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    Haha what do you guys think?

    So for those in the Chicago area, you would know alot of homes got floods. Our basement had nothing important but we still had about 4-5ft of water come in for a few hours and besides some parts from my Car project (Rear seats and T5 transmission :confused:) nothing was harmed. Although today...
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    Been away for a bit and downgraded, What now?

    I currently have a 8600GT. I am wanting something similar or better than my old 9800GTX for a good price. @Camberwell, thats the thing, the 9800GTX handled everything perfectly at 1920x1200, only game that made it choke was Metro but even then the game still looked good at normal settings if...
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    Been away for a bit and downgraded, What now?

    So, I haven't been paying much attention to this hobby in a while, my automotive has been keeping me busy and taking all the cash away. Which caused me to sell my 9800GTX which served me very well even with my monitor upgrade to 1920x1200. Right now this 8600gt is doing its job fine with TF2 but...
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    Gaming Rig for sale. (Another Chicago local sale)

    Reopened and updated! Same system just with a better psu and less video card!
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    AMD x6 chip clocked to 6+ Ghz

    Just in dirt 2? Amazing
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    eVGA SLI GTX 480

    Surprised no ati folks have replied about heat and say ''LAWL N000B I GUEZZ DEY PAY DEMSELF BAK ON HEATING COSTZ''. Good results as far as I can see. I would love to pick one of these up soon.
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    Metro 2033 review

    I expected more out of the game, but It was still a pretty badass game and I am already playing through my 3rd playthrough in hardcore this time. Love it.
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    what's wrong with the gtx 480?

    For most its price. For a selected few its power/heat. After looking at some users over at XS play with the card, I have already decided its the card for me. Amds offerings are still very impressive for the price they are coming in at though.
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    GTX 480: Your verdict

    7.5/8 Preordering my 480 and getting ready to Wc it. This is why I have a Corsair 1k psu. Why not put it to good use. Noise? Haha my current 9800GTX laughs at noise, Heat? WC time. Still not as good as I would think but still a very good card and we will see more of it later on.
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    Hmm, Eyefinity or my 30'. Tough choice but GTX 480 here I come.
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    Metro 2033 review

    Yo so quick question since my cousin went ahead and played the game but spoilers ahead: So he played up to the library part and going against the library guys and according to him he played a bit past the elevator drop. So my question is, how the hell do you avoid or is there any avoiding...
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    Metro 2033 review

    I really would love to play this game, Well I have it but doing body work on my car is really taking my time up. I played up the the bridge part (I won't say more due to spoilers) and I had to stop since it was 12am already. Also the game runs ok here just kinda sad that going from Normal on...
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    Nvidia releases new drivers 197.13

    Lol, no one is having problems guis, if 1 person isn't the rest are not as well! Take notes Nvidia & Ati! Thanks for the heads up op, trying them now.
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    Fermi retail date pushed back...

    I say just give let the ban hammers go crazy, if small things like this gets members riled up that much, time to send em to a diff forum. Gets kinda annoying when all of the arguments are being done over rumors or unofficial things. Hell even the gamespot forums seem more mature at the topic. :p
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    Bad company 2 unplayable

    My 9800GTX is smiling right now. As others said, runs fine here, even right above 29-34fps average on a 9800GTX :D
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    Fermi retail date pushed back...

    You're infinity comment gets pwned by my Dell 3008WFP. :D As others said, I am fine with it being pushed back as long as the 26th is the day NDA gets lifted. I am very patient man and no games so far I have seen have made me think about upgrading yet, So why jump on things like a horny...
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    God of War Ultimate Edition ...huzzah!

    Call her for a date? What are you in? High school? :p Very cool purchase.
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    Your favorite video card

    Fx 5500 followed by 9800GTX
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    Metro 2033 preview vid

    Can't wait for this game. This is the only game so far that has me thinking of upgrading my 9800GTX once and for all. We will see how it runs. If things go well, time to keep trucking with the 9800gtx.
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    SemiAccurate wrong about Nvidia 480GTX power use

    Since when is power consumption a major deal and worth crying about? What is this [G]reen|Forum ? I see fermi doing decent, I really have doubts it will be a really really bad card as many are predicting. We will see March 26th. I am in the market for a new video card and im not gonna let...
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    Gtx 480 Unigine Video (and benchmark)

    Source? or is it just a another rumor.
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    Just cause 2 Demo on March 4th!!

