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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017)

    It's hard for me to stop caring about credits and star cards. I play casually and still have many heroes/villains locked and my star cards are low level so everyone has an advantage over me. Ruins the game for me
  2. J

    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017)

    I tried to play a Heroes vs Villains match last night. There was 1 AFK player per team with rubberbands on their controller. For those that don't know, the mode is 4v4 so having 1 AFK per team really ruins the fun. Also, certain players are OP because they have better heroes unlocked plus better...
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    Payday 2

    haha, why am i not surprised. I really liked the first Payday and wanted to like this one too. But the gameplay is floaty, there is an overwhelming amount of options to customize your character, and it's hard to get matched with similarly skilled players in the matchmaking. Plus the amount of...
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    Rising Storm 2 Vietnam announced.

    i wish they were counterstrike stiff arms, maybe then after firing 1 round my gun wouldn't be pointing straight up into the air there is also no obvious kill notification, so i never knew if i actually got a person or not. very annoying game
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    Rising Storm 2 Vietnam announced.

    Made the mistake of buying this game over the weekend, HORRIBLE. Graphics are awful (PS2 game), maps are terrible, character randomly shakes while aiming and shooting gives recoil like my guy has noodle arms and can't hold onto the gun. Awful game. One round had a bunch of turds yelling...
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    Quake Champions Official Thread

    How's the current online population in Dirty Bomb? I liked playing it a couple years ago but there weren't a lot of players even then. How is it now?
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    Getting old and starting to dislike video games? Maybe it's not you.

    There are plenty of games out there that have what you are looking for. Being able to control an area and take other players stuff is currently core gameplay in most survival games - Empyrion, Rust, 7 Days to Die, Starbound, H1Z1 Just Survive, etc. There are tons of survival games on the market...
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    The Surge (sci-fi Dark Souls clone?)

    Looks cool, I'll pick it up when it hits $5
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    Player unknown Battlegrounds

    Yes I have both Squad and Battleground. I manage to run both games at 60FPS with an i5-3570 and GTX 970 at 1080P. I'd like to upgrade to a 1070 or 1080 in the future. Battlegrounds is very playable right now, as mentioned above the biggest issue is the lag but luckily this doesn't effect...
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    Player unknown Battlegrounds

    Squad and Battlegrounds are poorly optimized and run poorly on any PC
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    The Evil Within 2

    I attempted to play the first game twice but quit both times on chapter 2. The first chapter was excellent but in Chapter 2 it got very frustrating. Clunky controls, aiming, and too much stealth.
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    Am I weird for doing this before I game...

    I restart my computer before playing any game. This means that if I'm playing game A and want to play game B, I need to stop game A and then restart the computer before starting game B. Not sure if it's OCD but I notice performance issues if I don't have a clean boot before firing up a game.
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    CONAN Exiles funcom game

    So is this game like an MMO where you have a persistent character or do you start a new character when you die? You lose all items when you die also? Is there a bank?
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    Old timers : Do you REALLY enjoy the games today like past games?

    Yes "multiplayer games" today are just as good, although I'm constantly seeking the next "Ultima Online". Nothing has ever filled that gap since 1997 which is surprising given the time elapsed and growth of the gaming industry. Back in the day I used to love playing Quake 2, Quake 3, Ultima...
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    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    I'm concerned about the player count because last night only 6k players were playing IW on steam, less than 2k on cod4 remastered
  16. J

    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    I'm loving the game as well, surprised to see the backlash
  17. J

    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    Ah man this is what I was afraid of, thanks for the honest answer
  18. J

    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    Question about this game: Is there more variety later on? I just hit level 14, the first 5 levels were fun as they were filled with non-stop challenging missions and new enemies. Now every mission feels the same and every enemy is one of only 4 varieties ( flamethrower, rifleman, grenadier, or...
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    Awesome thanks! Got the code...I'll add you on uPlay
  20. J

    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    Picked this up on Amazon for $15 and it's coming Saturday, any tips for a brand new player just starting out?
  21. J

