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    This Is BAD, AMD Basically Lies About CPU Performance

    We mustn't forget, AMD are the PEOPLES processor company. They are supposed to be above these types of shady shenanigans. For many it's painful to see them lower themselves(myself included).
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    current best air coolers

    I've heard it all now...heatsink purchases based on nationality.
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    New Silverstone Alta T1 (New Unibody TJ07 Successor!)

    With the right fans and placement you can cool any component adequately from what I'm looking at. But yeah, for me. WCing all day long.
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    It's been many years since I've built a new PC and just wanted some feedback on how I did.

    If you already have it, roll with it. I was under the impression you were buying, not bought :( That's a great unit.
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    It's been many years since I've built a new PC and just wanted some feedback on how I did.

    I'd suggest a high quality ATX 3.0/3.1 compliant PSU. Particularly with your 4090. If you need help finding reviews check out hardwarebusters or you can find a solid choice via the cultists network. GL! That gt is decent but not something I would pair with a high end rig going forward.
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    tx750w time for upgrade

    Seriously, start your own thread. Trolling this thread is getting you nowhere. OP is happy with his purchase and he clearly doesn't care what you think about his PSU, what you bought or why. And no. You have a really bad habit of spreading FUD. Enermax is based in Taiwan with subsidiaries in...
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    tx750w time for upgrade

    What? You couldn't find the courage to put one of your coveted Enermax units in your own rig? Shame.
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    What is this part on this gaming desk?

    Headphone hanger! Or what the other guys said :D
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    EK in hot water again?

    I hear ya. Honestly, there have been so many EK quality issues and garbage implementations, I've given up trying to keep track. After years and years of sticking with them for everything wcing, I finally cut them off. When their pricing reached the level of dipshittery that the fiascos hit, it...
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    Hardware Nexus: ASUS Scammed Us

    Try one of the waterblock manufacturers that still have listings of your block (EK). EOL stuff can be a pita to nail down unfortunately. I ended up measuring the uncompressed ends of the pads on my GB 980ti and it worked out nicely.
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    B & H Refusing refund because "Bent Pins"

    Well, now we all know that B&H returns require the same due diligence as RMAs unfortunately.
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    B & H Refusing refund because "Bent Pins"

    After hearing about Newegg and their CS/TS starting their bent pin bs years ago. That combined with Asus blatantly attempting to send me the same broken MB I returned, as a replacement (they didn't know I had written down the serial number prior to returning it). I now take pictures of...
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    Cooler Master ATC-110

    That looks exactly like my Lian Li pc-65, except it doesn't have a window and it has a door. Im sure someone here would snag it for a retro build. It's a sweet looking case.
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    How? Team Chenbro, etc

    That's exactly what I wondered.
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    How? Team Chenbro, etc

    20yo necro...
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    Radiator, is HWLabs the best, or is there a better option now?

    Hwl are as good as it gets for pure performance and quality. I've tried pretty much every rad that extremerigs/TPUs wcing guru VSG has had ranked in his top 5, right up to his current iteration at TPU. Alphacool are solid performers and so are EKs NEW rads but I wouldn't touch any of their...
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    Used Watercooling

    I had several XSPC rotaries, 45s and 90s, leak on me. The rounded looking ones, I forget the specific part numbers/name other than they were the black nickel color. It was easily reproducible with all but a few. Contacted them about it and they said there were issues with the batch I happened to...
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    Can i smoke in the same room where is pc?

    I hear ya. Pet dander, smoke residue, saw dust, animal undercoat (the fluffy stuff not the guard hair) and caked on plain ole dirt. I've seen it all unfortunately. I have two areas for repairs. The indoor workbench and the backporch workbench, where my pancake compressor is hooked up. The latter...
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    Can i smoke in the same room where is pc?

    Bathe it in pot smoke every evening. It'll cover up the cigarette stink and the reefer boys at the repair shop will love you ;)
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    Koolance LIQ-702CL-05L Clear Coolant 5 Liters for $74.95

    I believe your thinking of the Zalman reserator. They're still around, although on a much smaller scale. Koolance is still plugging along. Consumer gear has never really been their money maker. They've always favored the commercial/industrial stuff.
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    EK in hot water again?

    To add to and expand upon the above. They release far to many overpriced, one off products for a company tied into minimum quantity contracts. Looking at their most recent consumer releases as quick examples. Both being direct die blocks for socket 1700 and AM5 x3d ($450+ with required parts)...
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    Do I need a new power supply?

