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    Verizon To Disconnect Data Hogs On Unlimited Data Plans

    Where I am at I get full bars with Verizon LTE almost everywhere. It's the only reason I am with them. I pay for GB Fiber at home, and I've tethered my phone once on a long car ride to put on some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a 2 year old who was absolutely done with being in the car, and let me...
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    Verizon To Disconnect Data Hogs On Unlimited Data Plans

    I have the Verizon XXL Plan (18gb) and if I had unlimited, I could easily push over 100gb by streaming MLB network on my phone all day while I'm at work. It's something I wish I could have on in the background while doing some of the more mundane tasks during the day. Even just watching 30...
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    FS: Canon EF-S Lenses

    GLWS! :D
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    FS: i3 2120; Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H

    CPU sold already, but thank you. :)
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    FS: i3 2120; Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H

    i3 2120 - $OLD shipped (bare cpu only) Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H - $85 shipped (comes full retail box with all accessories) I do not smoke in my home, and I generally take good care of my electronics. I accept PayPal. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail. I am willing to ship outside of CONUS if...
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    FS: i3 3225 $85 shipped

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    FS: i3 3225 $85 shipped

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    FS: i3 3225 $85 shipped

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    FS: i3 3225 $85 shipped

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    FS: i3 3225 $85 shipped

    bump $75 shipped each
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    FS: i3 3225 $85 shipped

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    FS: i3 3225 $85 shipped

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    FS: i3 3225 $85 shipped

    CPU only. I have two of them. $85>>>$75 shipped via USPS Priority to the lower 48.
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    Sold Out Everywhere!

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    5 Most popular First Person Shooters of all time

    List is bogus. No Counter Strike?
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    Apple Watch

    I enjoyed the presentation. I plan on getting one.
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    GMG 50 Games you have to play... SALE

    Don't waste even a dollar. 2K14 is really no different than 13 on the PC. It's missing all the good stuff from the "Next Gen" version.
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    Microcenter LG 42" LN5300 LED S-IPS Panel $299

    Just picked one up at the Cincinnati/Sharonville store. Man this thing is huge as a monitor.
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    50% off - VPN or Proxy for Life!

    I went with PIA.
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    Need help finding new wireless router...

    I'll give that a shot. Thank you.
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    Need help finding new wireless router...

    I currently have a Netgear WNDR3700 and I really like it. Once I got DD-WRT on it, I have had zero issues. Had a perfect network setup, but then Cincinnati Bell came out and f-d it all up. We switched to FiOptics TV to save money. Well their *cough* tech came out and installed their POS ZTE...
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    FS: Maui Jim Sunglasses

    Only brand of sunglasses I will ever buy again. Love my MJ's. GLWS
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    Question on iPhone 5

    Cool, I'll do that then. I'll sell it as Sprint. Do most people sell the phones second hand without a SIM?
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    Question on iPhone 5

    We sent in one of our iPhone 5 phones for repair through Geek Squad. We got the protection plan on that phone when we purchased it from Best Buy. Well, we decided to switch carriers and my wife got a new phone. So now we have this "new" phone that we got back from Best Buy and it has no...
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    'Some Idiot On The Internet' Story of the Day

    You'd think someone who's been around this joint for 10 years would know the rules....YEESH. :D
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    IT Salary Survey 2014

    Dood, get yer certs. Unless you gots boatloads of free cash sitting around. :eek:
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    Cable Channels Hit With $2M Fine Over Movie Trailer

    Same thing happened to my wife and I.... Turned that shit off right away after that. I am pretty sure we both went airborne out of bed it scared us so bad. LOL
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    PC350 SE cord

    Anyone else have an issue with the cord on their Sennheiser PC 350 SE? Mine is constantly bunching up and getting tangled. It's extremely annoying.
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    Buy cheap 2K game, get Spec Ops: The Line FREE

    I purchased Bioshock 2 to complete my collection, and it activated on Steam. I still have not gotten a key for Spec Ops......
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    Awful experience with ASUS RMA service

    The RMA for N.A. is handled by a third party, correct? When crap like this happens it needs to be out there, especially when the vendor has community representation that could possibly help.
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    Tweaking your mining cards...squeeze every last KH/s you can from them

    868 with clocks at 900/1400 and it's staying around 81c so I am happy with that.
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    Tweaking your mining cards...squeeze every last KH/s you can from them

    Also, my XFX 290x has Hynix memory.
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    Tweaking your mining cards...squeeze every last KH/s you can from them

    Thanks for the tip! Working very well on my reference 290x! Also, I was having some odd issues with flickering on the monitor that is connected to the 290x. I changed my main display to the secondary monitor I have connected to the intel gpu and set the refresh rate down to 60 from 144 on the...
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    What video card has served you the longest before upgrading?

    8800GTS 640 or Ti 4200....I had both of them about the same amount of time. Nothing else has lasted me much longer than a year because I always want to upgrade.
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    New Triple 780 Ti Superclocked SLi system - Pics

    Guys, you're asking the wrong questions here. What's in the glass?