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    Consumer Reports: Don't Buy a Microsoft Surface Laptop or Tablet

    wife and sister's sp3's have been rock solid
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    Mega Man Is Heading to the Big Screen

    Resident Evil remains as the standard for me (the first couple at least)
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    Developer Deletes Entire Production Database First Day on the Job

    exactly what it sounds like, developers dont push changes directly to production. goes through change control process and personnel.
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    Black Panther Teaser Trailer

    indeed, it was pretty much a black spandex suit, they actually added a lot of depth. anyway, day 1 for me!
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    Developer Deletes Entire Production Database First Day on the Job

    developer + production database? I think not.
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    Friday the 13th: The Game Launches in May

    wow, looks like they really wanted to make this game. looks like fun too.
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    Endless Space + DLC $1 on Steam until the 17th

    fun game, havent played it in in a long time (years?). when I went to 4k it got too difficult to play as the UI doesnt scale at all and the text was waaaaayyyyy too small. I think the publisher was supposed to be getting something in place for this like they did their other 4x game Endless...
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    Thou Shalt Not Repair!

    whatever. if they couldnt get cable companies to readily comply with the cable card requirements then how is this likely to work out (and that was the federal government)? there was like 3 real cable operators vs what 6,7,8 different cell phone makers (but they probably only care about samsung...
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    BMW Self-Balancing Concept Motorcycle

    interesting, looks cool and I'm glad to see manufactures pushing bikes forward...its very sleek but does it even exist? its funny how some people look at the safety equipment that is absent...around here most everyone wears full helmet, jacket, jeans, boots, gloves...but riding between just MD...
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    Facebook In Talks To Provide Free Internet To US

    this is why I generally dont post here anymore. lots of kids with reading disabilities and repressed anger issues. You sound like Eric Cartman. Grow up, stop thinking with your...I dont know what you are thinking with. maybe take a laxative and go sit down?
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    Facebook In Talks To Provide Free Internet To US

    wow. so if you are poor or just strapped for cash and need to make a decision between internet and I dont you are a welfare leech...even if you arent on welfare. got it. must be nice up there, eh?
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    Actual Number Of Stolen Yahoo Accounts Could Be Over 1 Billion

    my yahoo used to get compromised all the time. I would get a spam email from myself on one of my other email addresses that was in my yahoo directory and have to tell everyone to not open anything they got from me in the last xxx days cause it was compromised again. only kept it because I had...
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    FCC Delays Vote On Set-Top Box Proposal

    this. I'm holding on with my win7 + ceton + wmc but I know sooner or later it wont be an option anymore and I'll just be sol because whatever new solution is available wont be as flexible :(
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    Colleges Give Up On Bookstores, Send Students To Amazon

    its about time. I remember this becoming the thing waaaaayyyyy back when I was in school and being told by a faculty member that my university was making it a point with some of the very popular required classes to try and require books that at the time were hard to find elsewhere (this...
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    Cops Wearing Body Cameras Are More Likely To Be Assaulted

    cop with camera is on best behavior criminal or unruly persons see best behavior as weakness criminal or unruly persons ALWAYS push cops to the limit anyway, now finding much farther limits they push very far, very fast criminal or unruly persons think they are getting away with something when...
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    Woman Following GPS Ends Up In Lake

    my sister lives on a golf course that has lots of sudden turns that if you miss it will put you in a lake or woods within 30 yards of the leaving the road. one part has a cart path that looks like it is the road if you arent paying enough attention. I'm told that they have had more than a few...
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    Why did it take so long for RPG's to become popular in the west?

    I had buddies who used to make fun of me for playing RPGs...they called them 'reading games'. one of my friends in college saw I had FF7 and was like 'they tricked you into buying that too!!" and I'm was like 'huh?'. turns out the commercial for ff7 made it look more action than rpg so it...
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    Alicia Vikander To Star As Lara Croft In “Tomb Raider”

    she looks like a little kid. good actress though.
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    Esports League Bans YouPorn’s Pro Gamer Squad

    the only real e-sports involve Titties!
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    Siemens Team Unveils 3D Printing Spider-Bots

    yeah, SG1 replicators is where my mind went.
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    Overwatch Butt Pose Replaced With Another Butt Pose

    yeah, I like the new one more
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    Man Builds Scarlett Johansson Robot

    that is amazing (scientifically) and scary (socially).
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    Mysterious Video of the Day

    she Batman-ed it pretty good though
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    XCOM 2 announced....PC Exclusive

    patch made my game run worse. gonna have to play with the settings but it could be the crossfire profile needs to be updated on my machine. I had already finished my first play through on Veteran and enjoyed the whole things pretty much. The last mission was pretty excellent
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    Incredible Marble Machine That Plays Music

    I had a 9700pro but I dont remember this demo...guess high speed internet wasnt available so I would have skipped this back then...very cool. the device in real life is spiffy too
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    Teens React To Windows 95

    couldnt watch past the half way. guess I just dislike today's youngsters for the most part. while I understand the 'whaaattt!' at first it got pretty tiresome. looking at the video the os hasnt changed all that much really. still got icons, start button, programs...pretty dull looking I...
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    Watch Google’s Robot Dog Play With A Real Dog

    glad to see that dog didnt go all punk ass and run away. he stayed and alerted, just like the dogs in the future will have to do when T1000s show up. and yes, the potential lethality of that thing is pretty apparent. imagine it with high def cameras able to run around a battlefield or...
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    Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs Probably Won’t Be Cracked For A While

    it has to be costing them more to do this than the piracy does. the pirates werent going to buy it anyway o_O and when Joe User cant play his disc because internet service is unavailable, too slow, distro servers for the decryption are being DDOS, etc, etc then what?
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    Japanese Arcades Aren’t Dead

    arcades were nifty...sucked when you were broke like me though :) go in with three quarters and spend the next few hours bored. it was sad when they turned all shady and shifty
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    FCC Approves Proposal To Boost TV Set-Top Box Competition

    Hope this works out to have more options than we saw with cable cards. and more cooperation from telcos with equipment they didnt issue. hey...I can edit here now? nice!
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    FPV Drone Racing In A Warehouse

    that was actually very cool...I too always thought they were just toys for voyuer purposes :D
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    Google CEO Receives Stock Grant Worth $199M

    hmmm, maybe I should have spent my life telling people to do stuff instead of learning to do stuff? got it.
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    XCOM 2 announced....PC Exclusive

    I'm finding the timer enhances the gameplay a bit...I've had a couple of missions where I was trying to sneak my way around and set up the whole assault only to discover I only had four turns to make something happen and shit got wild, quick. having to improvise and accept the changing/unknown...
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    X-COM 2 Looks really good. Is it worth the $60

    I've been lucky, I've had a soldier panic in a few different missions but twice the mofo ran to full cover, then turned around and shot the closest enemy in the face :D Once it was my sniper, she used the big ass handgun they carry to do the long range execution.
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    X-COM 2 Looks really good. Is it worth the $60

    This. I have had one CTD and a few stutters but by and large having fun. I'm maybe 5-6 missions in and finding all the changes to research and soldier handling but I'm enjoying it. I was one of those slow, methodical players in EU/EW; set em up, execute the plan, everybody goes home. Now...