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    $999 for laptop with 144hz, 1660Ti, 9750H

    I will have a short review of the laptop posted soon. My only gripe at this time is the touchpad. Definitely seems they could have done better in that area. I also use a MacBook for work stuff, which I consider the gold standard for touchpads (For me at least). That Maingear Vector looks pretty...
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    $999 for laptop with 144hz, 1660Ti, 9750H

    I will certainly provide a review! Give me a week or so and I’ll have some data to share!
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    $999 for laptop with 144hz, 1660Ti, 9750H

    What I just saw it drop to $949 too! I want $50 back lol. That is crazy good price.
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    $999 for laptop with 144hz, 1660Ti, 9750H

    Hi all, Been in the market for a while for a laptop and finally pulled the trigger. Couldn’t find one with spec/price better than this. There are similar versions of this laptop for same price on other sites but they only have a 60hz display - this one has the new 144hz display...
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    5g and the weather

    I’m all for cleaner environment, but no way in hell am I gonna let someone like AOC tell me how much energy I can use, what car to buy, size/type of my home. We don’t need to go backwards and start living as nomads to be “green”. We need to, as humans have throughout history, come up with new...
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    Leaked Intel Server Roadmap Shows DDR5, PCIe 5.0 in 2021, Granite Rapids in 2022

    Yup. Might hold off on a complete system upgrade until 2021. Have an 8700k and 2080ti, so I should be good unless I get antsy :).
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    Leaked Intel Server Roadmap Shows DDR5, PCIe 5.0 in 2021, Granite Rapids in 2022

  8. J

    Sony: Would someone please think of the children!

    My company used to give out free Chick-fil-A every Friday. Then some SJW like Gottfried complained and now no one is allowed to have Chick-fil-A anymore. Stop trying to force your beliefs on everyone else. If you don’t like a game because the main protragonist is a strong straight white male...
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    Rise of Skywalker

    Hey just thought I would remind you that Trump is your President and Hillary lost. Happy Friday :)
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    Help finding new Hardware News Site

    Didn’t see this on the list, and if I missed it sorry- has some pretty good tech articles and reviews.
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    Get Ready for Targeted Ads on Your Smart TV

    Well if you can afford it, Planar apparently makes some of the best quality displays and they have none of this software. I believe they purchased Runco who was famous for having some ridiculously high prices TVs. Sad that every manufacturer will follow in lock step with Vizio. I swear these...
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    Apex Legends Hits 50 Million Players

    I’m still a PUBG player, I like the slow pace and build up for the intense fights and the realistic vs cartoonish style of gameplay. My last match last night I got smoked by a hacker - that is my biggest issue with the game. They really need to fix the hacking and now this new bug where you see...
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    George Lucas Is Reportedly Fixing Luke Skywalker for "Star Wars: Episode IX"

    They had to kill off Han and Luke so that there would be no white male main protagonists. Only Disney roles left for straight white men are villains.
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    Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter Promises New Rewards and Challenges

    I quit because of the lack of auto-match making. Putting a team together manually every time is too tedious for someone who just wants to come home grab a beer and kick some arse. The chances of winning a trials with a random team is rare, but at least you would be able to play it.
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    PUBG Starts Testing Free Version to Better Take On Fortnite

    I agree that optimizing would be the better solution. I’m afraid that this could end up splitting up the PC player base.
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    Free-to-Play Games Were Responsible for 80% of 2018's Digital Game Revenues

    I miss the days where you bought a game once and were able to unlock the “cool” stuff by accomplishing rare feats, not to be confused with “grinding”. Almost every game now has an element of grinding - and F2P games use this tactic to put up pay walls that greatly reduce the amount of grinding...
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    Free-to-Play Games Were Responsible for 80% of 2018's Digital Game Revenues

    Microtransactions = death of gaming. I’m glad I got to grow up during the golden ages of gaming.
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    New Ace Combat Trailer Shows Off "Battle Royale" and Team Deathmatch

    You can add me on Steam I plan on getting this and currently play a lot of PUBG. Steam is “WutDaRut” without the quotes.
  19. J

