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    Complete noob, build me a shopping list?

    To build on what Modi said, the ender 3 pro can't really be beat in the current market and has room for endless modding. The only thing I'll add to what he said is, if you truly want to unlock high temp and carbon/fiber filled filaments, Micro Swiss makes a bolt on replacement hot end that...
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    WTB: LGA 1155 Motherboard with Optical Out

    Let me know if this interests you. GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1155 - GA-Z77MX-D3H (rev. 1.0) I also think I have a i3 3225 around...
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    Dell PowerEdge T20 Barebone server $149 Shipped

    That worked, thanks! Werid issue, I'm guess this spare drive had a RAID config on it before? For those that want to know this is what the chassis looks like.
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    Dell PowerEdge T20 Barebone server $149 Shipped

    I picked up one of these and threw a spare HDD in it. Are any of you guys having issues getting the windows installer to see the drive? I've tried all the drivers listed on Dell's site and tried multiple AHCI/RAID/ATA options. The Bios sees the drive as well as a fedora live cd, but not win10...
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    Woman Arrested For Hit-and-Run After Her Car Calls 911

    Very much so. Two recent ones that come to mind is the Honda Accord Recall for slamming doors to hard. It could cause the curtain bags to deploy. Software update will fix it. There was one in the...
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    Woman Arrested For Hit-and-Run After Her Car Calls 911

    Cars have had collision inertia switches for decades at this point and they rarely fail due to age/corrosion.
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    Early Access games that are good but still in developement

    Beam NG Not sure what the game will ever become, but it sure is fun to wrap cars around trees. $20 is too high though. If you search the internet there is a demo with a craptastic hatchback. you can edit the cars file to give it more horsepower and the manual transmission.
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    Microsoft Snaps Up .adult And .porn Domains

    It's a dumb short story book on amazon someone did to cash in. It was all the rage on tech-news sites a week ago.
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    Car Tech Edition

    I'm currently working on a device that has Bluetooth capability. It's not that bad, it's just the verification testing is so time consuming. After it's submitted it takes an act of nature to allow further changes.
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    FCC Votes To Protect Net Neutrality, Reclassify Broadband You can say Netflix having to pay the bill is how it should be but, you can't say they weren't throttling or prioritizing traffic.
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    FCC Just Overruled State Laws That Were Blocking Municipal Broadband

    In fairness Verizon Fios was subsidized by tax breaks. That turned out amazing, right?
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    FCC Just Overruled State Laws That Were Blocking Municipal Broadband Verizon is being childish. Your a multibillion dollar company, don't be childish. We all know you are going to sue regardless of what the outcome was.
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    FCC Just Overruled State Laws That Were Blocking Municipal Broadband

    The problem I have is that someone granted exclusive rights to the utility poles which were there in the 1950's and are technically public land. I can buy electricity from two different companies and I can buy natural gas from 2 different companies. When it comes to telecom, nope. It's...
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    FCC Just Overruled State Laws That Were Blocking Municipal Broadband

    Once again [H] commenters show their true intelligence and ability to be rational and reasonable. Ugh, this place is disgusting sometimes. Take it Soap Box so your respective groups can have a circle jerk. Sadly, I still have to pay comcast $70 for 20/1 because the only other option I have is a...
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    I need some Cuda/Parrellel projects to add to my portfolio.

    I'm looking to add some parallel projects to my portfolio so I can check more boxes when looking for a new job. Traditionally, I'm used to single threaded embedded work but, understand the problems of parallel programing. I'm looking for some simple projects that I can make to demonstrate I'm...
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    Asus GTX 970 Strix (Open Box) $284

    I bought this exact card at microcenter open box for a tad less. They gave me the free game. Although, this card has Hella annoying coil whine. If almost sounds broken but what ever it works. I might look for an old antec p180 quiet case. It is super cool temp wise and makes no fan noise when...
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    Anyone use yet? The new woot?

