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    Anyone get a Creative Super X-FI yet?

    This looks interesting. Does anyone know if this support mic input via the 3.5mm jack?
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    Facebook May Face $1.63 Billion EU Fine for Breach

    This. Companies won't take data security seriously unless there are actual consequences for not doing so, especially for companies like Facebook which have no competitors to speak of and so you can't rely on market pressure. On that note, 1.63 billion means literally nothing to Facebook...
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    Audiences Abandon Amazon Prime and HBO While Netflix Grows

    Not a shock considering you still need to pay for most of the stuff worth watching on Prime TV.
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    Micron 1100 2TB SSD $254

    Stolen from Techreport: Rakuten is selling it for $268.99 w/ PLM47 coupon code
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    Logitech G Pro $39.88 @ Amazon

    Is this a good replacement for the MX518? (I imagine this gets asked alot)
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    Blockchain is the Future of Social Media Privacy

    Good luck with that if social media regulation gets pushed through. I have a sneaking suspicion that this will wind up being the best thing that ever happened to Facebook. It sheer size and scale already make it notoriously difficult to compete against (assuming you're allowed to compete...
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    Blockchain is the Future of Social Media Privacy

    Was going to ask this as well. The principal purpose of blockchain is immutable trust, which is great for democratizing fraud prevention (or really anything that requires concensus). It says nothing about privacy or even anonymity. There ARE blockchain implementations that provide that, like...
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    Facebook Loses Over $60 Billion in Market Value in 2 Days

    Facebook loses $60 billion, then you realize its still worth $476.83 billion. Lots of padding still left and the 2020 elections are still 2 years and change away. Plenty of time for this to blow over.
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    Europe Asks Social Networks to Remove Terrorist Content Within an Hour

    Slightly different context here. They specifically talk about "terrorist content" (which falls under their "hate speech" umbrella), e.g. Al-Qaeda propaganda and recruitment.
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    PlayStation 5 Forecasted for 2020 Launch

    Yeah, those 17 years just came and went. WTF have I been doing with my life? /s
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    All Adobe Apps - $29.99 Per Month

    Should be emphasized that this is for the first year only
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    JBL LSR305 5" 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor Active Reference Speaker for $80 each

    Well, shit. Bought a pair of these last week for $109.99 each. Now they're $80 on Ebay and $95 on Amazon.
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    The White House Plans to Privatize the International Space Station

    "Private" does not necessarily mean "for-profit". Non-profit organizations are also privately owned. The ISS could conceivably be adopted by a non-profit organization focused on scientific research. Funding would be provided via donations and maybe for-profit subsidiaries that are spun up to...
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    Perhaps the best headphones at...$50?

    The SHP9500s are legendary. My all time favorite headphone purchase.
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    Dell XPS 13 - Quick Specification Questions.

    The amount of RAM is going to have a bigger impact on multi-tasking, in this case, then the CPU. 4GB of RAM is very likely not going to be enough. I have the Dell XPS 13 9350 w/ 8GB of RAM and I regularly max that out while multi-tasking.
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    Best Bluetooth Headphones for $90

    This is a recommendation, rather than a question. This should technically go in the Computer Audio sub-forum, but the context for this is the ongoing removal of the headphone jack on smartphones. I recently came across what I feel is a damn good solution to the problem of headphone jacks being...
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    No Office 2019 Without Windows 10

    I mostly use Google Docs nowadays. I keep Office around mainly for .doc and .docx files that get sent to me.
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    What's the best bang for the buck Android phone right now?