    FoxNet is Working on an Alien MMO Shooter

    It’s sad because gaming has been one of my favorite hobbies since early 90s and microtransactions are ruining it. Thinking of 90s I want to dig up my old Lynx and try to beat Gates of Zendocon...never beat that game.
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    FoxNet is Working on an Alien MMO Shooter

    FoxNext is the developer for a mobile game called “Marvel Strike Force” the game has more loot boxes and pay-to-win walls than any game I have ever seen. Not only that the prices are astronomical. If you have any faith in this game - you are setting yourself up for a big letdown.
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    "Aquaman" Will Cross $1 Billion at Worldwide Box Office

    I don’t understand how someone can say this move was good. It was abysmal. It was the worst movie I have seen in the movie theatres in over 10 years. There is no natural character development. You have some key events that happen in the first 10 mins that are supposed to magically give you a...
  22. J

    Battlefield V Microtransactions Coming January 2019

    Sorry Captain Grumpy Pants games have always been competitive. Go back to days of Tetris and Space Invaders and people would compete in that. You didn’t have to grind to “unlock” things that would help you advance - it was based on skill. You missed the whole point that games were made...
  23. J

    Battlefield V Microtransactions Coming January 2019

    Not necessarily....I played games where I had to keep playing because of a skill based unlock/achievemen - not to be confused with grinding. Example - win a match with at least X kills and no deaths, X kills in X amount of time, etc. Those kept me playing games and unlocking them was so much...
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    Battlefield V Microtransactions Coming January 2019

    Gaming industry needs to collapse and allow new companies to emerge. Big business ruined games with microtransactions. Amost all games are grind fests now and include some form of mt’s. I remember when things were unlocked in games based on skill achievements - not grinding it out.
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    EA Stock Plummets by $21 Billion as Battlefield V Sales Disappoint

    Couldn’t get into it. Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2 Modern Combat still my favorites.
  26. J

    PUBG's Vikendi Map is Out Now

    Yeah - still comes in handy to have those skills when you are caught off guard - but overall you are right. Helps to have a good team and clear communication is key.
  27. J

    PUBG's Vikendi Map is Out Now

    I’m in my 30s and play this. Get a few chicken dinners almost every night that I sign on. I have a good squad I play with...never too old my friend.
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    Ace Combat 7 Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed

    Flogger23m I never played split screen I was referencing PC where everyone has their own full screen. I can see your point where the amount of missiles and dodging can get annoying. Either way I always had fun with these games - if I was looking for a more realistic game I definitely would not...
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    Ace Combat 7 Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed

    Team death match seems like it can be a lot of fun to play with friends.
  30. J

    Razer Launches Idle "Mining" App

    Thank you for letting us use your GPU to mine X with a value of $1,000 while we reward you with Y with a value of $10. No thanks.
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    Video Gaming Is Helping Boys Land Better Careers, but Hurting Girls

    Tired of every single new game and movie requiring a female character that is more masculine and badass than her male counterparts. You know that’s what this “study” is trying to do.
  32. J

    Intel to Talk About Arctic Sound GPU in December Conference

    I always welcome new competition to the field. Let’s hope this puts pressure on nVidia as AMD has been playing catch-up for too long.
  33. J

    Newer Tesla Vehicles Are Getting Upgraded 'Summon' Auto-Parking Features

    If I am going to carry a “Summon” button around it’s either going to be for Bahamut, Ifrit, or Shiva.
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    Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine!

    They do this because Ukraine is weak!
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    DOA6 Features Smaller Boobs So the Women “Appear More Human,” Says Director

    Double-D and up standard should be the only standard.
  36. J

    VR in Hollywood Direction

    I thought the movie was terrible. I listened to the audiobook and loved it. I remember getting pumped up for the final battle and when things were finally turning their way. The movie also did zero to pull me into the 80s childhood memories I have. But we all have different opinions :)
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    The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield Teased

    I think a space RPG could be really cool. There used to be this game called Earth and Beyond way back in the day when Westwood studios was around. Then EA bought it and shut the servers down - typical EA fashion. Though that was a MMORPG and Starfield seems it will be single player - it still...
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    The Great Video Game Exodus

    I will never forget how EA destroyed my beloved Westwood Studios. Dang I am getting old.