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    Just Dance 4 $20

    Just Dance 4: Wii U $23.50, Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii $20 at amazon. nephews and nieces love this game Good price!
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    sandisk extreme 240gb ssd $140 fs

    Amazon Lightning Deal .
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    Hurry! Amazon Black Friday Lightning Deals starts

    Linky Some best bets are: 240GB SanDisk Extreme 2.5" SATA III Internal Solid State Drive SSD for $134.99. Halo 4 for Xbox 360 bundled with a $20 Amazon Gift Card and a $10 Amazon Instant Video Credit for $59.95 Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister, Bagged $159...
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    Amazon Thanksgiving Week Sale!

    Just Dance 3 (Wii) $7.99, Assassin's Creed Revelations (Xbox 360) $7.99 + FSSS! Linky Lowest Price Yet, jump on it quick!
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    Looking for a good laptop

    How about this
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    New Kindle

    I'm jealous. I am going to buy one this christmas.
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    quiet mechanical keyboard

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    Cheapest way to get into Apple

    iPad Mini is a good choice.
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    Need strategies for getting a Wii U

    Pre-order. Now.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

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    MBP Retina: 13 or 15?

    Saveup for the 15" .
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    which ipod touch to buy

    5th gen 32gb new
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    Keyboard case for ipad 4

    I recommend this New Trent Arcadia IMP38B Airbender ClamShell Keyboard Case for the iPad
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    The new Nexus - Would you?

    I'am interested in the 32GB version.
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    One X on Straight Talk + CM10 = Best phone ever

    It is really a good looking phone.
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    first day buys vs waiting for deals.

    Depends on the game. If it's thing I want I will buy on the day of release.
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    So what are your thoughts on the Wii U?

    I have nothing but positives for this console, The only issue I have are the slow load times in the menu's, but Nintendo has stated that they are working on fixing the issue.
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    Best deals on xbox live codes ?

    I am also waiting for the deals.
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    DOTA 2

    I like it.
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    Steam Holiday Sale dates confirmed

    Great. Thanks op.
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    Which monitor for gaming?!

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    Android apps for tablets

    +1 beweather pro.
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    Galaxy Note 2, whose getting one?

    I want to get a GS3 .
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    Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5?

    GS3 would get my vote.
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    Should I buy an SSD and, if so, which?

    Crucial or Samsung are both great choices.
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    Which SSD controller chips are preferred?

    My Corsair SSD works fine.
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    Looking to run 3 monitors.

    Personally I stick with the 670.
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    Upgrading on a budget

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    Need to Decide a Gaming Mouse Pad

    SteelSeries 4HD
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    Matias Quiet Pro vs Logitech G710+

    Logitech G710+ looks cool.
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    Best "palm" mouse for large hands?

    Logitech G500.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Great thread.
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    Which game to buy

    Borderlands 2 imo, I will pick it.