    Went to 0xAA and 8X AF and no performance gain or loss. Still locked at 24-26 fps :o
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    Just cause 2 Demo on March 4th!!

    This demo makes my 9800GTX cry more than it did on BC2. Everything max on 1920x1200 with 2xAA & 16XAF stays 24-27 frames constant. :(
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    Gtx 480 Unigine Video (and benchmark)

    So I haven't really been paying attention to the fermi posts since most are just opinions, but if what im seeing is right, might fermi be the way to go for DX 11? Seems like it to me. Guess we will have to wait and see.
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    NVIDIA Forceware 196.75 Drivers Made Available For Download

    Working fine here with Afterburner.
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    Video Card for BC2

    It is a pig but not that bad. My 9800GTX plays the game decently in my opinion. 1920x1200 Max settings with 2xAA 16xAF with HBAO on. I have only tried the single and on average I get 31 fps, with some random moments where it dips anywhere from 18-20 to 26-28. BC2 beta did make me lower my...
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    Your i5 650 Overclocks?

    Yes no overclock is ever guaranteed. I did not say that he will get the overclock just telling you that many of the chips he is asking feedback from have and are doing close to the overclock he wishes to have. Another thing is I thought you would put 2 and 2 together and figure out my reply as...
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    Your i5 650 Overclocks?

    No need for the smilies makes you look like a douche. Over at XS some are doing 4.4-4.6ghz on air so I would not be surprised if it was possible. On L2N these chips are doing more than 6Ghz. :rolleyes: See smilie made it look like a douche reply :p
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    Remember ASUS Mars, Here comes ASUS Ares,705735/Asus-Ares-HD-5970-done-right-first-benchmarks/News/ I am really interested in this card if Fermi does not deliver.
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    Bad Company 2 Beta - thoughts, opinions?

    Got my copy late on monday and Holy crap batman. So I played the opening action scene before heading to bed (Well this is the last thing I do before so) and W.O.W. For one the game looks very nice atleast so far. I am looking forward to play it tomorrow after I get home from work. One thing...
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    Will you buy Fermi when its release, go 5000 series, or stick w/ 4000/GTX 200

    Just waiting for official performance #'s for Fermi. If its performance is good its my next purchase. If its very close to AMDs current offerings. I will keep on trucking with my 9800GTX til some price wars happen.
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    GTX480 (Fermi) 1536MB/600W (42A) Required

    First thought that came to mind was, Wc time! :p Its not hard to fake a box to be honest, but im also not denying this to be true. One thing that I also said was, What no back shot of the box? Showing a semi decent picture of the card? Looking forward for some previews soon. Price is not...
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    What games do you guys play with all that $$$ graphics power?

    Haven't changed my video card yet (9800GTX) since it runs everything fine, even the BC2 beta ran fine (1920x1200). I have upgraded to a i7 920 configuration but as of now the 9800gtx will stay for a while. My next purchase would probably be Fermis 470 depending on performance if not, 5870...
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    Assassin’s Creed II DRM Requires Full-Time Internet Connection

    I dont see a problem, if you buy the game if it looks decent or is. Why cry? What dont have a internet connection? then ok valid reason then. Otherwise really? My wallet will be deciding only based on the fact if its a decent game or good game to waste 30-50, or hopefully some deals come out...
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    e7400 stable @ 4Ghz |

    I am agreeing with the Gorilla that happends to be of Japan origin. Also, I'm sorry but who ever told you its bad for hardware is full of number 2. If its giving you crashes/Bsod then its not stable period. I have been using IBT for the last year and never had a problem with hardware, since...
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    e7400 stable @ 4Ghz |

    Ibt stable? Is that the max fsb you went or highest it went? Keep pushing it.
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    [H]ard|OCP Bad Company 2 Group

    Steam: Burritos I play alot of TF2. ;)