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    Seagate 3TB USB 3.0 External $90

    ymmv but i picked up an external Seagate Backup Plus 3TB at 'best buy' a few months ago thinking the drive inside would be a Barracuda ST3000DM001 (7200rpm) but no, inside was the lessor model ST3000DM003 (5900rpm). on an unrelated note i would have to agree about Seagate's dubious...
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    $10 Limbo, Trials HD & Splosion man - Xbox 360

    will these games run OK without the disc if installed to the HDD?
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    Coil whine....need a remedy.

    I feel your pain, i have a Gigabyte Windforce 7970 OC and it has coil whine too. its only audible in games but it's still disappointing, especially coming from a Radeon 6950 that was virtually silent in that regard.
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    I don't get why people are declaring the 680 the winner already??

    Xbit Labs 680 review has 680 OC vs 7970 OC benches.
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    Some details/pics of the MSI 7970 Lightning

    Too loud? I have a Gigabyte Windforce 7970 and i can barely hear it.
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    Skyrim for $30 on GMG

    tried to buy but my card kept failing the Verified by Visa authorization (?) applet. was in the process of going through Paypal but now it's back to regular price ($53.99). Sigh :(
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    Deus Ex:HR AE on sale again $15 at GMG

    you will get a Steam activation key in your receipt. your keys are also viewable within your greenman account.
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    Tennessee Next on Amazon’s Hit List?

    well how come Amazon collects sales tax in Kansas?
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    Why are DD games so expensive?

    i remember many years ago when PC games went to the much smaller retail boxes there was talk that the cardboard savings might be passed on to the consumer. They weren't. Then just last year it was announced that, to save on cost, many game publishers would no longer be including paper manuals...
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    Prey for $2.50! Works with Steam!

    Steam is 'not' a brand, it's a resident DRM client that you have to have running in the background every time you want to play a game. Sure, Steam has other possibly useful features built into its client but if you just want to play a game and nothing else it's annoying that you have to open up...
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    Prey for $2.50! Works with Steam!

    i don't understand why is it such a big deal for some that so and so game works on Steam? i have plenty of games on Steam due to sales but if i had my choice, i'd much rather not have to run them through a DRM app like Steam. It's like Steam has created a whole new customer, the "Steam game...
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    My small rant on asinine L4D2 players

    same thing happened to me. i bought L4D2 awhile back and was just trying to learn the ropes in a server when i guess i didn't follow orders and was kicked (lol). i was in there less than 3 minutes; so frustrating. see, this is the reason why coop multiplayer is so overrated to a guy like me. you...
  13. R Xmas Sale 30-50% off

    dang, was hoping to see the Fallout games and/or Interstate 76' on sale.
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    Deadspace - PC - $12.33

    Gamersgate currently has Dead Space (PC) for $6.78
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    Audio Technica ATHM40FS Precision Studio Headphones - 60% OFF, New Price $60 shipped!

    well, phooey! I hate it when supply and demand works against me lol
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    Audio Technica ATHM40FS Precision Studio Headphones - 60% OFF, New Price $60 shipped!

    Looks like Amazon already raised back up the price; says $63.24 when added to cart :(
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    Newegg cybermonday sales up

    What he said ^^^
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    hi, if your offer is still available, i'll go in with you for $5

    hi, if your offer is still available, i'll go in with you for $5
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    Black OPS release going disasterously on the PC

    I'm running a Core2 Quad 9550 @3.6GHz and i'm getting flakey performance also. Framerate is pretty much everywhere with stutters abound. Did Treyarch even bother to test this thing? geez GTX 295 4GB DDR2
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    Black Ops so far let down

    Agreed. I'm sure both ATI and nVidia agree as well, which is why they push multi-monitor and 3D Gaming features to hopefully get gamers excited and upgrade. Myself, i'm a single monitor gamer, and yeah, i just don't get excited over the release of a new GPU like i used too. A spiffy new GPU is...
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    F1 2010 coming this September

    Ferrari Virtual Academy
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    Split/Second: The Crysis/Metro 2033 of racing games

    For those with Nvidia SLI, try changing the GPU performance mode in the driver to 'AFR 2.' Running a GTX295 I was getting around 19fps (1920x1200) using Very High but once i forced AFR 2 i'm getting a solid 30fps. Core2Duo E8400 @ 3.6Ghz 4GB DDR2 GTX 295 (197.45)
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    Does Modern Warfare 2 support Dual Video Cards?

    I tried various settings in this thread but muti-GPU scaling just seems fairly minimal to me. At least for my GTX 295. Force AFR 2-Way seemed like the best setting. while i cant say it increased my max framrate that much it did seem to raise the minimum. But still, performance just seems all...
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    Does Modern Warfare 2 support Dual Video Cards?