    You can currently get the Android One edition of the Moto X4 for $249 "Android One" means it runs stock Android and has the same update policy as the Pixels (direct from Google for at least 3 years).
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    Compact 5.1 channel receiver for analog PC audio

    Checkout for Accessories4less:[]=5 5.1 receivers as low as $150
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    Thats surprising. What is "moderate use" for you exactly?
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    How's the battery life? I'm interested in getting one but the small 2,700mAh battery makes me nervous.
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    Active Speakers for TV

    Zeos came up with a decent setup for this:
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    AMD and Nvidia Must Do More To Stop Shortages and Gouging

    Keep in mind that Nvidia, like AMD, doesn't own its foundries. "Crank up production to meet demand" doesn't really work for them since they have to work with a 3rd party and abide by all their rules to make that happen. This can require alot of lead time that makes it incredibly tricky to time...
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    Hawaii Emergency Management Password Found In Press Photo

    My employer actually has the same policy. But they also provide an on-prem hosted password manager for us to use (only accessible via jumpbox and two levels of 2-factor authentication).
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    Hawaii Emergency Management Password Found In Press Photo

    So you use a password manager, either online (like LastPass) or on a thumb drive (like KeePass). Writing it down for public display is never a valid solution.
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    YouTube Announces Stricter Criteria For Monetization And Partnerships

    This. Quite a few of the channels I subscribe to either have Patreon accounts to go with them or have do advertising directly in their videos without Youtube's involvement (go to Ben Shapiro's channel The Daily Wire to see what I mean). Honestly both approaches sound better to me for smaller to...
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    What Really Happened with Vista: An Insider’s Retrospective

    If I recall correctly, one of Vista's biggest changes was the implementation of UAC and NOT granting administrative access by default on all user accounts (which is what XP did, to the rage of sysadmins everywhere). This both screwed up alot of software that all assumed administrative access and...
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    980ti vs. 1060 6gb

    If I recall from benchmarks the 980Ti is roughly equal to a GTX1070. It would outperform a 1060, but suck up a whole lot more power doing so.
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    Microsoft Says It’s Time to Kill Off the Password

    Wouldn't it be possible to "mix" the biometric data with some sort of randomness? Like how you salt a password hash? That would make each scan of the same face unique.
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    The Cable Industry Greets the New Year with a Flurry of Price Increases

    You'll be hooking that up to an HDTV. Use the one on your HDTV.
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    Venezuela to Release Petro Cryptocurrency Within Days

    Wait, what? They want to issue a new cryptocurrency backed by oil, which is valued in U.S. dollars, to isolate the country from the U.S. dollar? Am I misreading something?
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    HTC and Motorola: We Don’t Slow Down Phones with Old Batteries Like Apple Does

    HTC and Motorola also don't update their phones past 2 years like Apple does. They really don't have room to boast.
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    AT&T, Comcast Say GOP Tax Bill Will Mean $1,000 Bonuses for Employees

    I guess if you're far enough down the income ladder a one-time $1,000 bonus is better than nothing at all, though I'll still have to side with the 'libtards' on this and say that this really isn't praise worthy in an economy that is pretty hot right now.
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    Sound BlasterX AE-5 is 30% off Today Only

    I don't want to be "that guy", but if you're running digital to a receiver then why do you need a discrete sound card at all?
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    Amazon Might Take on YouTube

    Twitch.TV kind of fits this already. A few Youtubers I follow have also set up on Twitch, at least. I think the issue is too many people think its only for game streaming.
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    Net Neutrality Protests Move Online, Yet Big Tech Is Quiet

    On the one hand, its a great thing that big tech is staying quiet. Now NN opponents can't use them as a distraction (e.g. "See net neutrality is bad because these billion dollar tech companies support it! You should totally sympathize with the billion dollar ISPs that oppose it!") On the other...
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    External DAC or Soundcard for 7.1 Gaming?

    The only external DACs that support true 7.1 surround are home theater receivers (typically over HDMI, unless you're using compression). A sound card will likely be cheaper.
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    Bank of America Wins Patent for Crypto Exchange System

    The major driving force behind the development of cryptocurrency is de-centralization. The "future legitimacy" of cryptocurrency cannot be its embrace by massive centralized authorities, because that completely negates the reason for its existence.
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    BestBuy 40" Samsung 4K $299.99

    This is the best one I've been able to find: Haven't actually bought it yet though.
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    BestBuy 40" Samsung 4K $299.99

    Still loving my 40KU6290. My only real complaint is only one of the 3 HDMI inputs is actually 2.0. Makes things a bit tricky when juggling 3 HDR capable devices.