    If you already made your mind up, why did you bother asking for advice? And if JG says you're gtg, rock on.
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    What is up with PSUs manufacturers now? 100 models with almost zero differences

    Focus has always been gold/platinum... I'm running a focus px-850 currently. As for your initial question, the differentiators. They are the components used etc. You will have to check out reviews to nail down the specifics but I wouldn't worry to much about it. Seasonic makes solid units in...
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    Radiator bolts for slim fans?

    Boltdepot is also where I buy/bought all of my rad screws. Their selection is top notch. You can match almost any screw type imaginable. Btw. Hardwarelabs makes Black Ice rads.
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    After a fresh OS install, do you update your drivers from the website directly or let Windows do it for you?

    I never let windows update my drivers. Disabling automatic installation/updates is the first thing I do once I'm in a fresh install. It seems like something always gets jacked up otherwise and I end up having to spend time reinstalling something.
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    Do I need a new power supply?

    If I were in your shoes, I would pick up a top tier ATX 3.0/1 unit of appropriate wattage and give myself the peace of mind that comes with it. My x1050 was reviewed very well by our guy JG. That was the main factor in my buying it (same as the 1300g2) but like the saying goes, time catches up...
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    Do I need a new power supply?

    It's impossible to say how many hours per day it saw's a 12yo unit after all (it never saw anything close to 1000w, 3-400 at most). The type of usage a unit is put under is always a factor in the longevity of any PSU imo. Like I said, it lived an easy life. Being that it spent...
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    Do I need a new power supply?

    Of course. My badass Seasonic x1050 that powered more systems than I can remember, died quietly 6 or 7 months ago. Smoking my i7 8086k and Asrock z390 Phantom gaming 9. No warning at all. Still have no idea what caused it. It was beyond the warranty period of course. Tore it apart and found...
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    And expect Memory prices to explode

    I was just going off of my poor memory (there are several more small manufacturers not including China). I know Nanya (SKorean iirc) makes ddr4 and 5. None of those are NA companies but they sell worldwide. They're all tiny in comparison to SKHynix, Micron and Samsung. The best info/articles are...
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    And expect Memory prices to explode

    Nanya, Winbond, Powerchip, are smaller companies. They haven't shut entire foundries down iirc. Only what they need to, I don't know what percentage each is running currently. Yes, for as long as supply and demand has been around tbh. Not off the top of my head. There are estimates out there...
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    And expect Memory prices to explode

    All of the big 3 are playing catch up to fill demand in regards to building fab space etc for HBM3 iirc. Their will almost assuredly be shortages due to the insane demand for it currently. Dram and NAND? It will only be a matter of them bringing back their laid off workers and firing up the...
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    And expect Memory prices to explode

    The big mannies have been cutting production on nand and memory for 6 or 8 months now. Prices have been steadily creeping back up on storage and memory unfortunately for those that missed the train. Either load up when prices bottom out or get shafted when they go through the roof again...
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    3 PSU's - which to choose?

    The fsp is currently the best PSU you can get right now hands down. The other two I haven't seen any reviews for yet.
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    Many full copper radiators aren't full copper- Igor's Lab

    I'm familiar with all of OCFs wcing guides, been a member since forever. 20 years ago that info was already sliding off the edge. Now? To say it's outdated is being kind. I'll leave it at that so as not to disparage the author any further. You would be surprised how many people use AF. And how...
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    Many full copper radiators aren't full copper- Igor's Lab

    Risk? There's zero risk when running antifreeze. We're not talking about vehicle temps. Just wimpy pc temps. It wont clog up CPU or GPU fins or stop up rads. There's no worries of thermal breakdown in a pc loop, period. By eliminating the one factor that destroys AF, heat, we have no reason to...
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    Many full copper radiators aren't full copper- Igor's Lab

    Bandsawing rads to see what the cores are really made of has been going on for what? 25+ years now? Absolutely fun to see the results and is necessary tbh. The OG sites that did all the major brands originally, then did them again 10 years later are long dead unfortunately. They did it to set...
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    Which fan/pump motherboard header should I use?

    Hub to whichever fan header you want. One of the Cha_fan for simplicities sake would be easiest.
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    Get Ready for "Gamerlicious" Nvidia Control Panel

    Meh, I can count on one hand the amount of times I've gone into Nvidia CP to change a setting in the last year or more. Doesn't make a difference to me if it's the old version or the new GFE/CP combined one. I'll set it and forget it(literally) like always. Ye olde 2070 games the same either way.
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    750 or 850W - 7800X3D/2x16GB/1080ti

    The MSI is the only one I can remember reading a review about recently. It was solid and priced really well compared to the other ATX 3.0 units I've read about. The only negative I can remember is the fan is loud. Price to performance it's hard to beat. Bequiet! Usually makes solid units but...