these supercomputers are more efficient than the "average" computer. 536.24 MFLOPS/W is ridiculously good. You can't touch that with commodity x86. So it's more like a Lamborghini that gets 200 miles to the gallon.
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    Intel vs AMD. But what about price?

    What's the difference between 120 fps and 240 fps on a 60 Hz LCD panel?
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    New mechwarrior in development

    I hope it has tons of delicious hit-and-run missions a la Pirate's Moon! Nothing like dodging starboard LRM's in a 140 kph Shadowcat, taking out power generators in a fly-by shoot, and hauling ass as the whole base wakes up on you. More medium mechs = more fun. Too many of the end-game MW4...
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    General purpose GPUs will rule the Earth

    OpenCL, anyone? One standard API for programming x86, ATI GPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, Cell processor, you name it it's there. List of companies onboard: 3DLABS, Activision Blizzard, AMD, Apple, ARM, Broadcom, Codeplay, Electronic Arts, Ericsson, Freescale, Fujitsu, GE, Graphic Remedy, HI, IBM, Intel...
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    cheapest to run / coolest to run webserver

    I was about to recommend a netbook but oh wow, those Atom mini computer prices are insane. Now I'm thinking about picking one up myself.
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    Two programmers I know told me NOT to overclock...

    To be fair, they are right in a sense. CPU frequency is only a part of the performance equation. Raising CPU freq with overclocking certainly helps, but you already paid for most of the performance in the architecture of the chip. If your cpu can't handle a game now, overclocking will give...
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    AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE is being sampled

    Xigmatek Dark Knight is solid. You'll probably get better responses in the OC/Cooling subforum.
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    Laptop Of Death

    75C at load isn't that bad for a mobile chip - they can withstand the heat. I have an old P-M 1.6 GHz compute node that regularly runs at high 80's to low 90's C under full load for days at a time, and it's been crunching dutifully for the past four years. Error rate is on par with the desktop...
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    Do Laptops in Class Lead to Lower Grades

    Plato's Phaedrus -- "... writing destroys memory. Those who use writing will become forgetful, relying on external resource for what they lack in internal resources. Writing weakens the mind." Replace "writing" with "computers" and jump forward ~2500 years.
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    Best Distro to Start/Learn with?

    Four of the top five supercomputers in the world, including LLNL's IBM BlueGene/L and Oak Ridge's Cray XT5, run SLES (enterprise version of OpenSUSE) on their login nodes. OpenSUSE is a solid distribution. Red Hat systems tend to be more popular on the whole, however (especially for...
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    Q6600 VS i7 920 Advice

    I'd go Q6600 in your position. The i7 would've been nice if you were CPU bound (scientific number crunching 24/7), but for gaming and occasional encoding the Q6600 is more than enough. Today's games just don't really use the CPU all that much. If you insist on spending the money, use it on a...
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    Linux Hardware: ATI vs. nVidia

    Go nVidia. The drivers are closed source, but things like AIGLX work with a lot less hassle, and 2D/3D performance is solid. ATI's drivers are improving, and you have to give them credit for opening their specs, but the driver quality just isn't there yet. I'd say to give it a few more years...
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    Looking to get into Linux

    That would be CentOS. It's basically RHEL, without the paid commerical support. You can get it here: If you want something a little more bleeding-edge RH, try Fedora. You're right; there are some differences between the distributions, but they are mostly minor...
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    Dual Core Consoles?

    Another way of looking at it (basically restating what movax said): PS3 Cell = heterogeneous multi-core processor 360 Xenon = homogeneous multi-core processor
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    Happy Birthday Sega Dreamcast

    Shenmue++. Memorable game, even with its flaws. Ah and yes, of course, Skies of Arcadia. :D
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    What's the best game storyline of ALL time...

    Xenosaga I, II, III and Xenogears are all quite excellent. As far as intelligent plotlines, complicated protagonists/antagonists, and memorable plot twists go, these games are hot sex. 80 hours worth of it.
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    F.E.A.R MATE?

    I'm *this* close to beating Doom 3 (at least I think I'm close ;) ). I'm in the mining area and I'm supposed to activate the huge lift. Ran around for 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do before I quit. Probably missing something incredibly obvious. :D
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    GT5 Interior shots

    Yes, and it also makes more sense to devote rendering power to the car models than to the grass. :) The reason being that when everyone's moving at 100 mph, the scenery will be blurred and all the detail in the backgrounds will be lost, but every little detail on your car and that of your...
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    GT5 Interior shots

    How would picking dirt up off the track make any big difference to a driving sim? :confused: In any case, cars in GT already do lose their shininess over time (until you take them to the car wash). This has been a feature since the original GT. So no, they don't stay shiny forever...
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    GT5 Interior shots

    Whoa, tough crowd. :eek: I think the car interiors are looking fantastic, even if the rearview mirrors aren't finished yet. :)
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    Microsoft Xbox 360 Sales Plunge 60% As Problems Mount

    Stop making these threads. Let's see more topics about the games please.
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    F.E.A.R. pc vs ps3

    Not quite. :) The 360's 3 cores are not comparable to modern x86 PC processors -- the Xenon cores lack heavy-duty branch prediction and OOO-execution. Each of the three cores is essentially a stripped-down version of a IBM PowerPC RISC-architecture processor. Each core in the 360 is very...
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    What are some PS3 must have games?

    Awesome! :eek: $45 is a sweet deal, thanks for the link. :)
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    Playstation 3 compendium ( work in progress)

    Third time's the charm. ;)
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    What are some PS3 must have games?

    Super Stardust HD. Pff. More like Super Crackdust HD. :D This game should come with a Surgeon General's Warning for being so addictive. ;) You're importing Minna no Golf 5?! :eek: OMFG I'm jealous. :( Well... I'll get my hands on it someday soon, one way or another. ;)
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    Playstation 3 compendium ( work in progress)

    Typo -- Just Final Fantasy XIII (not Versus). :) Sexy thread. ;) Keep up the good work.
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    New Starcraft 2 update! *TERRANS*

    I hope Spider Mines are back in! Have any Valkyrie-type units been shown yet? We Terrans have lost air superiority! :eek: Not too impressed with the Thor... if it shoots slow heavy-type attacks like a Siege Tank, then they're easily countered by the shields on the fancy new goons...
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    Mechwarrior series

    Mech 3 fan here. :) This game used to be such an obsession for me. I don't think anyone plays online anymore, however... and if perchance some people still did, I have no idea where my install disc is. :D MW4 was more polished in many ways (weapons fire/heat management, and especially how...
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    Twisted Metal?!

    Hell yeah? ;) And then a year later, we were all grooving to (well at least I was :D ) : and Damn that JetMoto, what a hardass game. :D Can't believe that was over 10 years ago. Good times.
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    Is your PS2 modded?

    Yep, you can install a hard drive and play games off it. I was at a friend's house when he used HDLoader to play some NTSC-J games from the hard drive. It's really pretty amazing. Loading times are cut down dramatically, and you can play foreign games too. Compatibility is pretty good as...