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    6950 xfire or GTX 680 for triple monitor gaming?

    Can the Gigabyte GTX 670 OC 2GB power 3 x 1080p monitors? more over is 2GB enough VRAM to power the 3 monitors? My current monitor config is below: - Monitors not configured to run in any surround display mode, just extended desktop of 3 monitors - I run all games on the middle screen leaving...
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    Kernal Power Event 41 Critical error

    I am having this problem with my Ivy Bridge setup. it would either hard hang or just shut down without a BSOD at random times (could be with within minutes to the longest which is 4-5 hours). I have tried: a fresh install with no drivers: FAIL a fresh install with drivers: FAIL 2 different...
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    2500k or 3550?

    +1 for Ivy!
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    i5-3550/H77 or i5-3570/Z77?

    I am going M-ATX for this build and I have the i5 3550 and a B75 chipset motherboard only a few days ago but I didn't know that the B75 was geared towards the business sector. can you still game on a B75 or should i just go with the H77 since I don't really need to overclock.
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    AMD Catalyst 12.2 Pre-Certified Driver 2/16/2012

    the release notes said it came with hydravision but it's not there and i want to be able to create display profiles to switch between eyefinity and extended modes.
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    Some general questions about PhysX cards

    would it be wise to get a dedicated PhysX card that had clocks about the same or faster than the primary card? I have a 6850/GTS 450 combo and that isn't working that great and i think the clocks on the GTS 450 aren't fast enough.
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    HD 6970 + Dedicated GT 430 Hybrid Physx Mini Review

    I installed a GTS 450 as a dedicated PhysX card to go with my 6850 OC (820/1050) and with PhysX on I get a decrease in FPS than without it. I don't know if going to a GTX 550 Ti would help or just scrap the idea and just go eyefinity?