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    Best 240hz monitor?

    You do realize the monitor that Comixbooks linked is a new type of 240Hz IPS display. That's probably why he recommended it. As an owner of an Alienware AW2518H, I would recommend the same. Why not have the best of both worlds?
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    FS: New Logitech G703 White Wireless Mouse, Zowie EC2-A Special Edition Glossy White

    SOLD - Logitech G703 White - New, I just received from a RMA. I moved on to another mouse. $45 Shipped - Zowie EC2-A Special Edition Glossy White: Excellent condition, used for about a month then switched over to the Logitech G703. Heatware under batmanwcm
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    WTB: Watercooled gpu

    I have a Gigabyte 980TI G1 Gaming with 2 Full Cover EK Blocks (1 Full Acetal and 1 Plexi/Nickel) including backplate I might be parting with.
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    Free: Cooler Master ATC-201B-BXT aka Black Widow Case in NYC

    It's a classic and rare case that I kept in a closet for years. Free pick up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Heatware under batmanwcm.
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    NCASE M1 vs. Phanteks Shift

    Where did you find it stock? I can't seems to find the Shift anywhere.
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    Dell U3415W and Asus PG348Q - Worth Upgrade?

    It's worth the upgrade it you can get a good example with little backlight bleed and no dear pixels. I'm upgrading my PG279Q to an refurb Acer X34 that is supposed to arrive tomorrow. To me, both G-sync and the higher refresh rate is a game changer and all my future upgrades will always...
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    FS: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD, Geil Super Luce 16 GB (2x8) DDR4-2400 Ram White LED version

    Heatware under batmanwcm. All listed below will ship in original packaging. Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SOLD Geil Super Luce White LED (2x8) 16GB DDR4-2400 Ram Kit SOLD Pics:
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    X99 on mITX: ASRock X99E-itx/ac

    Glad I'm not the only one with this issue. I'm up to date with the firmware so that doesn't seem to be the problem.
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    X99 on mITX: ASRock X99E-itx/ac

    I just upgraded to a 960 EVO but I'm not getting the performance that I was expecting. My read speeds are 2249 MB/s and writes speeds are 1492 MB/s. I should be getting 3200 MB/s read speeds. I already upgraded to the latest UEFI/Bios. I checked Samsung Magician and I am running at PCIe Gen...
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Processor

    Damn, great price.
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    F.S. 1x MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti GAMING 6G

    No gift payment allowed to be asked as per F/S rules.
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    FS: Asus ROG PG348Q Curved 34" 3440x1440 100Hz 21:9 WQHD G-Sync

    Any dead pixels or excessive backlight bleed?
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    RIP Newegg, you weren't good lately anyway

    NewEgg is still my go to store since it doesn't tax in NY. I just bought a Corsair Void Wireless headset from them and since their warehouse is located in NJ, I got it the next day. However, I also have a Microcenter nearby and buy all the essential hardware (Motherboard and CPU) from there...
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    FS: Caselabs Gunmetal/Black Mercury S3 ITX Case, HyperX Cloud II 2 Gunmetal Gaming Headset

    Local pick up available in Brooklyn, NY. Heatware under batmanwcm. HyperX Cloud II Gunmetal Gaming Headset I bought this new on Black Friday and have only put a total of 10 hours on the headset. It will ship in the original box. $OLD Discontinued Caselabs S3 I'm selling my Caselabs Mercury...
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    FS: EVGA GTX 970 SSC ACX 2.0 w/ Backplate

    Upgraded to a Gigabyte GTX 980ti, so my 970 is for sale. I bought the optional EVGA Aluminum backplate as pictured and will be shipped in original box. I bought the card last November and it was never overclocked. SOLD
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    FS: EVGA 850 G2 850w PSU w/ EVGA Black Individually Sleeved Cable kit

    Thanks, I edited my post. The PSU is 1.5 years old. The cables are black. I'm not interested in any trades unless its a EK Supremacy Evo or a Samsung 960 Pro SSD.
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    FS: EVGA 850 G2 850w PSU w/ EVGA Black Individually Sleeved Cable kit

    I was forced to go with a SFX PSU since I migrated my system into a Parvum Veer 1.0 so my current PSU is for sale. I will ship in original boxes. The stock 850 G2 cables will also be included. PSU...
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    Damn, these deals are insane.
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    Schiit Modi 2 Uber DAC / Schiit Vali 2 Hybrid Headphone Amp

    Both sold of Head-fi I'm selling both my Schiit Modi 2 Uber and Schiit Vali 2 amp. Both are in excellent condition and will ship in original boxes. Disclaimer: The Schiit Modi 2 Uber has an issue with cutting in and out using the USB cable to connect to my PC. I'm not sure if it was a USB...
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    X99 on mITX: ASRock X99E-itx/ac

    It's hard to believe that the other manufacturers haven't stepped up to the plate and design a competitor to the X99E-ITX. I'm wondering if they are waiting for the new Skylake-E socket. Or that our mobo is just not popular enough in this form factor.
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    VUDU $30 Credit & 3 Month Rhapsody Premier Code

    Got this with a purchase and won't be using it. $20 for both the Vudu credit and 3 month Rhapsody Premier. Reviews/Feedback for batmanwcm |
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    [H]OT DEAL: Acer Recertified Monitors Back In Stock (X34 Predator $730, XR341CK $600 and more)

    Yeah, I'm pretty pissed they upped the price so I'll just wait until they drop it back to $729.
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    [H]OT DEAL: Acer Recertified Monitors Back In Stock (X34 Predator $730, XR341CK $600 and more)

    So in other words, Acer doesn't even check their returns and resells as refurbished. Nice.