    Default max is 85? you sure about that? look close at the ground or a wall and the framerate shoots up in the mid 100's.
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    Does Modern Warfare 2 support Dual Video Cards?

    Thanks so much for the link. I don't use nHancer but i'll try it out. I'm using 191.07 drivers btw, which I gather doesn't have a sli profile for the game.
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    Does Modern Warfare 2 support Dual Video Cards?

    Techspot has a new article covering graphic card performance in Modern Warfare 2. The author states that the game is not CPU limited with hardly any difference between dual and quad cores. So that being the case, according to the article I should be seeing somewhere in the low 100's.
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    Does Modern Warfare 2 support Dual Video Cards?

    I am running the game at 1920x1200 (4x AA, max settings) on a GTX 295 and performance doesn't seem like it should be...or least I expected more from basically the same engine from COD4. It averages right around 65-70fps in FRAPS (Min in the low 30's). I don't see any game option anymore for Dual...
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    TimeShift wont Launch (BSOD)

    Yeah, I thought I stability tested my rig pretty good with a 3DMark06 loop for several hours but it seems TimeShift is very sensitive to one my overclock settings. As far as TimeShift, it seems like a superb game in the short time I played it (a few hours). Very, very underrated so far. Hope...
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    TimeShift wont Launch (BSOD)

    Nevermind. Its something related to my overclock. Set my settings to default and TimeShift launched fine. Strange this is my only game to BSOD like this but I'll figure it out. ...thread closed
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    TimeShift wont Launch (BSOD)

    I'm trying to play TimeShift (w/1.2 patch) on a Vista 64-bit build and it just will not launch for anything. I can get in the game's menu but as soon as I start the game I get an instant blue screen (IRQ_NO_LESS_OR_EQUAL) when loading shaders or something. I've just about given up. Out of 20...
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    is it just me, or does l4d crash alot with 181.22 on vista64?

    L4D crashes for me too but it crashes right to desktop. It's the only game that crashes on me so I assume it's in need of a patch or driver update.
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    overclocking the gtx295

    Yeah, but we both run the same CPU. Yours is clocked to 4GHz and mine is a E8400 clocked @ 3.7GHz and I'm getting 67fps with Ultra Quality setting 4xAA (1920x1200). As I mentioned before, I dropped my res down to yours and still got the same average fps. What is your 3DMark 06 and/or Vantage...
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    Confused: 4850x2 vs. GTX285

    That's great ATI finally supports the 4850X2 in their latest driver - I didn't know about that. I wouldn't quote prices from ebay, however. I was looking over Sapphires warranty before I bought mine from Newegg and they (Sapphire) will only support cards sold from official distributors or...
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    Confused: 4850x2 vs. GTX285

    Stay with the GTX 285. I purchased and returned a 4850X2 from Newegg after a couple weeks use. It is entirely too loud (sounds like a mini vacuum cleaner at full bore) and you have to use drivers specifically from Sapphire as ATI doesn't officially support it. Also, because the card is very...
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    Very happy with my new GTX285

    You can use Nvidia System Tools to OC and set the fan speed. The app creates a Performance tree inside your driver control panel in which you can change your settings.
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    overclocking the gtx295

    Are you sure multi-gpu mode is enabled in your drivers? I dropped my res down to 1680x1050 to match yours and still got 67fps (Ultra Quality @ 4xAA). Something is not right with your setup. Your CPU is the one in your sig, a C2D @ 4GHz? Check your task manager to make sure both CPU cores are there.
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    overclocking the gtx295

    I definately think something is going on there with Riva Tuner. Try using Nvidia System Tools . I got my GTX 295 core OC'd to 610 MHz. It will bench around 620-625 but will lock up in games. At 610 core, 1199 memory, 1414 shader I get an average framerate of 67fps in FarCry 2 Benchmark Tool @...
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    PC Power & Cooling RMA Support is a Joke

    Unfortunately, you'll have to pay to ship to PCP&C. If you didn't remove the UPC label from the retail box you can RMA it back to Newegg. You will still have to pay to ship it to them too but at least you'll be guranteed a new PSU, not a repaired/refurbished one. My PSU failed after 5 months use...
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    PC Power & Cooling RMA Support is a Joke

    I'd like to say I got the Black one cause I'm stealthy like that but actually it was because it was the cheapest. Not sure why the other colors cost more at the time I bought mine (5 months ago) but it just didn't make sense to pay more just for a color I wouldn't even see most of the time.
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    PC Power & Cooling RMA Support is a Joke

    Problem resolved. I emailed them yesterday in a not so calm way and today they told me they are very sorry for their poor performance and all parties involved were notified of my experience and that it will not happen again. They are sending me a new unit with a pre-paid shipping label so I can...