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    STALKER Mod for Crysis

    That's fucking terrible. SoC with complete 2009 maxed out looks way better than that, personally speaking. That sure as hell isn't STALKER though. All the atmosphere is gone. Get out of here Crysis!
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    HTC EVO 4G, MSI 12" notebook

    Payment sent for MSI 12"
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    FS: MSI 4870 1GB

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    FS: MSI 4870 1GB

    $90 shipped. This is the card Used lovingly by me for about a year and a half. Not oc'd. Stock TIM replaced with AS5. Purchased 12/08. Under warranty until 12/11.
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    WTB: 4850

    Responded :D
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    WTB: 4850

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    WTB: 4850

    Budget $50-$75. PM me with offers. Thanks!
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    DFI Not Quitting Consumer Motherboard Market

    Well shit. This sucks. I generally go DFI for my builds, and builds for friends as well. While initial setup may be a bit more of a pain in the ass, once you tinker in the BIOS some, their boards are generally a really stable platform. Now WTF am I supposed to buy? Asus' high end is all that...
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    BFG 285GTX forth RMA

    Major props. As en employee, when I hear my CEO say he's getting involved in an RMA I was the point of contact for, I start getting On that note, CEO ventures onto forum? Can't say I've ever seen that from a video card mfg. If you need a new RMA Supervisor sherkelman, I'm in...
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    Not sure if i should lap my 920

    What do you want for said Q6600?
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    MSI RMA: 4870 1GB

    What should I expect from MSI's RMA process? Fast, slow, somewhere in between? If they offer me a GTX 260 as a replacement, should I accept? Anyone who has info or experience with their RMA process, I'd appreciate it if you chimed in.
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    My take of Ghostbusters for PC

    Just got it as well, and share the same opinion. Sucks multi-player isn't in the PC version, but as a single player game it's worth the $29.99.
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    Vista Service Pack 2 Released

    I can't get it installed. This wasn't a vlited install. What happens is everything goes normally for steps 1 and 2. When it goes to boot back into Windows after step 2, I get a reboot loop. Booting into safe mode allows step 3 to continue, but rolls back after completion (due to being in safe...
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    does anybody have Cryostasis?

    He's apparently too busy fellating PhysX' proverbial manhood. I've seen a lot of these types on here lately, since the Ghostbusters gameplay video a couple weeks ago.
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    Ghost Busters Gameplay and Testing - Infernal Engine VELOCITY Physics

    This looks incredible. Finally, something to really put quads to use that isn't GTA IV, or an RTS.
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    Which brand 48701gb

    I like it well enough. GPU temps peak at about 75-76C. Memory is a few C higher than that @ full load (read: gaming, not folding). Performance is as expected, which is to say, pretty damn nice. I just use the auto fan profile, and it works well enough. I can't really hear it over this...
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    Which brand 48701gb

    Get this...please...I'm dying to see someone review it If you don't like it, I'd be willing to trade you my MSI with the 4 heatpipe HSF :)
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    ASUS 4870 1gb deactivated on Newegg. Looking for other suggestions.

    The lack of ram cooling, either passive or active, is a major drawback. What good is the sweet GDDR5 @ 4000mhz, if it dies?
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    ASUS 4870 1gb deactivated on Newegg. Looking for other suggestions.

    Coming from someone who owns the MSI....get the HIS with the ramsinks. The GPU cooling itself, will be competitive, within a few degrees C....check this out though on the MSI See that 90C temp? That's what happens when you don't have any cooling on the memory, other than the GPU fan. I...
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    ASUS 4870 1gb deactivated on Newegg. Looking for other suggestions.

    This one looks pretty nice as well... I'd probably go with the HIS for those nice ramsinks. The MSI has no passive sinks on the RAM
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    ASUS 4870 1gb deactivated on Newegg. Looking for other suggestions.
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    Buyer arranged for pickup w/ UPS. Now UPS is billing me.

    They are trying to collect from the UPS account holder, not from you personally. UPS is under the impression that you are affiliated with that company, which is incorrect. You can pretty much safely ignore that, if you do not in fact, have a UPS account. All they have is your address and the...
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    WTT: E8400 @ 4.2 for S775 Quad. Q6600, Q9550, etc.

    Transfer me enough to buy a Q6600 on newegg right now, and it's yours :D
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    WTT: E8400 @ 4.2 for S775 Quad. Q6600, Q9550, etc.

    Yeah I typo'd the title. It basically IS an E8400 for all intents and purposes. It's a nice stepping. Q807 A091. Check the OC database in the Processor forum for info on that. I'm in there. I've gotten this to boot @ 4.4, but couldn't keep the temps under control with air.
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    WTT: E8400 @ 4.2 for S775 Quad. Q6600, Q9550, etc.

    Bump. Someone needs the clockspeed. I know it. :p
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    WTT: E8400 @ 4.2 for S775 Quad. Q6600, Q9550, etc.

    Bump. I know someone wants the clockspeed this has to offer. I can haz ur quad?
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    refurbished video cards

    Running like a beast @ 4.2 still :) Ironically enough, I'm trying to trade it for a quad now. Just started doing some video editing work, and need the extra cores for Premiere CS4. Yes, I'm fickle.
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    WTT: E8400 @ 4.2 for S775 Quad. Q6600, Q9550, etc.

    It's been doing 4.2 @ 1.328v for about 7-8 months. Willing to trade for a S775 quad, that will do 3.2-3.6. Just traded the opposite way a while back, but have begun doing some video editing, so I basically need the quad for Premiere CS4 work. PM me with offers please.
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    refurbished video cards

    I'd stay away honestly. Anything refurb kind of scares me. I'm sure you could wrangle up something on the forum with a longer warranty, no? Probably pay a few more bucks I'm sure though.
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    FS: Sapphire 3870x2 1GB $175

    Bump. Giant picture added. Will re-size later.
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    Why is the i7 so much faster?

    This is why
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    4870 1GB F@H performance...

    92C on the memory, I believe is what that sensor is related to. It would make sense, as the card I have, has no direct cooling on the memory... I'll need to buy some sinks for the RAM on this guy I think.
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    4870 1GB F@H performance...

    Just installed the 3.26 GPU2, and the 1.22 core, along with 8.12 cats... Is this decent performance? I know the specific WU will have a lot to do with it...but just making sure everything is in order.
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    Stalker Clear Sky DX10: Slow as molasses

    Same issues on here on a previously owned 8800GTX. Moving to a 4870 1GB resolved that issue. 30-40fps on dx10, max everything except sun rays, etc. were on low.
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    FS: Sapphire 3870x2 1GB $175

    Bump. Last price drop before ebay.
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    (939)X2 3800+@ 2.6 & 9800GTX+ Bottleneck Spend the extra $30 You'll need to move to AM2/LGA 1366 shortly however, as you'll be feeling those low framerates in newer titles. Source engine stuff, etc. Probably won't run bad at all. Full DX10 titles...probably not so good.
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    FS: Sapphire 3870x2 1GB $175

    Bump. Price drop.