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    Wipes or special cloth for VR lenses?

    Microfiber cloths will clean away oil, but it has to be a clean cloth, even a mildly used microfiber cloth will retain oils in them and just cause smearing. Wet lens cleaning cloths/pads are cheap and can be bought at walmart easily.
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    Moving On/Up From Valve Index to Quest 3?

    Q3 goes up to 70 or 71 IPD, sources seem to vary. The Quest Pro can go up to 75mm.
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    Moving On/Up From Valve Index to Quest 3?

    Quest 2 and Index + FBT user here, just upgraded to a Quest 3. 1. Use Airlink, Steamlink, or Virtual Desktop to wirelessly play PCVR / Steam VR games. Not having the cable is great if you have a decently sized playspace. This is what I do. 2. Storage size is only useful for playing standalone...
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    Looking into cheaper VR headset for my kiddos

    Buy the cheaper one. The larger storage is only useful if you intend to buy a lot of standalone games for the quest 2. If doing mainly PCVR, it doesn't matter. Also, look into getting a new headstrap, stock one is pretty bad, halo style is most comfortable, but you might also look for one with...
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    Looking into cheaper VR headset for my kiddos

    Oculus Quest 2. The official link cable is overpriced, either buy a 3rd party one, or, setup Steamlink (free), or use virtual desktop ($20 app), and you can do PCVR wirelessly. A GTX 980ti is a older card, but it will still do VR ok.
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    Newegg wants your old GPU

    The prices are not all that bad. Trade in on a RTX 3080 10gb is $292 Ebay value is about $390., Ebay fees are 13% ($50) plus shipping ($15-ish). $292 vs $325. Pretty worth while to not deal with Ebay or Facebook people. The real question is if there are additional fees/taxes on trade in to...
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    Paypal users...ever seen this?

    I'm under the impression this means the Paypal (recieving) account was made in Europe or has its payments set to Euros. This raises a strong implications they are actually in Europe, unless they moved to Michigan from there. This sounds like a unsafe transaction.
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    WTB : 12th Gen Intel CPU+Mobo

    Just looking for the mobo+cpu, dont need drives or ram. Whats the price?
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    WTB : 12th Gen Intel CPU+Mobo

    A friend's computer had their CPU stop working (i7-9700), so looking to upgrade him to a 12th gen i5 with a motherboard. He does gaming and streaming, so a basic motherboard will work fine, DDR4 preferred to reuse his ram. Will also be looking for a compatible heatsink as well. Heatware under...
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    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz

    I have a quest 2 with frakenquest mod and a Valve index with Full body tracking. I play VRchat mostly so the quest 2 sees more use as it's quicker/easier to just hop on with. I currently use the Quest 2 with virtual desktop for PCVR. Ideally I'd want to test out a Pico 4 to see if it's worth the...
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    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz

    How does the Pico 4 compare to a Quest 2 as a wireless PCVR headset?
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    What happened to Graphics Card box art babes?

    Video cards became the "art" itself. Back in the older "mascot" days, video cards were ugly, just moderately sized chunks of heatsink and fan. If it was fancy, the PCB was a different color, that was it. Now that video cards have styling like a car would, they showcase the card itself. Also...
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    I just got scammed off Facebook Marketplace

    I use facebook marketplace a lot. Scammers often list items over $500 because you cannot use facebook marketplace shipping for the transaction. If you are not buying something for $500 or less and shipping through marketplace itself, IT IS A SCAM. Anyone requesting a payment method outside of...
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    Bad display on Vive Pro 2 - buy parts, or another Steam VR headset?

    I tried using a quest 2 with index controllers. It mostly works, but it's really janky and constantly lost tracking all the time. Wouldn't recommend it.
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    WTB : RTX 3080 / 3080 ti / 3090

    Looking to finally upgrade from my 1080ti. I don't care much about the brand, overclocking, or hashrate. Some preference to non-mined. 3080ti is probably the most ideal. Heatware under Skarth Payment via Paypal Shipping to 49057
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    VIVE XR Elite

    The main issue I see with this is, what games/apps will be supported by it? It doesn't have the benefit of the meta store front and apps out of the gate, and the high price tag will mean low adoption. The hardware on it seems to be aimed at being a Quest Pro competitor, but the inside out...
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    AMD's Radeon RX 7900-series Highlights

    I'm just waiting for 9xxx series cards so we can have a 9800 Pro again.
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    [GoG] Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition Free 10/30/22

    I had played this a year or two ago, it seems like they were overly ambitious and had a lot of neat ideas they could not get to all work together well, and the game feels pretty clunky to try and play.
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    [Steam] Contractors [VR] [Free]

    I snagged it. Will give me a reason to use my VR headset more.
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    From Intel Core i5-2430M to Intel Core i7-3610QE?