    So, apparently is from the people that made Anyone use it or have been watching it? The best thing about it is the statistics on the main page.
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    HBO To Start Selling On The Web Next Year

    Woah, I'm surprised Time Warner is going to let this happen before Comcast buys them.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Ahhhhhh!!!! Allen-Bradley!!! Kill it with Fire!!!!!!
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    E3 Is Loud, Expensive, Sexist And Violent

    Games Journalists are pretty much at every PAX and Developer conference these days already. With E3 you get only a hand full of perspectives about demos, but at pax, you here about private demo's from the press then lots of public feedback about people playing demos in the booth. Maybe I'm...
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    E3 Is Loud, Expensive, Sexist And Violent

    Honestly, I'm amazed E3 still exists. Once a big player bows out (besides Nintendo), I think the rest will. I mean it costs so much money for what? They could buy booth's at every pax and come out ahead in many ways then just cost.
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    Android OS on a Pc

    That's what I meant by that, It's not going to be a good experience.
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    Android OS on a Pc

    What are you looking to do with it? If you are trying to develop, there are custom virtual dev environments available from Google. If you want to use it as an OS on x86 hardware look here. It's kind of sketchy. Or pick up like a Jetway Arm based motherboard. Even...
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    YouTube Buying Twitch For $1B?

    Does anyone else think this is a super low price? Considering Instagram sold for 1 billion and it had 0 worthwhile content. While twitch has many archives that are worth rewatching like 24 live stream dumbness or record breaking runs.
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    Oculus Hopes To Win Back Notch Support

    The mod scene would do a better job of adding support then he could ever do anyway.
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    Senator To Gamers: Shut Up, You Have No Credibility,0,4778453.story#axzz2x2lfnYMp And /thread
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    What does the average user of an Asus or Alienware gaming laptop look like?

    My Icon Messenger style laptop bag is over 7 years old now and it's fine. I carry a book, Dell E6320 with all 3 batteries, random computer and phone accessories. sometimes an HP laptop for software demos. With other accessories too. No problems here. This all fit in that bag.
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    AMD FX-4130 for $39.99

    Are these better than AthlonII x4 620's?
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    Banks Pay Microsoft Big for Securing Windows XP ATMs

    Yes, because Sony was excellent at security...
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    Titanfall Boosts Xbox One UK Sales By 96%

    There is a campaign, it's just multiplayer based so depending on what team wins, the dialog changes. It's the first game on the Xbox One to be interesting. So it's push the people over on that were on the fence. The game is a console shooter much like COD. It's "funner" on a console for...
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    Titanfall Boosts Xbox One UK Sales By 96%

    Pretty, much It stopped being fun about last night. Was playing in a match with regen 5 guys... They ranked to 50, 5 times already. Those guys are just too good for me to relax and run-gun around.
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    XBox One + Titanfall, $499

    If you do get this, pick up the year of live for 39.99 that's going around. Not really a price cut like the UK, just trying to add some...
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    Titanfall - Don't Fall For The Hype

    Two weeks isn't enough time to even Re-Cert a game or make any changes, That game has to be GOLD and printed on discs already or It's got bigger issues than xbox part system.
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    Titanfall - Don't Fall For The Hype

    I'd be willing to bet the 360 delay was for no real reason other than to push xbox one sales, lol.
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    Titanfall - Don't Fall For The Hype

    It's become a hate on everything and belittle it while I have no experience on the subject we are talking about place. *looks at you guy that you can think you can run twitter from your basement and has no idea on how queries work* Home front was the last game I was truly disappointed by...
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    BEYOND: Two Souls PS3 $24.99 @ Amazon

    Thanks, this is about the price I wanted to pay!
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    Weird / different front panel USB headers?

    This is sometimes common on motherboards designed for proprietary cases. Do you have a digital multireader? Likely the header will fit on the the side with 8 pins. 0x0000 0x0000 nn-Dd+ if this is your header measure pins - and + it should read 5v and the the header should go one like normal...
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    Hackers Can Hijack Your Car With $26 Device

    Also, Car thief's are weird, they stole my 80's caprice with a fist, pry bar, and some knowledge of how that car works. Less than 7 minutes.
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    Hackers Can Hijack Your Car With $26 Device

    The differences is, contactless keyfob replication. There was Defcon talk about a BMW x5 or Lincoln suv thing, I forget. Where, with a micro controller and some rf antennas, I can wait on bench until someone with stealable car rolls up. I can pass by them when they are getting out of the car...