    The Deadly Tower of Monsters

    The OP said that it's a homage to old sci-fi horror movies. If you have seen any, all of the enemies in the game are based on them. He did not say that the GAME itself is sci-fi horror.
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    Toxikk- new arena FPS

    Arena shooters are built for competition not massive battles. The maps are usually built for a small number of players to compete against one another. When you start having 32-64 players you aren't really competing against other individual players but just playing the game and fragging a random...
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    Toxikk- new arena FPS

    Just an FYI, I believe most servers are capped at 8 players. The arenas are small and game-play is so fast paced that even 2-4 players on a server is fine. There are currently issues with the matchmaking (devs admitted the servers are slammed and they will be correcting it). If you have the...
  24. J

    Toxikk- new arena FPS

    Excellent game, bought it after testing the free version for about an hour. Great game for fast paced deathmatch, TDM, or CTF a la Q3/UT2002/Painkiller
  25. J

    WoW; 6h expansion Legion

    I think you're missing the whole point of the end-game. Get gear and get the highest numbers, get into the best raid groups. WoW is all a stats and numbers game - which is why I don't play it. If you're not paying attention to it then you're a casual player living in blissful ignorance, and...
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    Attempted Steam hack

    Riveting tale, I have a movie producer friend, do you mind if I forward him your details and have him reach out regarding a possible movie deal?
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    EVoLVE Official Thread

    Yeah if you get stuck in a lobby with a bunch of new players as hunters and a vet monster then the game turns into a 20 minute chase.
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    EVoLVE Official Thread

    I'm not sure we can really judge the longevity at this point because there are tons of new players which leads to the boring 20 minute monster chase. I think once we hit level 20 and unlock the ranked playlist that it will be a whole new game. I was paired up with 3 other good hunters and a...
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    EVoLVE Official Thread

    There's a founder key available for sale from certain websites for around $10, gets your 37k keys plus unlocks most of the hunters, skins, and perks.
  30. J

    EVoLVE Official Thread

    Had some fun playing this game over the weekend, but then i lost motivation just like the first time after realizing every match plays exactly the same lol
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    Steam Summer Sale 2016 Wrap-Up. What'd you get?

    Wow nice haul, it would take me years to finish all of those games! I picked up Squad, Subterrain, and Templar Battleforce
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    Corsair Lapdog

    They sell lapdesks like this for like $10 at Bestbuy lol
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    Gaming PC Build - Want to run Ultra @1080p 144FPS

    Yes I noticed a huge performance increase yesterday (day 1 after installing the HSF). I was getting a lot of FPS drops and had performance issues and think that may have been a major cause. I'll run that program over the weekend and maybe you can help me find a good level of OC for the CPU...
  34. J

    Gaming PC Build - Want to run Ultra @1080p 144FPS

    Thanks a lot for your knowledge. Right now I am running a 500w Corsair Builder PSU - but I do have an 850 watt in my closet that I could install. I am not currently overclocking and am running everything at stock. I will download the program you mentioned and monitor my loads and report...
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    Gaming PC Build - Want to run Ultra @1080p 144FPS

    Hi All, Here is my current PC build. I want to play games at Ultra settings / 1080p / 144 FPS. Here are the current games and FPS range I get H1Z1 (70-100 FPS) Rocket League (144hz on Performance) Overwatch (94 FPS - might have a frame lock here) What upgrades would you...
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    Contra Evolution

    How do you get this?
  37. J

    Casual Co-Op Game

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    Doom 4 E3 reveal.

    Played 1 multiplayer match and uninstalled. Was hoping for something similar to Q3/Painkiller but the movement is SO SLOW and time to kill is so high that the game is just ridiculous boring.
  39. J

    Steam trying to update over 30 games

    happened to me last night also
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    Mad Max (2015)

    I'm on the last story mission now with 38 hours played, I hate that I'm not at 100% but the game just got ridiculously boring after about 15 hours. The races are horrible so I'm not doing those. I have 2 camps not 100% because I can't find 1 scrap. After spending 10 additional minutes at each...