    The majority of 6x series (sandy bridge) motherboards need a bios update in order to use ivy bridge to begin with, a number of them cannot support ivy bridge at all. Also, going from a i5 (2 core, 4 thread) to a i7 (4 core, 8 thread) your thermal system might not support cooling it. Officially...
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    WTB - i5-12600k, i7-12700, i7-12700k, DDR4

    Got what I needed from various sources. Heatware under Skarth. Payment via Paypal
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    Are games starting to out-pace GPU development?

    Games in the 2006-2013 era tended to be much lower on GPU requirements due to being console ports. It's a bit of a cycle watching the performance requirements shoot up and lower down over time as new game consoles come out. Only in the past 6 years or so have we seen things like 120hz+, 4k...
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    Bought a 2080ti on Facebook marketplace and it started artifacting within a couple hours. see pics

    If it's under warranty, RMA it. Just be careful if he wants you to ship it back to him to RMA it, as he might decide to just keep it if the transaction doesn't/didn't have a refund option.
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    Oculus Quest 2

    A used GTX 1080ti will cost as much as a new RTX 3050 and have twice the performance, assuming your PSU can handle it. A GTX 960 or 970 can do VR, but a 960 is really as low as you can go and still be playable on lowest settings.
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    Watch out , shadows account compromised

    I had talked to Shadow2761 earlier today about that 1080ti and ended up not buying as I felt there were too many red flags to his post and messages. Red Flag #1 - Underpriced. Red Flag #2 - Wanted immediate payment via a non-refundable source, claims his Paypal was banned. Red Flag #3 - Keeps...
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    EVGA Nvidia RTX 2070 super vs EVGA Nvidia RTX 2060 super

    It's approximately 15% faster. Don't worry about it too much.
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    For Sale Used Office licenses 2010/2013/2016 Cheap PCI/PCIe Cards

    do you know if the 6670's are the ddr3 or gddr5 versions?
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    amazing deal or scam?

    I can tell you, gamers are the whiniest, most mentally immature children there are Source : Am a gamer.
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    Apex Legends hacked

    Take this with a grain of sale. To my understanding, a hacker (Suspected to be a former employee) basically made titanfall 1 unplayable for streamers due to some weird exploit/hack that effects the servers, and supposedly was doing something similar to titanfall 2. There was a long video about...
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    The last train of Microsoft

    To compete with the Oculus Quest, you need really good tracking technology, an eco-system for it to run within (play store or marketplace equivalent), a custom OS, manufacturing connections, advertising, and support from other companies to make software/games for it. Microsoft already competed...
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    The state of VR technology

    I'm failing to see what you mean by the technology being "stopped"? Theres still new headsets in development, new games, new methods of tracking going on. PCVR is more popular than ever.
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    I've been using Starlink since early March in Southwest Michigan. Unfortunately, I live in a area with lots of very tall trees, and only one spot with decent line of sight to the sky. The outages actually got worse over time instead of better, due to the trees growing in their leaves, which...
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    Oculus Quest 2

    If you live in an apartment, you may have issues with some of the bands being congested because neighbors have a bunch of wifi devices on the same band. In addition, there can be devices used by others that interfere with wifi (think, microwave ovens, or any other kind of power hungry appliance)
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    Is Yeston a decent brand?

    Any kind of warranty issue will likely be a nightmare to deal with. From reading it, they will deny your warranty for a variety of reasons. Can't take apart the card, repaste it, mine it, or change the fans, or the warranty will be denied. Their support number is a chinese number, so expect...
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    Am I about to get scammed?

    If selling on ebay, only ship to the Paypal verified address, no exceptions. Theres also another scam going on where after an auction ends, you get a message from another user pretending to be the buyer who won the item asking you to ship it to a different address. Had this happen once, and I...
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    Oculus Link works on my Strix z390, but not TB3 port on Asrock z390 PG itx. Ideas?

    I used virtual desktop, and so do all my friends. Basically uses wifi instead of a USB C cable, and oddly, it works better than the cable does for me.
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    Oculus Link works on my Strix z390, but not TB3 port on Asrock z390 PG itx. Ideas?

    All the cheap USB C cables/adapters are internally USB 2.0, it makes shopping for the right cable a pain in the butt.
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    Should the 5700xt be considered one of the greatest of all time?

    "Famous" cards as I remember them. Geforce 4200ti - priced as a low tier product, mid range performance Radeon 9800 Pro - Great performance for a long time Geforce 6600gt - almost identical performance to the more expensive 6800 vanilla Geforce 8800gt - king of value/midrange for several years...
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    WTB : GTX 1060, 1650, 1660, or similar card

    I'll keep looking for the moment.