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    Netflix opening physical locations

    As someone who has a significant Blu-Ray/4K library and continues to collect Steelbooks I've always been wary of a wholesale move to streaming. Originally it was because of what others have said in this thread around quality, but in all honesty the difference these days isn't all that huge...
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    Payday 3

    Unfortunately for those on ultrawides, at the moment you can't play window mode in anything other than 1280x720, which makes it tiny. The fix of updating the game settings file doesn't work for those on game pass.
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    Diablo IV - The Real Official Thread

    Is there a way to save my build like in D3? I think it was the mirror in D3, want to try out new skill trees but save current ones etc...
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    Diablo IV - The Real Official Thread

    Agree 100%. I don't want to keep finding better gear, and levelling up, and never feel it - what's the point?
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    i9-12900k vs 5950x - Out of the game for a while..

    Hey, Been out of the upgrade paths for a while. From what I can see, the i9-12900k bests the 5950x in most benches but at the cost of heat and efficiency, is that the general consensus? Looking to upgrade soon from my i7-6700K. Usage is dev work, design, and gaming. So a real mix bag. Any...
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    what browser do you use

    No love for Vivaldi? It's my daily driver.
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    Win 10 download

    If you visit the ISO download page/USB creation tool page in Chrome and set your User Agent to iPhone (using dev tools), you will be given a direct ISO download link.
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    Best games to play on a ultrawide??

    I thought they disabled widescreen for all competitive game modes?
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    Best games to play on a ultrawide??

    Anno 1800 is great on an ultrawide :)
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    First Half of 2020 pretty bleak for PC gaming

    I'm still enjoying the plethora of content in Anno 1800.
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    Screen Capture - What do you use?

    ShareX is my go to for all snipping.
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    Review the game you finished recently.

    While I agree with what you've outlined in the post, I have to defend the developers a little - they were very clear with that this was, a graphical upgrade and nothing more. At no point did they try and claim they were remastering the games. I too wish they had fixed old bugs and done a little...
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    Any C49RG90 owners here?

    Looking to potentially purchase this and was looking for some real-life usage reviews? Attractions: Resolution 5120x1440 120Hz VESA Mount I primarily work on my machine, however I do game as well. I'd like something the same height as my existing 27" monitor, but obviously wider and this seems...
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    Command and Conquer remastered

    Can we get back on topic for those that are enjoying the game and have that conversation, instead of bickering over what it should or shouldn't have been?
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    Grand Theft Auto VI in 2023? Take-Two SEC filing hints at release date

    Agreed - but, besides some people wanting a new game, what's wrong with that as a business? I'm not sure many people here would do differently!
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    China Bans Online Gaming and Chatting Internationally

    Spoiler alert, it's not working.
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    I've played a bit. It feels like a half finished mobile game aimed. Coming from a CS:GO player, this isn't anything like and the whole orbs and ice walls just don't really fit. Loads of hype, but I fear this will be DOA. I'll pass.
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    Best VPN for Netflix

    Mullvad VPN works fine.
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    Forgot the password? Your device is bricked.

    The title of this thread is misleading. The device isn't bricked, it's reset to the unique password originally given to the device. What this legislation is set to prevent, is manufacturers giving universal default passwords and allowing factory resetting devices to a universal password, such...
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    Wix vs Squarespace vs ????

    Please no. As it seems he is unfamiliar with web technologies, recommending one of the most high maintanence CMS platforms out there is only going to lead him into trouble. Nebell, the 'zoomed' effect is just how responsive design works - it serves the same content to all devices, but styles...
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    Upgrading 980Ti

    Silly question then, as I'll be completely honest I've no idea at this point. Any idea how much these cards are worth, if I were to try and sell on FS/T? They are MSI cards with an EVGA closed loop water kit installed on both - each card works fine without issue.
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    Upgrading 980Ti

    I did answer that one above though :-)
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    Upgrading 980Ti

    My 980Ti's are watercooled using the eVGA water cooling kit. I've no idea what, if anything, I'd get for them if I sold them. Budget is probably $400-ish. I'm not opposed to AMD, but it's been a long time since I swapped sides! Thanks for everyones input so far,
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    Upgrading 980Ti

    ASRock Z170+ Motherboard Intel i7-6700 16GB Memory Outer Worlds etc in 1080P is rarely above 60FPS.
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    Upgrading 980Ti

    Hey all, I've currently got 2x980Ti in SLI, most of the time SLI is disabled because of all sorts of issues. I'm starting to struggle to hit top performance on some of the latest games, even at 1080P and I'm looking to upgrade to a single card solution without spending a fortune. Does anyone...
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    Open source vs "regular" e-commerce platform

    Liverpool eh? Just minutes from me! As others have said, look into the supported and popular open source systems to start with such as WooCommerce - as you'll find a whole host of support online for most issues. If you find yourself in the fortunate position that you need to scale to an...
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    980Ti SLI Freezing Woes

    Honestly, I'd not bother. It's far more trouble than it's worth and most of the games the performance gain is minimal. My next solution will be a stronger single card - I'll never be doing SLI again.
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    980Ti SLI Freezing Woes

    Thank you both. I purchased a new PSU, fitted temporarily and it resolved the issue. While removing my current PSU I noticed the two modular connectors for PCI-E were plugged in next to each other, despite having 4 available slots -- so I tried my old PSU and put the two connectors in slots...
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    980Ti SLI Freezing Woes

    Hey everyone, I've had 2x980Ti's for a while now and for a long time they've worked great. However, over the past 6 months I've had to disable SLI mode because leaving it on results in a game freeze just seconds in to a game (occassionally minutes). Using the Heaven Benchmark with SLI enabled...
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    Blocking Chrome install via group policy

    On our corporate network, they simply disabled access to the Chrome install domains via the firewall. This prevents the Chrome installer from retrieving the files it needs and it simply doesn't install.
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    Critique my website?

    Your primary goal is to direct people to the store, but the call to action simply doesn't stand out.
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    No sound in Mafia 3. I freakin give up

    Sounds silly - but it's possibly dialog is being forced to the center channel and you simply don't have one.
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    Recommend a host...

    I've been with Site5 for almost 7 years and have never had any major issues.
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    Raspberry Pi is shipping!!!

    A 4 year old thread necro, really?
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    U.K. Pledges Fast Broadband For All, Autonomous Vehicle Push

    I'm on 1.5mbit here - it goes down daily and is incredibly unreliable. In September, I get 990/90 - so I can't wait.
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    Doom 4 E3 reveal.

    Also, it should not take 5-6 rockets to kill someone.
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    Doom 4 E3 reveal.

    I've spent 2 hours just sitting 'Waiting for players...' - I have so far only managed a single game. If only there was some kind of server browser, you know, like games used to have a decade ago...
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    Quantum Break

    What about those (like myself) stuck on a very poor internet connection? I guess this game just isn't for me.
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    Moving from AIO to custom - suggestions?

    This is what I've put together so far, am I close?
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    Moving from AIO to custom - suggestions?

    The case I am using at the moment is an NZXT H440 in white.