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    Logitech Switch Issues

    After literally decades of using Logitech peripherals I'm incredibly disappointed that I've had two G903's go bad on me in a row and their support has gone from being the best to some of the worst. I haven't really shopped the other companies in awhile, is anyone making a really quality...
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    He usually only uses one screen for games.
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    He's not upgrading monitors right now because he's got 3 of them and wants to do them all at once. According to him that will be April-ish.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Pricing and Performance Leaked

    I wish someone else would get I to this market. I get why they don't, but I feel like the average consumer is taking it in the shorts due to a serious lack of competition. When you can get an i7, decent main board, ram and an SSD for less than the price of a decent video card, something is wrong.
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    Thanks! I don't have the time to hit up the deal sites too much but I should clue him in on where they are (except our hotdeals forum...I'm not sure he's ready to read some of the stuff his mother has posted in Genmay). Maybe if he buys this now I can "buy" it from him later for his sister or...
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    With all of the mining going on, isn't used a bit risky now days?
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    Sticking with a 1080p for the moment, but would like to do 4k at some point. He's aware that will take another GPU investment.
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    My son (17) is in the process of building his own rig and wanted to do it with money he's earned on his own. He's got most of the other components nailed down but we've been going back and forth on the video card situation. He's got a budget of about $600, which he could use to grab an RTX...
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Guys, please do try to keep the chit chat minimal in this thread. It makes it harder to find the items being offered.
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    hitman first level free today

    Title fixed. :)
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    Vega Rumors

    I just banned a bunch of folks. If you'd like to join them, simply continue to derail the thread with personal attacks and name calling and I'll be happy to oblige.
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    Compressed air can only do so much.

    New challenge: Take them through a carwash! :)
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    New G903

    I just picked up a Logitech G903 last night when my beloved G700 decided left click wasn't important to me anymore. I've only had it a short time, but it's definitely my new favorite mouse. You have the option of having the "forward/backward" thumb buttons on either side of the mouse OR you...
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    Nintendo Isn't Worried about the Dead Pixels on Your Switch

    I saw a couple sitting on a shelf at Target and thought about grabbing one, but none of the news has me really excited for it and I figured I'd leave them there for someone who was really searching. We've actually enjoyed the Wii U since it's pretty much the only platform to provide couch co-op...
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    Two Dell U2412M w/Dual Monitor Stand for $152.99

    Moved this to Hot Deals Discussions.
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    Two Dell U2412M w/Dual Monitor Stand for $152.99

    These are great 16:10 monitors (1920x1200) and a great deal for two for less of the price of one. Use code SAVETEN to get it down to $152...pretty smoking in my opinion.
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    Indiana County Government To Pay Ransomware

    Bandwidth can be a limiting factor for some entities and tape libraries are frankly difficult to manage for smaller shops. Even if you have a Tier 1 solution like Veeam restoration can take days or longer depending on how much data you have, whether you have to go to your offsite source and...
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    Looking for someone with soldering/laptop repair experience

    Hey klepp, sorry but we don't allow the buying/selling of services in FS/FT. Odds are good you can find someone local pretty easily or if you want to learn how to do it on your own post in General Hardware and I'm willing to bet you can get some really good advice. Best of luck.
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    D-Link Port Forward Issue's

    In the end it really has to do with the path the traffic takes. Something could be physically farther away but you might have a better route to it...a bit of a crap shoot.
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    D-Link Port Forward Issue's

    Port forwarding isn't going to do anything for you unless you're hosting the game. Port forwarding allows inbound traffic to pass through to the designated IP, if you're playing on someone else's server that's not going to come into play. Frankly if you're on Huges Net you're going to get...
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    Make Good Great Again!

    I'm going to reopen this thread against my better judgement. The next political comment will earn the poster a night off from the forums.
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    Kyle is reddit famous!

    Damnit Kyle you traitorous bitch. It seems like every few years you switch sides in the GPU wars. Praising or trashing products based on their merits isn't what we want, it's blind fanboyism. Just pick a side already you heartless bastard!
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Back on topic please. If you don't like someone's post feel free to ignore it. This thread is pretty centered on goodwill, please keep it that way.
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    Dis-Like button?

    It was discussed once, doubt it will happen. You can successfully "disklike" a post by not reacting to it in any way.
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    I knew you couldn't resist...

    I knew you couldn't resist...
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    FS Logitech G930

    Free bacon bump.
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    Nintendo Wants Us To Download More And Move On From Discs

    So you can spend $60 on a story based game, play it, resell it for $30 if you buy a physical disk. Alternatively you can purchase it for the same price and never be able to get any cash back by selling it, while having exactly the same experience as the physical copy. Outside of some mild...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I discovered a spot where you can run off of the map in ROTB. Good times. :)
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    AMD Recruits Hitman for Dx12 Workload Management on ACEs

    Guys just a reminder, if you want to talk about the subject matter of the thread that's what the forum is here for. However discussion of your opinion of other forum members is not allowed and may result in a loss of forum privileges. Carry on.
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider Video Card Performance Review @ [H]

    I just started playing this yesterday and the review perfectly matched my experience, pretty awesome. Really liking this game and the PureHair looks fantastic.
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    [H]ardForum not loading from work

    I had this earlier and realized my shortcut was directly to the UserCP page (which no longer exists), so make sure you're navigating straight to
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    new member questions

    The FS/FT form is intended as a perk for those who post here regularly, not for those who simply wish to profit from the forum while contributing very little or nothing to the community. If it's the only thing you're here for you should probably find an alternate forum that's more in line with...
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    iPhones “Disabled” If Apple Detects Third-Party Repairs

    Why not just force backup password entry and a rescan of all fingerprints?
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    Teen Sues TV Station For Broadcasting His Genitals

    Not every picture of a naked minor is pornography. The law allows room for non-prurient images.
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    office 365 or?

    There's also an O365 business essentials plan that's pretty much a steal at $5. You get hosted exchange and streaming office apps. You wouldn't get a local Outlook, but if the version your'e using now is 2007 or higher it will work just fine. It also includes 1TB of onedrive per user.
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    They usually go by the term colo (short for colocation) and you can put whatever you want there. You'll definitely need a wired connection, but whatever device you want to put there is usually fine. Most people put in rack mount equipment but they usually have "shelf" locations as well...
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    looking for a good router (no-wifi) to replace Verizon box

    I'll +1 the Ubiquiti. That and an inexpensive switch are almost all anyone needs. The GUI on the Ubiquiti isn't the greatest, if you want to do anything fancy you'll need to do it in command line. If you want something a bit easier to work with, build an Untangle box. Does a lot of what the...
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    Given our policy hear on discussing certain subjects, until the OP says otherwise, I'm going to assume he's not planning on doing anything that would violate any laws and has legitimate reasons for this need. I would appreciate it everyone else would do the same and not speculate.
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    There are usually local companies that will rent you rack space and bandwidth if you want to supply your own hardware. In most cases you'll need to provide your own firewall for VPN access to the box as well.
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    The Police Are Now Calculating Your Threat ‘Score’

    Conversely it might make them a bit more trigger happy than they should be for someone who was wrongly labeled a high threat.