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    Black Mesa: Source appears to be inbound soon

    Am I the only one who got this???
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    Max Payne 3

    I am bald, but sadly, not balled to often :(
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    I blame all the kids born in the 90's for turning all my beloved classics into FPS!!

    Yeah, Rick Santorum would have never let this happen. Damn Democrats....
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    Need to get rid of dust!!!

    I was checking these out a while ago but didn't end up buying one. One thing to watch out for is noise.... you don't want to buy anything that is going to be annoying. Another thing that I would avoid is any air ionisers as they don't really work:
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    Replaying Doom 3 - Must have mods?

    Wow, that looks really great!
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    Going to replay Doom 3. Best way to play at 1920x1080?

    This might help.... Look for the posts from LuminaryJanitor. At any rate, this is a reference to some great mods.
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    Diablo 3 implied delayed

    September 2011 is my prediction.... if we are lucky.
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    Why Best Buy is Going out of Business...Gradually

    I am not a big proponent of BB, but wishing that they go out of business (like some posters have) and having more people lose their jobs is ludicrous. Don't shop there if you don't like the place. For me, I need a place to demo things and sometimes their sale prices online aren't too bad...
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    Diablo 3 February 1st - Troll or True?

    Hey, who is using pictures of my van without my permission????? About D3, if it was coming out in Feb, they would have announced it last July. I am thinking more like September 2012....
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.; SOC or Clear Sky? Which to buy?

    I am new to the FO series (haven't played FO NV yet, I am playing FO3). I have to agree with you that STALKER is much creepier in general. For some reason the game gets under my skin (in a good way) like no other. The play mechanics are far superior although I guess that is not the point with...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.; SOC or Clear Sky? Which to buy?

    If I were you, I'd wait until it goes on sale again. It is not that the game isn't worth it, it is just that those sales have got me spoiled and made me cheap! $20 for a game seems like a lot of money... lol!
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    2012: What PC Games Are You Looking Forward To This Year?

    Diablo 3 Half Life 3. Ha Ha Ha!! oh yeah, that one is coming out in 2022, not 2012...:(
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.; SOC or Clear Sky? Which to buy?

    Cool, good to hear, I am looking forward to Clear Sky. I got sidetracked by FO3, but I gotta get back to Stalker. The Steam sale has messed me up! I think I bought about 5 games plus DLC for about $30, but I digress..... Lets hope really hard for a Stalker 2. It would be a shame to see...
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    When big name douchebaggery gets out of hand

    Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. My opinion is that I wish gay marriage were legal so that Owen and Paul could tie the knot.
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.; SOC or Clear Sky? Which to buy?

    Just wanted to bump this to thank anyone who responded to my post.... I have been playing SoC and loving it! I think I even like it better than CoP. However, I cranked up the difficulty this time and it seems like you really have to earn what you get and so far, ammo is much harder to come...
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    When big name douchebaggery gets out of hand

    This shitstorm hit MSNBC. Awwww.... he wants to clear his name, the poor fellow.... Hearing him dance and try to redirect blame is pretty entertaining: "I didn't know who that guy at Penny Arcade was," he admitted. "If I had known, I would have treated the situation a little better. PAX...
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    When big name douchebaggery gets out of hand

    Just googled Ocean Marketing Wow! I'll bet Mr. Douchebag is having serious regrets on this one. And he thought no one would notice.... Good for Penny Arcade and the guy who wrote the email. Sometimes there is justice in this world....
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    Recommend a good immserive sci fi game

    Holy Crap! I am a huge Bowie fan and I knew nothing about this... Bowie even had input into the game. And Iman even makes an appearance. From Wikipedia: David Bowie, who had some input on the storyline and game's design, makes two cameo appearances within the game, although not as himself...
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    I feel forced to buy a new PC for gaming

    Lol, I missed this post.... we said practically the same thing!
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    I feel forced to buy a new PC for gaming

    I am not a grahics whore, but my thing is that the M/KB is so superior controlwise in FPSs (my drug of choice). I can't stand them on consoles... Another thing about going to the PC is that a lot of older games are super cheap and they have been modded so they look much better than the...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.; SOC or Clear Sky? Which to buy?

