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    Frys going out of Business

    Went to the Irving, TX store to buy some M.2 screws and my God the store is maybe 20% as full of product as it used to be. All year they keep saying the have product in the pipeline but you can only pay the overhead for empty stores for so long. They have missed the biggest two selling months...
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    Why Apple Chose Austin for Its Next Campus

    They chose Austin because every California minimum wage millionaire has moved to Austin and turned it into San Francisco. Its only the beginning of Texas turning into that god forsaken state California.
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    Epic Games Announces Fortnite Creative Mode

    GG Lachlan great way to make sure other devs put you at the bottom of their list if you even make it to one anymore lol.
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    Netflix Cancels Marvel's Daredevil

    I predict them recasting everyone and making it family friendly. Disney doesnt do Netflix Daredevil and Punisher style content.
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    NASA to Launch SpaceX Safety Review Following Elon Musk's Pot Interview

    Russia would be more than happy to accommodate SpaceX if you don't want to NASA.
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    Images of the Nintendo 64 Classic May Have Leaked

    I predict the N64 Classic will look exactly like a miniature N64.
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    Killer Robots Target Fat Boys that can't Parkour

    One step closer to killer androids.
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    Valve Is "Very Aware" of Half-Life 3 Jokes, Hints at "More Things" Coming

    With more publishers launching their own digital stores versus using Steam, Valve realized that their cash cow is going to dry up faster than they thought and they have to do something to stay relevant.
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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk Wants to Take the Company Private to Avoid Short Sellers

    I dont blame him for wanting to go private and avoid fly by night investors.
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    Many Cellphones Offered by the Four Major US Carriers Have Built in Vulnerabilities

    Every electronic device in circulation has vulnerabilities that make it hackable.
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    Winning the Race to Nationwide 5G Connectivity Matters in the Long Run

    My Note 4's antenna cant even pick up a full fucking signal even when Im standing right under a god damn cell tower.
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    Wells Fargo Blames Computer Glitch as Reason It Foreclosed on Hundreds of Homes

    $8000000 for 400 houses is $20,000 per house. They still made a nice tidy sum of profit on the forcolsures.
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    Intel Has a Core Issue and It Stems From a Lack of a HEDT Plan

    Isnt the advantage of ThreadRipper2 the fact that it offers more PCIe Lanes for motherboard manufactureers to use for more features?
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    AMD Talks 2nd Gen Threadripper CPUs

    Damn, even the cheaper alternative to Intel is becoming unaffordable for most.
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    Winning the Race to Nationwide 5G Connectivity Matters in the Long Run

    American companies have ZERO reason to upgrade to 5G. They rake in tens of billions in profits off the shitty LTE we have now with stupid low data caps on efverything rendering them barely useful. China has the money and ability to outbuild the U.S. by a factor of a1000 I imagine just to make...
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    Midterm Elections in West Virginia Will Feature Mobile Phone Voting

    I whole-heartedly agree with Joseph Hall. For Voatz to come just shy of saying that the system is 100% foolproof is a bold statement. Facial recognition doesnt secure shit.
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    Improvements to the "Upcoming" tab on Steam

    So its going to be a list of games that publishers are paying to be placed higher up on the list rendering it 100% useless. Indie games wont stand a chance.
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    Two Plead Not Guilty in Swatting Death

    What I hate is that when citizens fuck up and accidentally kill someone we get prison for years. If a cop does it its just considered collateral damage. A cop has to practically execute someone on camera to be held accountable. What makes them better than the citizens that they are supposed...
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    Microsoft Patches Problematic OS to Deal With SSD Woes

    I dont know about y'all but I get Windows updates FAR more than once a week.
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    Uber's Software Failed In Fatal Arizona Crash According to NTSB

    The software was crippled by UBER since the software couldnt control the brakes or notify the driver by design.
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    Uber's Software Failed In Fatal Arizona Crash According to NTSB

    The report doesnt not cite fault only the facts that it has gathered so far so dont report that it specified fault. The software was not faulty according to the report. It detected the person and how long it would need to brake before hitting her (1 or 2 seconds before, I forget the exact...
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    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP

    GPP may have been killed, but it will just be replaced by another program that will be kept even more quiet that the exact details of GPP itself.
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    Proton Batteries May be the Future for Home and Grid Storage of Power

    This tech will never see the light of day until the corporations that buy it and bury can profit the most from it themselves.
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    Washington State Tells Ajit Pai to Suck It

    I like how Rhode Island is trying to do EXACTLY what Net Neutrality was designed to prevent, censorship of the internet. NN gets removed and RI is specifically telling ISP's to block all that content because the state finds it objectionable. But we were promised be everyone at higher levels...
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    AUO to Begin Shipping 8K TV Panels in 1H18

    Yeah if it wasnt for UHD Blu-Rays there wouldnt be a need for 4k TV's. Nothing broadcast on any network is sourced from 4k shoots.
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    AUO to Begin Shipping 8K TV Panels in 1H18

    I expect next year to read about some company releasing 16k tv's. The more k's the better right?
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    Federal Judge Slaps Down Disney's Injunction Request Against Redbox

    If Redbox wins this case you can kiss ALL movie download codes being offered goodbye. Thanks RedBox, what will you do when you successfully eliminate download codes?
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    Pluto Wants To Become Like The Discord Of VR

    Yeah I was thinking that this is what my friends and I call hanging out and playing games, you know them real life physical interactions most humans do.
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    Phones At Apple Repair Center Are Calling 911 Multiple Times a Day

    Fined Apple $5000 for each false call cand I bet they take the effort to locate the device real damn quick.
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    Opportunity Rover Makes it Through its 8th Winter

    I have always wondered about this myself. Why do they not have a mechanism to clear off the panels. Yes I know its added weight but it could extend panel usefulness for a far longer time than the cost of that weight. EDIT: After reading a few articles on the subject I can understand the...
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    Kaspersky Fights Spying Claims With Code Review Plan

    I like how people seem to think that this is the only program that could be used to infect computers. The U.S. Government has had every single PC in its possession infiltrated already using software it deems "safe" simply because it was developed here.
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    EA Shuts Down Visceral Studios

    So sick and fucking tired of multiplayer battle royal bullshit games. Give me a god damned single player game that has a great story and simple gameplay. I dont want to fucking play a newer version of CoD or PUBG.
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    Google Quietly Shuts Down Home Mini Feature That Quietly Records Everything

    "Inadvertently" spying due to a hardware flaw, lol. That shit did what it was designed to do, gather as much information on you to serve up ads and to sell it to whichever third party companies wanted the data. Google is pissed right now that someone found out so fast and is working on a...
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    Elon Musk: Tesla Could Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Power Grid with Batteries and Solar

    From the photo it looks like they want to deforest the island and put solars everywhere.
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    Apple’s Face ID Turns Android Makers Away from Fingerprint Recognition

    So yet another "Apple is great" KGI story about Apples facial recognition.
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    The Secret Cost of Pivoting to Video

    CNN is REAL bad about having a video for a story and the video itself is just pictures with captions and shitty fucking music over them. I would rather read a fucking article than read a god damned video just because you want to force a damned ad view on me. I rarely re-visit a site that its...
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    NVIDIA: Crypto Demand for GPUs Very Strong, but Could Cool in December

    If miners want to buy the GPU's make them pay. MSRP on the first card $20,000 each additional card.
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    W3C Abandons Consensus, Standardizes DRM with 58.4% Support

    Its only a matter of time before someone develops a browser that allows access to everything without any of the DRM controls in it. The more they try to thwart it the more ways people find a way around it.
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    Yet Another Trove of Sensitive US Voter Records Has Leaked

    Just because they said no one accessed it doesnt make it true.
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    Cord Cutter Reach 22 Million by End of 2017

    Its just as expensive to cut the cord now as it is to pay for the smallest TV packages. Every content provider now has their own proprietary streaming service. We will eventually pay $5/mo for a single content providers shows.