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    How a Zotac RTX Graphics Card is Made

    Same here, I thought of Mario Kart. I thought it sounded more like the ending music you would hear during the summary of the Cup race sequence showing different stages you just played.
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    Metal Gear Solid 1998 Intro: 4K Unreal Engine Remake

    Looks really good. I noticed a typo on the subtitles. They used wrong word for 'whether' at 1:34 of video.
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    i5-2500K Crashing

    My first things I would do, aside from returning to base clock speeds, is see if Windows is generating a Windows Crash dump file or check Event Viewer to see if anything is logged for crash or freeze. Look at motherboard and see if any capacitors are bulging or leaking. If not, then installing...
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    Google Can Tell If Someone Is Looking at Your Phone over Your Shoulder

    Not a lawyer either, but if you are out in Public, there are probably laws that state you can't expect privacy in Public. If you are in bathroom stall with door closed, then obviously you expect privacy in regards to others not seeing you, but should expect them to hear you.
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    Gsync, why was it not added to GPU card's

    I'm guessing the 1st option is no Adaptive/Gsync, 2nd option is Gsync, and 3rd is Freesync?
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    Christopher Nolan Apologizes for His Comments about Netflix

    So when does the Netflix Exclusive Christopher Nolan Directed movie show up only on Netflix? 12 months from now? 18 months?
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    Oculus Offering Refunds on 'Bad' VR Content

    Didn't many of the backers get a headset with their backing or did you have to donate a minimum amount before they sent one?
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    Battleborn Quietly Closing Down, 15 Months after Launch

    How can Randy spin this one? Original Twitter quote: "Battleborn is: FPS; hobby-grade coop campaign; genre blended, multi-mode competitive e-sports; meta-growth, choice + epic Battleborn heroes!" In short, it was dumpster fire and no one should ever listen to Randy.
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    Intel May Launch Ice Lake 8 Core/16 Thread CPUs in Second Half of 2018

    I think it is Microsoft for some reason being the ones asking Intel not to make drivers for Windows 7 for Kaby Lake and higher CPUs.
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    Mike Morhaime Founded Blizzard Thanks to a $15,000 Loan from His Grandmother

    That's what the team working on Star Citizen is spending their money on!
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    Upgrading to the 8700k after 7 years. Advice on this build please. $2,000+

    Has it been confirmed the Z270 boards will work with the new Intel 8th Gen CPUs?
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    Why I Deleted My Steam Account

    They should cut to the chase and cancel their Internet service and/or cellphone data plan. Don't need any of them internet racist/sexist/etc bits/bytes coming into their home/phone unexpected.
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    iPhone X: Apple Unveils the “Future of the Smartphone” for $999

    I'm with you. I got Iphone6 through work around time they came out and I've been happy with it for most part. Wish it had more storage, but I'm not the type of person that needs a new phone every 2 years. The wife on other hand. She got the Samsung S8 Plus and paid for it outright when they...
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    A serious OS stuttering issue

    Have you tried installing Windows 7 onto it to see if it does same thing. My only reason for trying out another OS is just to see if it isolates issue to something within Windows 10 is all. I'm not saying use Linux as your primary game/work OS, but just to try what you are seeing to duplicate...
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    A serious OS stuttering issue

    Sorry for all the questions, hopefully, you haven't answered all of them while I've been typing this. According to specs you listed, you have Asus Z97-a and the onboard is an "Intel® I218V, 1 x Gigabit LAN" it would be an Intel driver, not Broadcomm. Have you tried NIC drivers from Asus site...
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    Win10 Pro $10, Windows 7 Professional keys $10, Win8 8.1 Pro $10,

    YHPM. Would like 1 x Win10Pro if still available.
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    Hollywood Blames Rotten Tomatoes for "Summer from Hell"

    Sadly, I base my opinion of going to movies off the trailer for the movie. They show enough of the main parts anyways in them. I rarely look at reviews nor do I ever go to Rotten Tomatoes site. Those pictures of the employees sitting around in the article's pictures is funny to me. The...
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    AMD's Vega Noise and Heat Testing

    First time seeing that video of any form.
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    XFX RMA Hall-of-Shame

