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    SOLD!!! THANKS!!!

    Correct, this is just the plain old stock AMD part. Black shroud. It's a nice card, I already have one and love it... but this one just has no use. The build never happened and only this part was outside of the return policy, so for sale it goes. Thanks!
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    SOLD!!! THANKS!!!

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    You've heard about Ryzen Whitehaven and Skylake-X (i9). Which do you think will be better?

    I actually think the Whitehaven is going to really surprise people in a positive way, but I also fear for cost. I mean, it's all just speculation at this point but I think it's going to be so expensive that outside of workstation specific builds, nobody is going to be able to buy them. Same for...
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    Broke a corner pin on my 1600... am I alright?

    I'd be willing to bet you'll be fine... so many of the pins are just connected to ground pads, it's no big deal.
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    FS: $30.00 Amazon e-gift card for $25.00 via paypal

    *SOLD!!!* Thanks!!!
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    Title says it all haha. US Buyers only, paypal only. $100 ebay e-gift certificate for $90 via paypal. Thanks! Heatware: GRAFiZ 50-0-0 Reviews/Feedback for GRAFiZ |
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    Title says it all. I've got a $100 eBay gift certificate code, I need $90 via PayPal. US buyers only. I can provide the code via email or PM, your choice. Heatware in signature. 50-0-0 Thanks!
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    WTB: Watch Dogs PC Code

    Paypal only... want the code by tonight. Thanks!
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    New iPhone(s) on September 9th

    Try being a blackberry fan. :(
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    Feels like Ebay buyer is being dishonest

    Yeah, if the product cost is low enough, it doesn't really attract scammers. I mean, who's going to risk the felony postal fraud for a few bucks? But for a few hundred...? Seems a lot do. Yeah, I know a lot of people doing the same thing. My most recent journey was selling a rather...
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    Feels like Ebay buyer is being dishonest

    As much as it sucks, you're screwed. Basically eBay has it stacked against you, in nearly 100% of all disputed transactions, they will find in favor of the buyer, no matter what evidence you provide or commen sense you can supply. In this case, being that he's already left positive feedback...
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    I killed my first!

    I would recommend not selling on ebay. EBay is scam buyer central these days. Even selling it as is you're going to get a case opened against you for it not working and as ebay always does, they will blame you for selling defective hardware. You will lose the chip, your money and a lot of...
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    Is it just me or what ?

    I don't think it's just mining... part of it is the soon to be released Maxwell cards from Nvidia. The 800 series. my opinion that is. A lot of people have been in this game long enough (myself included) to recognize that once the 800 series cards are on the shelf, all of the 700 series...
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    finally time to upgrade, best value?

    Find a pair of cheap GTX 660's and run them in SLI. Depending on the application you'll be sitting somewhere between a 680 and 780 in performance. All for $350 or less.
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    Post Your NEW 3DMark Sky Driver Benchmark Results

    2600K @ 4ghz or something... 8gb RAM and my brand new 750ti. Pretty good showing when you consider just how cheap all this hardware is:
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    GTX 880 and 800 Series to be More Powerful But Cheaper than the 700 Series

    I actually just picked up a 750ti, obviously not an 8XX series card, BUT, Maxwell just the same. I've been in this "game" a long time and this is the first card since the GeForce 3 series to truly impress me with performance vs price. Just two weeks ago I sold my GTX Titan, so I know what...
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    FS: EVGA GTX Titan SuperClock, with box/accs. $595 shipped!

    SOLD!!! Thanks everyone, especially XFaega!!!
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    FS: EVGA GTX Titan SuperClock, with box/accs. $595 shipped!

    Pretty simple FS thread, I bought an EVGA GTX Titan, SuperClock edition (06G-P4-2791-KR) a couple months back, love it, works perfectly, but I need some cash quick... so, it's on the block. Full retail packaging, papers, etc. *SOLD* Paypal ONLY... I do not charge fee's... of course, US...
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    FS: 32GB Kingston 1600MHz DDR3 PC3-12800 ECC REG CL11 Server Memory.

    Nobody needs top notch ram I guess. :(
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    FS: 32GB Kingston 1600MHz DDR3 PC3-12800 ECC REG CL11 Server Memory.

    BUMP!!! Or Best Offer folks!!! Need to move these!
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    FS: 32GB Kingston 1600MHz DDR3 PC3-12800 ECC REG CL11 Server Memory.

    Picked up two 16gb RAM kits for a server build off Amazon a couple months back, the sever never came to be, but I still have the RAM. It has been opened as it was installed in a motherboard to test compatibility. Works flawlessly. These two kits at Amazon or Newegg will run you about $450...
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    Is Assassins Creed IV just poorly optimized or is something wrong on my end?

    It's the game... runs like shit even on my 4.4ghz i7 and GTX Titan.
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    Diablo 3 PC for $19.99 @ Gamestop

    I feel your pain... 30 something, married with a full time career. Cuts down on game time. BUT, I still snagged this deal and hope to be able to fit in at least an hour a week!!! :D
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    Call Of Duty: Ghosts for the PC $20.24 Shipped @ MS Store!

    In my personal opinion... no. UNLESS you just really have to play all AAA title FPS games. It's not bad, don't get me wrong, it's an enjoyable experience... but it's nothing special. If you however plan to play even a little of MP, then this purchase is worth it. But if you will never play...
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    Leaked Intel Haswell Processor Refresh Prices?

    What you all seem to be missing the flip chip description code... LGA12C!!! They're all 12 core CPU's!!! z0mg!!! ;)
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    Call Of Duty: Ghosts for the PC $20.24 Shipped @ MS Store!

    Those $15.00 offers are stolen or VAC banned codes... read the details. This offer is a full retail copy. Unless Microsoft is starting to sell pirated copies. :D
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    Call Of Duty: Ghosts for the PC $20.24 Shipped @ MS Store!

    Actually, this is retail, but it attaches to your Steam account via code. So, when it arrives, just enter it into your Steam library. In fact, there's no way to play this game MP without Steam.
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    Call Of Duty: Ghosts for the PC $20.24 Shipped @ MS Store!
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    Does the 750 Ti spell doom for AMD?

    There's a lot more going on inside a GPU that impacts performance beyond just heat. So, no... you're theory that half the heat = twice the performance is unfortunately, wrong.
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    Whats the point of this card? I recognize the gpu is fully "unlocked" and running at "full speed", but a current gen Titan overclocked will turn in just about the same performance. More than that, a 780ti is cheaper and will perform equally. Beyond the double precision possibility, I see zero...
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    Intel readying 15-core Ivy Bridge Xeon E7 processor

    Ugh... I meant E7. Not I7.
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    I feel cheated by COD Ghosts.

    I've only owned the game for a few days, but have been able to play MP since starting this thread... several times. And, I LOVE it. The maps are really interesting and unique, the gameplay is quick and mindless... it's good old fashion MP fun. I also have BF4 and love it also... but it's so...
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    Intel readying 15-core Ivy Bridge Xeon E7 processor

    Interesting... I can't imagine there will be a great deal of demand for this CPU, that is, over the current E7 offerings. But, who knows.
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    What INtel CPU's are Designed and Manufactured in the US?

    I don't find it troubling when someone wants to buy locally made goods from a desire to support the growth of our national economy... BUT, if someone refuses to buy something made outside of the United States simply because someone who isn't "American" touched it, then well, I start to have real...