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    all sold

    Interested. PM sent.
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    [H]ardOCP Spec Bookshelf Speaker Setup

    Nice. I switched to Amp w/ Bookshelf and Sub a couple of years ago when my 10+ year old Cambridge 5.1 setup finally gave up.
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    Took me around 10 attempts and got a nice role as well
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    Williamea - Halonos
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    I just jumped back into this game and having a lot of fun with it. Looking for people to play with. Do we have a [H]OCP group for it?
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    Looking for The Division PC players for Non-Rouge gameplay

    ID: Halonos TZ: CST - Dallas Currently 30/38. Play a little each evening and more on the weekend as time allows. Currently farming Legendary items in DZ and Dailies.
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    Family Opens Fake, Wooden PS4 Christmas Morning

    I just exchanged a TV at Target on Saturday. All they needed was the receipt. They didn't even check the TV that I brought back.
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    Thoughts on this one For my 15yr old to use with school and light gaming.
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    FS: EVGA 670, XFX 5850, & Logitech G600

    5850 tentatively sold.
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    Recomend me a MMORPG

    Found my SWG disc...still had the receipt from 2003 LOL. Going to try out Bloodfin
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    FS: EVGA 670, XFX 5850, & Logitech G600

    EVGA GTX670 SC. Card Only. No Box -- $100 Shipped ---SALE PENDING XFX Radeon 5850. Box and items included -- $40 Shipped --- SALE PENDING Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse. Box and items included. Barely used -- $40 Shipped Payments = Paypal EBAY PM me with any questions. Thanks.
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    Corsair's The Witcher Wild Hunt Lucky Draw

    Speakers: Nice set of 2.1 Audiophile/Enthusiasts speakers Cases: More Modular options Sound dampening - Always need more Wraps/Graphics Nice large configurable/customizable LCD Read Out
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    I want to upgrade to 1440p but I have a few questions I need resolved first

    I just made the jump from 22" 1080 to 27"1440 and love it. I was prepared to order a 970 if my current card(670) did not hold up. So far my 670 has been fine but I am not running any of the new major titles. BL2 - Pre Sequal, Diablo 3, SWTOR, and CS GO have all been fine. All I did was...
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    GTX 670 and 2560x1440p

    Thanks for the link I stumbled across your review of the PB278QR on there a few minutes ago and I am liking it a lot. As for the new GPU....Father's Day is coming up and the kids are about to get told what to get daddy :) Thoughts on the upcoming Asus PG279Q - Date/Price?
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    GTX 670 and 2560x1440p

    I see a 980 or one of the new team red cards in the future. How about monitor suggestions? If I went team red the new asus or BenQ monitors seem nice for freesync.
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    GTX 670 and 2560x1440p

    I am currently running a 670 and a 22". I can run games on High/Ultra at 1080 with no issues but I am looking to move to a 27" @1440 1. Will my 670 hold up at 1440 or should I upgrade to a newer card? Most of the 670 reviews I have looked at seem like it will handle it but not necessarily...
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    Suggestions for new monitor

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    Suggestions for new monitor

    I currently have a 5+ year old 22" Samsung that I am looking to upgrade soon. This would be for Gaming>General Use>Light Photo Editing>Movies. Would like something around 27" and 2560x1440 Price around $500 but willing to go up some. I am undecided on IPSvsTN Currently have a 670 but will...
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    Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection $4.99 digital download from gamestop

    Same deal on Amazon:
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    Trip down memory lane! What is your oldest NewEgg order????

    ChiefTec case: 8/9/2002 $117.00 Tracking #: 1 x CASE CHEF|DX-01BD SPX-02B 400W
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    A Picture I Took 2014 - Contains NSFW Images

    Still learning with my D60 IMG_1069 by Halonos, on Flickr IMG_0530 by Halonos, on Flickr
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    A Picture I took - 2013

    Thanks everyone for the tips. I really need to invest in a tripod. DT - Make me wish I had my camera when I went to the fair.
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    A Picture I took - 2013

    I have had my 60d and 18-135 kit lens for a couple of weeks now. This is my first DSLR and my first time shooting at night. I am not happy with the results. Help a newbie with a few pointers for shooting at night/low light. Have not touched these up at all in LR or any other app. The 'Neon...
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    A Picture I took - 2013

    Going to try and play with Lightroom a bit. I used to use PS for work but it was at least 6-7 yrs ago. Ordered the 50/1.8 yesterday...Should be here Monday:) Just have the 18 - 135 IS STM kit lens for now.
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    A Picture I took - 2013

    With all of the sales going on I picked up a 60D earlier this week. Here are a few of the first shots I took with it. Still have no idea what I am doing but I am having fun learning.
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    2.1 recommendations

    I listened to several sets of the cheaper (100-150 range. Think they were the TSX series) Polk speakers at Frys and didn't really like them - To large and didn't really sound that great IMO. I did however love the Klipsch RB-41 II (perfect size for the desk and sounded great) but they were a...
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    2.1 recommendations

    So I have my old receiver(Technics from late 90s) connected to a really old set of Sony bookshelf speakers(SS-U 4030) and center(from a surround set in the mid 90s) and a Polk PWS10. HOLY COW. What a HUGE difference. Playing BF4 is a completely new and better experience. The Bookshelf...
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    2.1 recommendations

    The Miccas seem to be really nice. Watched a few review vids. Any other suggestions? Budget is around 100-150
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    2.1 recommendations

    Decided to go the custom route and use the receiver I have. Think I have decided on the Polk also. Seems to be the best Bang/Buck around that price point. Now trying to pick out some bookshelf speakers.
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    2.1 recommendations

    Narrowed down to the following: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Swan M10 or M20 Custom setup - I have an older receiver sitting around.
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Retail - $64.99

    Looks like mine should be arriving Tuesday. Still debating on what speakers to pair with this. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Swan M10 or M20 Custom setup - I have an older receiver sitting around.
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    2.1 recommendations

    I am looking for a 2.1 setup to replace my 10+ year old Cambridge Soundworks set. Primary use - Gaming. Price range - Would like to stay around $150 Connected to a Sound Blaster Z
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Retail - $64.99

    Went ahead and ordered one. Any recommendations on speakers? I currently have a set of 10+ year old Cambridge SoundWorks.
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    SB X-FI :: Popping/Crackle/Buzz

    I have been getting a consistent Popping/Crackle/Buzz from my speakers for a while now. Starting to drive me crazy. I have a SB X-FI sound card and a set of 10+ year old Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 speakers. Only running in 3.1(L,R,C,Sub). Any idea on what would cause this? I do not get any of this...
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    ASUS R9 280X DirectCU II TOP Video Card Review @ [H]

    Great Review. Glad I checked the site before hitting the sack for the night. Wonder how this will compare to the Sapphire Toxic 280x or MSI offerings?
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    Asus 7950 is $245 AR, and Gigabyte 7950 is $199 AR (Newegg)

    Very tempted to get 2 of these to replace my 670
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    MSI R7950 Twin Froz $177.99 after rebate using

    Tempted to pick up 2 and replace my 670
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    Original G15 is going out. Suggest a replacement.

    I have the original G15(Blue) and the back light/LEDs on part of the keyboard are going out. Very dim in some areas and flickers. What we be a good replacement? I do like the LCD screen. I use it for showing PC stats and controlling my music when playing games. I do not use the programmable keys...