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    Pretty Warm - 34 Inch Monoprice "CrystalPro Curved Monitor"

    Honestly I've never actually seen a HDR monitor working, to be able to tell the difference. It looks greyed out and trashy when I enable it in Windows and even in the games that detect it that allow for it, it never looks better. Maybe I'm missing something.
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    Pretty Warm - 34 Inch Monoprice "CrystalPro Curved Monitor"

    There weren't that many reviews when I bought the Dark Matter one - it's worked awesome without any issue, monoprice is weird that way I guess
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    Pretty Warm - 34 Inch Monoprice "CrystalPro Curved Monitor" Posting because I have one of the Dark Matter series, which is an earlier version of this I think. Assuming that's the case, it's a pretty damn good bang for buck monitor. I've had zero issues with it for 3 or 4 years, and it has a lot of...
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    14700k is a beast dont let anyone tell you its not...

    What is LL undervolting? I normally use the XTU because I haven't fully made up my mind - I know the best practice is to find what works then change it in BIOS but there are more options than there were back in the day.
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    14700k is a beast dont let anyone tell you its not...

    How do you frame cap at the OS level? Most games have an option, which is fine, but the temps seem to be honestly worse OUTSIDE of games
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    14700k is a beast dont let anyone tell you its not...

    How are the thermals - I sweated with my high temp 13900k for six months before power limiting it myself (just adjusted TurboBoost wattage to 175, but you can play around with it alot ) - went from average temps from 90C to 70C with no discernible performance loss. This was on a custom loop...
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    WTS: Asrock Taichi Z790 motherboard, 128GB DDR 5 (Gskill Ripjaw S5 Series)

    I remember it being more about the memory controllers in large configurations, specifically dual rank 128gb stuff - 64gb worked seamlessly
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    Samsung Announces 'Shinebolt' HBM3E Memory: HBM Hits 36GB Stacks at 9.8 Gbps

    I don't know but that names works for me....
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    WTS: Asrock Taichi Z790 motherboard, 128GB DDR 5 (Gskill Ripjaw S5 Series)

    Originally both of these components were in my main rig. Long story short, I had a faulty memory controller in the i9 13900k. (yes, that super rare thing that you've almost never heard of happening in a CPU and I don't recommend having one) - When I was diagnosing the problem, I wasn't sure...
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    Kingston 32GB 5600MT/S DDR5 ECC CL46 DIMM 2RX8 Hynix A-Die $117.61 + shipping [Provantage]

    Yes interesting - I've got 128 gb running at 4800 that I paid out the ass for.
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    Amazon CEO Andy Jassy threatens employees to return to office or "things are probably not going to work out for you"

    Perhaps. I'm 41 and when I was 18 and naive, I learned the way the world works the hard way, like most of us too dumb to listen to our parents did. But one thing I never understood was just how some people could be miserable, joyless people going to a job they hate for 30 years. A mental...
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    Unreal Engine 5.2- Next-Gen Graphics Tech Demo

    And I haven't even touched Chaos yet - I had my project in UE4 since 2017. Just upgraded to 5.2, spent the last two months fixing shit that broke/needed to be updated. I remember spending a few days using Blender to make cell fracturing to make rubble and other effects. That was 3 years...
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    Unreal Engine 5.2- Next-Gen Graphics Tech Demo

    I've been playing with Nanite and Lumen - lumen in particular is pretty amazing how easy it is to get to an "amazing" starting point for lighting a scene. Have emissive materials that can actually cast light out into 3D worldspace is nuts.
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    Z790 POST/Boot times

    I have this board. The memory is the main bottleneck, particularly if you are using more than two dimms. If you haven't gone down the DDR5 compatibility/XMP profile rabbithole, well, it's a thing.
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    Chat message

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    Chat message

    It's like Discord except it's for men
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    Chat message

    fucking 20 years later we have chat lol
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    4060 Ti 16GB due to launch next week (July 18th)

    I think a lot of this comes to the branding Nvidia pushes on paying developers to include a splash logo at startup - if you are some normie and you keep seeing "Made for Nvidia" or something to that effect, it's going to give you some smug satisfaction that you have the right card for the game...
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    Steam players are reverting back to GTX 1660 graphics cards, despite Nvidia's best efforts

