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    Need a US Cellular workable phone

    No, i'm from here ;) Just lost my phone and I need one that was previously on USCC, they want 150 bucks for a used one! Thanks for the help though!
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    Need a US Cellular workable phone

    Let me know what you got, I guess they cant flash from other providers :(
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    Need some testers on my site...

    What pages in particular do you think need a bigger font? Just the postnuke stuff? Thanks for the help btw, ive never made a half way decent site before
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    Need some testers on my site...

    What res are you guys running? or maybe im looking at the wrong using 1024 and it looks fine I know its not a great site, just ive had the domain for the email address and i wanted to put something useful up I dont claim to be a web "master" but I think it looks pretty cool for...
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    Need some testers on my site...

    Hey guys Ive been updating my site alot lately and I need some people to test some of the services... the site is and in particular I need someone to sign up for an email address and see if it works alright thanks guys!
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    WTB: Sega Dreamcast!!!!!

    I have a dreamcast, plays backup games perfect, and a brand new controller for it asking $35 shipped, I take paypal and can ship it out tomorrow lemme know [email protected] Thanks!
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    WTB/WTTF Cheap PCI SCSI Controller

    I have an adaptec 2940 card pci, winxp compat, 50 pin, id trade it for your four fans, lemme know I can ship tomorrow morning [email protected] Thanks bro lemme know
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    anandtech down?

    I usually cross post my classifieds, looks like its down, giving me a 404, anyone else?
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    FS: 10GB Hard Drive, SDRAM, Adaptec SCSI Cards

    Need some fast paypal Heres what I got: 10GB Fujitsu HDD, Fresh from RMA $20 shipped Stick of Siemiens SDRAM 64MB $10 shipped Adaptec 2940 $10 shipped Adaptec 2940uw $25 shipped 2x 4~gb scsi drives 68pin (regular ide height) I can mail this tuff out TODAY! [email protected] is my...
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    PC Cards n stuff cheap...Everything $10 or less SHIPPED!

    Need some paypal again Can get this stuff shipped today if you buy it within an hour or defenitely tomorrow Adaptec 2940 card $10 shipped PCI Video cards $7 shipped a piece (4~ meg cards) Floppy Drives $7 shipped NCAA College Football 2003 XBOX have 2 both are unopened and...
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    Stuff for Delivery in NH, MA, ME, VT lots of monitors CHEAP! WILL CUT PACKAGE DEALS!

    if your willing to come half way and you want a ton of stuff :)
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    Stuff for Delivery in NH, MA, ME, VT lots of monitors CHEAP! WILL CUT PACKAGE DEALS!

    x2 828fi made in 98 D825HT made in 97 Not interested in any of the 17"s? (hopes you buy them, these things are taking up space)
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    Stuff for Delivery in NH, MA, ME, VT lots of monitors CHEAP! WILL CUT PACKAGE DEALS!

    Im willing to drive ~100 miles to deliver 2 or more items for 10 bucks (gas) If you want all the monitors or a couple I will give you a DEAL! Im located in croydon NH, and we could meet halfway, so if you need something in this area this is for you! If its an older part you need just ask me im...
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    WTB: Sega Dreamcast

    50 Bucks shipped for a dreamcast, 2 controllers, power cord, hookup cable Plays backups fine if your interested please email me at [email protected]
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    Anyone Need a Monitor in NH, ME, VT, MA area? OTHER STUFF TOOOOOOOO! ;)

    Monitors *All these monitors work fine!* Tympani 17 Inch Color Ultra VGA Monitor Works great $35 17" Inch Mag Monitor Made in 1999 $35 EMC 15" Inch Monitor, made in 1999 Digital controls $25 Dell 15 Inch Monitor Have two of these, Made in late 1998, hardly ever used it...
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    Lots of stuff for delivery in the MA, NH, ME, VT area! Check it out!

    I live in croydon, NH and am willing to drive about 100 miles in either direction maybe more if your buying a lot of stuff, all the monitors work fine and if I could find someone to take like 10 of them off my hands that would be sweet! I can deliver tomorrow or anytime this week if you want...