    Well, that is one of the virtues of not being an early adopter... the bugs are usually fixed (not to mention the great deals!). COP taxes the crap out of my system... so Clear Sky will probably eat it up too.... Wow, Steam must be getting slammed. It keeps timing out and I can't download...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.; SOC or Clear Sky? Which to buy?

    OK! Both it is! Thanks for your feedback. I read some negative things about Clear Sky and I want to see if anyone out there really hated it. I guess not.... Thanks for the heads up... will do. I am also waiting to see if the Call of Juarez games and maybe Fallout 3 go on sale...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.; SOC or Clear Sky? Which to buy?

    I have and love COP.... which one should I buy next? Or would I more than likely like both? I am not leaning toward either at the moment. Any input would be appreciated! Happy Holidays! :cool:
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    I love Steam

    Not to mention his English skills....
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    Has BF3 changed the perception that gameplay trumps graphics?

    Wow. I see your point and respect your opinion, but it is exactly the opposite for me. I have played games where I thought the graphics were excellent (e.g. Crysis, Bioshock), but the gameplay sucked so it ruined it for me. I don't even mind cranking settings down for a smoother experience on...
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    Your Nominees for 2011 Most Disappointing Game Award

    I LOLed at this... Sounds like you are pretty jaded there, dude! Anyway, I am surprised at the amount of discussion about BF3. I haven't bought it yet, but I didn't think it would even make the list! I don't have RAGE either, but I think my vote would have to go there for being such...
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    Yeah, I know, but my idea would take that concept quite a bit further...
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    I have only played Call of Pryprat, but I would call it an FPS with RPG elements. It is definitely not a strict RPG..... Anyway, on the topic of the franchise ending, that is sad news. Lucky for me, I still have 2games to play, but I was really looking forward to an updated version. I...
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    Steam sale has begun! 1 PM EST 11/23!

    Keep in mind that Borderlands is pretty boring as a SP, but supposed to be great in co-op mode (I have personally never played co-op). If I am not mistaken, there is a monthly fee for RIFT, so IMO, no, it is not worth it unless you don't mind paying (...I do). If Stalker Call of Pripyat...
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    So how Serious is Serious Sam 3???

    Uhhhh.... isn't that the point?
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    Destroying the backlog!

    Play Call of Pripyat... I am having lots of fun with that one. A really good SP experience. About Borderlands.... IMO it sucks as a SP game, but the co-op is supposed to be a blast.
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    BF3 makes you kill a rat

    Disclaimer: "No rats or any living things were harmed in the making of this video game..." Seriously, I love the shit out of my dogs and the exotic animal fiasco in Ohio pissed me off, but PETA goes way too far... to the point of rediculous. Those people need real hobbies. Like playing...
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    Battlefield 3 flying practice and joystick configuration server

    So do the helis act about the same as in BFBC2? I could never get the hang of them using M/KB. I think it was the same for a lot of other players.... Are jets easier to control than helis? It seems logical that they would....
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    BF3 is killing me softly

    I agree with everyone who said go quad.... I did for BCBF2 and it made a huge difference. I'll bet BC3 is chewing up your rig. I went from an E6600 and there was no looking back.
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    So I'm actually changing my opinon on BF3: Don't buy it yet

    I rarely buy any game when it is brand new for a few reasons. One is that almost every game is somewhat buggy these days, so after time, a lot of patches really help. Also, I am no way paying $60 for BF3.... when I can get it for $40, I'll think about it. I am glad that I am old and boring...
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    No one looking forward to the Godly L.A. Noire coming next month?!

    Actually, you can rent now. Not exactly sure of the details (or if LA Noire would be a choice, but....
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    Rage sucks

    lolz.... If link doesn't work.... "" ..... n g o h q :p
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    Rage sucks

    After reading through this thread, I think I have decided to buy this game.... in about a year when it is $4.99 on Steam and it is all patched up. Then again, maybe not. :( I didn't read this entire thread, but I don't think I came across any positive comments on this game. I am glad I...
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    Rage sucks

    I hate to do this, but I have to stick up for ID..... historically anyway. Let's not forget that Wolfenstein was pretty much the very first FPS (please correct me if I am wrong on that....). Also, I think that Quake was the first FPS to use a 360 degree view of environments. ID was once one of...