    Reverting is the wrong word. That makes it sounds like someone is returning a 4090 and putting back in a 1660. I'm assuming someone along the way freed up a bunch of cards or some high volume retailer has been pushing machines with 1660s?
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    Starfield Direct – Gameplay Deep Dive

    Eventually we'll have enough AI tool integration that you'll have settings that keep ANY news of ANY release that you have flagged as "Tell me about it in 6 months when it's patched" -- then all of a sudden your AI web browsers like, "Hey, btw, They released Cyberpunk 2077 - it had some...
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    Half Life 2 Path Tracing Mod Highly Praised for Adding Extra Visual Flair

    I love this new trend - the best thing is, we don't have to pay for a half-baked remake of a game and since it's just a mod not a paid product, the Publishing company can't send a cease/desist to stop the development of a mod. Everybody wins (and the mod developer is a hero - btw, this is nice...
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    Steam 2023 Spring sale is here! Spring sale runs from March 16 to March 23rd 2023, 10 AM PST

    Say what you will about NMS it's not Abandonware - they literally took the money and....stayed in the office for years while they tried to honor their customers
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    Dell has refurbished AW3423DWF for $655

    Guys reading this - I waited for years before I bit the bullet and got a copy of Display Fusion - it IS worth it - I like it a lot more than the fancy zones stuff -
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    NVIDIA Readying 10GB, 12GB, and 16GB Variants of RTX 4070

    VR I think will change this. Of course, that's a complex hardware game but the bottom line is where the average gamer wouldn't need more than a 4K monitor, a "mainstream" VR headset is going to need 8K just to do 4k in each eye. I've thrown 8K textures down in VR and they do make a difference...
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    Crucial 4TB p3 NVME $250 at Amazon ($210 at Adorama!)

    I recently got a Crucial p3+ and it was gen 4 - very fast - i didn't spend the same as the 4tb WD 850X, so I have it used as a cloud drive (not a lot of writing, just as redundancy)
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    Creative founder Sim Wong Hoo, the man behind Sound Blaster, has died.

    I remember I had a CL Voip phone in the early-mid 90's - this was in the 'golden age of telcom' with all the long-distance phone commericials - you could use the internet to make phone calls and I believe I had it BEFORE we had broadband at our house. I always thought it was such a big deal...
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    WTB: RTX 4090 FE

    I'd pay 1800 for a founder's edition now - Nvidia will release more stock in new year (forget my previous comment, I'm doing a custom loop)
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    WTB: RTX 4090 FE

    Not sure if I should make a new post but I'd pay a bit extra for a 4090 with an AIO cooler, like the MSI Suprim one
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    Razor Kishi Game Controller for Android Phone (USB-C) $30 bucks (normally like 60-70)

    I've been carrying the same Kishi in a bag just floating around with other stuff in there. (work at a fire dept every 3rd day) - I've carried it for like 18 months - I hardly ever play it but when I do it works fine - I noticed once I knocked off the trigger buttons but I blame that on my poor...
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    Razor Kishi Game Controller for Android Phone (USB-C) $30 bucks (normally like 60-70) I have one of these - build quality is excellent - only thing that can suck is if you have a case - but if you are into the emulator...
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    Valve to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Steam Gaming Platform

    You aren't wrong - I am thinking of Discord from maybe 3 years ago, not the mess it has become.
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    Valve to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Steam Gaming Platform

    Initially I felt the same way - but now I think Epic is taking the extremely long view. Take it this way: HOW would you possibly begin to compete with Steam, honestly, as an actual platform? Forget niche DRMs like Origin, I'm talking an entire platform. Here's when it changed my mind - after...
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    Valve to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Steam Gaming Platform

    I would be extremely surprised if was something provable as a policy of Valve - at the most, some manager might have intimated TOS violations which would get them delisted but there's not going to be anything listed as "If you sell your game somewhere else, we will delist you." They would have...
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    converting a WD 3.5" 14 TB external drive to 4K sectors

    Why wouldn't you shuck this bad boy - I just picked up, probably the same same one as you? Then you have a sata connection instead of USB
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    [H]OT!!! Neo Forza FAYE 32GB CL19 (2x16GB) DDR4 4400 ($120 shipped)

    Yeah, I knew it was a gamble - here's the thing - it IS running at what appears to be the same speed as the other kit I had, which was a 4 x 8 gb of 3200 Corsair - but I wanted 64 gb. Maybe someone else can figure out a way.