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    i7 860 with a GTX 980 Ti, good enough for 1920x1200?

    In some games max shadows will have a meaningful impact on CPU performance; I'm not sure why. Also many games are developed for and targeted at the console first so they may not chiefly be designed for having an uber GPU at their disposal.
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    Best Linux distro.. "best"..

    Thanks. I'm enjoying it. Best wishes and good luck to you :) -Nico
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    Best Linux distro.. "best"..

    I'm with you fluid :) I've Mint 17.3 tweaked nicely now. I've always appreciated their team and they really won me over with this one. I added Mirage for simple fast picture viewing. I love that app. Then I added SMPlayer as well. No, I didn't need them but I like them, so I threw them in the...
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    Best Linux distro.. "best"..

    I don't know about best but Mint 17.3 has been the easiest for a noob like me. Everything just works well, even my 7970. I did drop in the alternate AMD proprietary drivers that they suggested to use if you go that route. Haven't seen any tearing with videos etc. I do enable tear free in the CCC...
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    Windows 7 PC users refusing to move to Windows 10

    I removed updates related to the Win 10 "nag ware" then I took ownership of the folder where GWX was and deleted that. I've updates on my computer set to download but not to auto install. Now, I'm watching important and recommended updates closely.
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    ASUS R9 390X STRIX Gaming 8GB Review

    Good article, thanks for sharing :) I'm seriously considering the regular 390 version of this card.
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    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.11.1 Update

    2560x1600 VSR is working well with these drivers on my old 7970. I've things from SweetFX piled on it too. FPS cap seems to be behaving properly as well. I've been gaming @ 1170|1600, that seems fine for most things with SMAA. I use a custom fan profile so the card peaks @75C.
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    AMD Launches New Graphics Software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    The Crimson hotfix driver works on my 7970; now the card defaults to automatic fan control rather than manual 20%. So far, it hasn't turned off the automatic setting like the previous driver did.
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    PSA: New AMD Crimson Drivers could be killing cards

    My 7970's fan didn't stop working; the driver would default to 20% manual fan speed. So it wouldn't increase under load, it just stayed at 20%. When I set it to automatic it would switch back to 20% manual when I quit the CP.
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    AMD Launches New Graphics Software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    Automatic fan control has started randomly disabling itself with these drivers. Rolling back.
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    AMD Launches New Graphics Software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    They limit me to 2560x1600 VSR with my 7970 on a 1920x1200 panel. Guess it's better than nothing. It seems to work fine.
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    AMD Launches New Graphics Software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    I'm still on Win 7 x64 here. I'm using a single 7970. Games seem fine and smooth. ComputeMark with these drivers is 9184 with the 7970 @ 1230|1660. That's a default run. Firestrike is up in the Graphics score. That was 10031 at the noted clocks. Yeah, that doesn't really matter but I...
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    AMD Launches New Graphics Software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    So far so good with my 7970.
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    Star Wars Battlefront benchmarks, looking good across the board.

    Yeah, I've had my 7970 since they were released and it's still going strong. I flashed it with a modified GHZ bios so it defaults to 1090|1500 1237 mV. I can OC it straight from the CCC to 1230|1660. It I want to do 1290 I use Trixx with 1287 mV. I'm sure I'll replace it at some point and it's...
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    Anyone getting good preformance with a AMD video yet?

    Mint 17.1 with Cinnamon works great with my 7970 and the alternate proprietary AMD drivers that they included. As long as I enable Tear Free in the AMD CP, I get zero tearing with streaming videos and videos in general. BTW, with Firefox, type about:config in your address bar, find...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 960 GAMING Overclocking Review @ [H]

    Interesting article. Thank you :)
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    The New Super High Resolution PC Screenshot Thread

    I tried DSR 4.00x on my GTX 660 3Gb in Skyrim. I used Ultra settings with 16xAF. FPS range with 60 vsync = 24-48FPS. 30+ FPS was more common than you might think. Low FPS in Markarth was 34. The most demanding shots seemed to be deep shots for forest areas around Riften; those were 28 FPS...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 960 GAMING Video Card Review

    A 192bit bus with 3Gb ram would have been nice for 1920x and SMAA in many titles. Perhaps, a better Ti version will appear.
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    Post a screenshot of your linux!