    That's funny and good of them to post the types of stuff they see for RMAs. After my friend built a new PC for himself last year, I reused his old parts and built his partner a PC while they were out of town on a trip. He had planned to do it himself, but never got around to it. I offered...
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    Steam Store Blocked in Malaysia

    They could just blur out the character or use a large black block as the model.
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    Equifax Data Breach Exposes Personal Information of 143 Million

    My info says it is potentially affected while wife's isn't. As mentioned by couple of others in this thread, their site to verify seems shady too. It should be part of the domain and not I will have to wait until next week to read their full...
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    Advertising Works

    So good.
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    Amazon to Add Second Headquarters with up to 50,000 Jobs

    Or the Dallas-Fort Worth area! Plano(suburb of Dallas) just got State Farm and Toyota HQs built within last 1-3 years. I'm sure Frisco or Plano suburbs would compete against one another to win this type of deal and willing to take no taxes for a million years to get them to build there.
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    Find My iPhone Will Get You in Jail

    He was supposed to be watching his kid(s), but drove over there to catch them in the act. Where was the kid in all of this? Sitting in the car or left alone at home?
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    No beep during POST (new CPU/mobo/ram)

    Awesome. Hope you were able to return the motherboard without any issues or restocking fee. Enjoy being on cutting edge until October. Intel releases their next CPUs in October, which require new chipsent motherboards. :P
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    Apple Watch Cheaters in Major League Baseball

    I agree using technology during the game is not fine, but when teams complain about stealing signs without use of technology is idiotic. From the sounds of it, it seems like a very long weird game of telephone. You have to be accurate and quick to relay it through like 3 different people. I...
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    Poll: What version of Windows 10 do you use?

    Running Pro here.
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    Traditional Radio Faces a Grim Future

    Fellow DFW person here too. When I'm not listening to podcasts or Pandora, I listen to 103.3(ESPN), 91.7(KXT), 97.1, and 90.1(NPR) during my drive to and/from work.
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    Temporary Plex server...

    By installing one of them, it's one less physical item to pack up and move. Moving sucks as you start to see all the crap you own that has not been touched or seen for years and having to figure out what to do with it or why you still have it.
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    No beep during POST (new CPU/mobo/ram)

    I don't know if you have a friend or family member that has newer motherboard with Z270 that would support the 7600K. If you do have a friend, family or coworker that has Z270, I would try using your CPU on their board. Or if they have a 6x00 series CPU they could try on your motherboard, to...
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    EA Calls Nintendo Switch Hardware "Very Difficult"

    I feel the reason 3rd party developers don't like making games for Nintendo consoles is because Nintendo games kills them on sales. I still feel people like myself buy Nintendo consoles specifically for playing Nintendo made games. From the article, the developer mentions they are on a 1 year...
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    Standard Ubiquiti Unifi AC AP Outdoors?

    Let the bar owner do the best them they can. Maybe when they buy their 2nd or 3rd one they will realize they are buying wrong model or they will stop providing wireless access to everyone outside.
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    SSD Shown in Bios and not in Windows 2016 install.

    I would also try downloading the "Floppy Image" files from Asrock site for Windows 2012 R2 64-bit and see if that might work for loading the Intel controller driver:
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    14 core i9 v. wait for Coffee Lake

    Go for the CPU core workhorse, i9, since you are mainly using it for work. Work faster and more efficient with more CPU cores and have more time for games.
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    Users are Unable to Block Mark Zuckerberg

    I'm so glad I have never created an account nor have a need for Facebook.
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    Wii Remote Lawsuit Ends in $10M Verdict against Nintendo

    Original amount they wanted was $144Million. They end up with $10million. Nintendo plans to appeal. "Nintendo argued that the patent filed by iLife was invalid because the written description in the patent wasn't properly written." With the amount of money Nintendo made off the Wii, you...
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    Destiny 2 Official Live Action Trailer

    If MSG gets made, it is probably better off for Netflix/Amazon or some other streaming service. I thought the Beastie Boys said they didn't want their music used in advertisements?
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    Spilled drink on my mechanical keyboard :(

    Not sure if your keys come off. If they do, then start with popping them off if you can. They do make tools to remove the keys. Clean the keys and around where they stick/click to keyboard. EDIT: Do read the Video's SHOW MORE section. They have links to another guide that has similar steps...