    Netrunner Kubuntu based x64. I've not done much to it. Changes I made to it; the wallpaper, FormaN, Oxygen Refit Black, Tragedy and Krita 50%. I have toyed with translucency a bit as well. Skyrim runs on it fine as does the Creation Kit...
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    Need some Equivilents

    I've my 7970 flashed to boost to 1090|1500 as its regular boost. 1250 mV is BIOS set. That's good for up to 1230|1630. Let's assume I'm in the mood to run that. From the terminal: aticonfig --od-enable aticonfig --odsc 1230,1630 --adapter=0 aticonfig --odsc 1230,1630 --adapter=1...
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    AMD R9 285 Tonga Performance On Linux

    I found my answer. If you're getting tearing in Linux with your nVidia card try: nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="DFP-3: 1920x1200 { ForceCompositionPipeline = On }" No tearing in games or streaming video now. Video still lags a bit when it first loads though. Skyrim feels...
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    AMD R9 285 Tonga Performance On Linux

    You may shoot a lot of games through PlayOnLinux/Wine. That's how I run Skyrim on Kubuntu based Netrunner. I've had no issues with my 7970 on Linux. I've the card flashed to boost to 1090|1500. I've used it with the 13.35 and 14.20 driver. If I enable Tear Free in the CCC I get zero tearing in...
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    NVIDIA Maxwell GPU - GeForce GTX 980 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Nice article! :) I just grabbed an MSI GTX 970 Gaming.
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    MSI R9 290 not detected after computer falls asleep or shuts down?

    You could try setting PCI Express Link State Power Management in Windows to off. It's under Power Options.
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    AMD Catalyst 14.6 RC Is Now Available

    Forcing the clock I set to be constant? It will work with AB if I set its unofficial overclocking mode to 2. Some people have told me they have to use older revisions of AB to get it to stick.
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    Post Your NEW 3DMark Sky Driver Benchmark Results

    Mine's not that great. Anyway, 21898 Graphics 32954 Physics 8528 Combined 18805 Link That's for my HD 7970 @ 1290|1700. It will break 10k GPU in Firestrike.
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    Are people who buy AMD cards losing on a smooth gameplay experience?

    I appreciate power saving features too because they help keep a card cool and quiet however a card shouldn't be dropping to 22% in a game except on a load screen. It wasn't the CPU causing the issue. If I forced off the 60 vsync Skyrim wants to run, load in the problematic dungeon tunnels...
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    Are people who buy AMD cards losing on a smooth gameplay experience?

    After I installed Win 7 and my drivers again slow downs in some dungeons in Skyrim don't feel as bad. According to AB sometimes my card is dropping down to 22% load in narrow tunnels in dungeons. That is probably causing the feeling of lag. I've tried it @ stock speed and with +20% power; it...
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    Are people who buy AMD cards losing on a smooth gameplay experience?

    AMD corrected the latency issues that were happening in outdoor areas on the 7950 in Skyrim around Cat 13.2. My 7970 plays Skyrim very smoothly the overwhelming majority of the time and it does sometimes slow down in certain areas in some dungeons. I'm not sure why it does it. I can...
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    3GB of VRAM

    Crysis 3 maxed @1080p on GTX 580 1.5Gb cards in SLi here.
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    AMD Catalyst 14.6 Beta

    I like these drivers :)
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    Watch Dogs AMD & NVIDIA GPU Performance Preview @ [H]

    Thanks for the tip.
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    Watch Dogs AMD & NVIDIA GPU Performance Preview @ [H]

    The only thing that's annoying me about the game currently is being restricted in roaming because I'll "fail" a mission if I move too far.
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    Watch Dogs AMD & NVIDIA GPU Performance Preview @ [H]

    The overwhelming majority of games are optimized for the console; if MGPU performs well in a title it's due to efforts from the nVidia or AMD driver team. I gave up on MGPU back when I had my 5870s. I get odd occasional stutter in all my games if I don't install AMD's USB filter driver that...
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    Watch Dogs AMD & NVIDIA GPU Performance Preview @ [H]

    I've shadows reduced to High. Motion blur and DOF are off. AO is set to HBAO+ High, Water Ultra, Shader High Level of Detail Ultra, Reflections High, Textures Ultra and Temporal SMAA is enabled. @1920x1200 the lowest FPS dip I've seen is 35. Typical FPS is between 40-50. In shallow viewing...
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    Watch Dogs AMD & NVIDIA GPU Performance Preview @ [H]

    The game runs perfectly fine for me on an FX 6300 @ 4.66GHz. I'm using Win 7 HP x64. I always apply the first BD patch to my OS, KB2645594, and I disable core parking from the registry. I disable hibernate from a command prompt. APM is off in my BIOS and HPC is on. NB is @ 2600+ and my 8Gb of...
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    Watch Dogs

    I was able to log in, download it and play it fine this morning. Now I can only start it in offline mode. I tried it a few moments ago to see what would happen. EDIT: I was just able to use online mode on the third attempt.
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    Watch Dogs

    I'm not going to post spoilers. I'm just going to say I'm having serious fun so far in Watch Dogs. I will definitely be putting some more time into it later.
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    Watch Dogs

    I'm downloading it now through Uplay. It's coming down @ about 3.9 MB/s. I'm going to try it when Cat 14.6 hits. I'll be running it @ 1920x1200 with an OCed 7970. I'm definitely not going to use motion blur. I never use that one in any game.