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    Question Will the Fractal Meshify 2 case be suitable for my Components?

    Short answer: Yes The Meshify 2 isn't the narrowest case out there, but definitely narrower than the HAF XB. It has plenty of room, easy to build in and if you're looking to upgrade parts in the future it should serve you well.
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    No longer needed

    I have a Corsair SF650 SF600 if interested. Edited: They don't make a 650w....
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    Used Watercooling

    Plenty of good deals to be had on here, just have to bide your time. Another option is to figure out what you are wanting and then post up a WTB thread. A lot of times there are people like me who have been intending on listing things, but are too lazy or just haven't gotten around to it...
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    WTB 3070 or similar level card

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    FS Multiple GPUs 3060TI/3070s

    SLI is pretty much dead. These 3070's don't even have the SLI bridge connection.
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    Thinking about dipping my toe back into selling but am skeptical

    For those old items that still worked the last time you used them, you're likely better off using the Perpetual Freebies thread to get rid of them for the price of shipping. You can even put up things that do not work, clearly disclose that of course, and many times folks will pick them up for...
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    Thinking about dipping my toe back into selling but am skeptical

    I would say methods haven't changed much since back in the day. I typically avoid eBay for the same reasons, eBay's cut along PayPal taking a cut as well. I use eBay as a reference point and drop of 10%-15% or so for fees associated with eBay. The one benefit is you can pass the shipping cost...
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    CLOSED [W] Jonsbo n1 / n2 or similar case. 4-8tb HDDs *Purchased one*

    I have a Jonsbo N1 that I am looking to get rid of. PM sent
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    Shucking still a thing?

    Need to add to my storage server and last time I did I shucked a couple of WD Elements 8TB drives. Tried to search around and it seems most of the conversations around them stopped a couple years ago. Plus I haven't looked at drives since the last time I tore apart one from Best Buy. After...
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    New Silverstone FT02

    RM850x cable lengths can be found in the manual Here on page 5. If you are using your current Silverstone PSU in the case you could maybe find a similar manual and compare lengths. If you post the Silverstone model you have maybe the folks here who are trying to be "helpful" can help you track...
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    Fractal Terra ITX

    Found some stuff on Etsy that will allow some different configurations for adding in a fan via 3D printed brackets.
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    Custom wood+acrylic build with water cooling

    I vote for the braided. Loving the build thus far.
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    Anyone know how to automatically add video to a iPad or iPhone when at home ?

    Guess it depends on what kind of videos you are looking to add to your phone. Plex is something that will transcode videos to lower quality/size files for local storage on a mobile device. You can also stream them if you want to do that. Might require you to actually open up the Plex app on...
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    Queries for a New Case

    I would probably say that most of your name brand cases(Corsair, Fractal, Lian Li, Phanteks, etc.) have about the same quality. Are any of the mainstream companies as good as Lian Li of old, not really, but there are still some boutique manufacturers out there that are, but you'll pay for it...
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    EVGA 3080ti XC3 Ultra Core Clock Issue

    100% agree. Did a small OC and just hit 20783 on Time Spy... Thanks again for trying to help!
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    EVGA 3080ti XC3 Ultra Core Clock Issue

    Well I officially deserve the title of PEBCAK. I feel like the biggest dummy..... As you can clearly see in the pictures, the power and temp sliders are all the way to the left. Thus severely hampering my GPU..... Turned them all the way back up and viola, get my highest score in Time...
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    EVGA 3080ti XC3 Ultra Core Clock Issue

    Guess I didn't understand there's a calculation to get the 9500MHz. I looked but cant find how those numbers are the same "9500mhz and 19gbps effective gddr6X" So if someone has something that would be great. Nevermind, I found the calculations and get it now. Link for anyone else that wants...
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    EVGA 3080ti XC3 Ultra Core Clock Issue

    Yes it was working in Windows 11 before. This is a new build that's been together for about a month now and it was a fresh install of Win 11. Unless there's something with the newest drivers causing the issue, but I would imagine there would be more people asking about it.
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    EVGA 3080ti XC3 Ultra Core Clock Issue

    My EVGA 3080ti XC3 Ultra is no longer boosting up to normal clock frequencies. No matter the game, benchmark, stress test, the gpu clock stays at 210MHz. Within Precision or MSI Afterburner I can manually apply a 1000MHz "Overclock" and the core clock will go up to 1200MHz. Also the memory is...
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    "The Edison" Corsair 5000D Airflow Build

    Not my build, but looks like the Cooler Master V3
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    Custom wood+acrylic build with water cooling

    I'm in for the ride. Looking good.
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    How to repair a scratch

    Good to know for black cases, but I don't think it would be good for his silver one. Assumption on my part, so if I am wrong, happy to be corrected as I have never used the stuff. From Brownell's "Ideal for touching up black-anodized aluminum." Even better. Add more scratches and a sticker...
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    How to repair a scratch

    I used a brushed aluminum vinyl to wrap a panel of a case when I was done modifying it. The sheen was slightly off, but you wouldn't have noticed it unless I told you.
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    Large cases for top-mounted 360 AIOs?

    Isn't that what your supposed to do once they get dirty?
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    Cheapest way to control Corsair XD5 RGB?

    He needs a controller(CORSAIR Commander PRO/Lighting Node PRO) to hook the XD5 to be able have it interface with iCue. Since the pump/res doesn't come with the controller he'd have to buy one. So he's looking for the cheapest/easiest way to be able to control the RGB on the pump/res. I...
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    Cheapest way to control Corsair XD5 RGB?

    I have converted standard 3 pin connections to Corsair specific connectors by making an adapter. I don't see why you couldn't go the other way. Corsair JST > 3 pin 5v. In fact they make adapters you can buy: Corsair 3-Pin or Corsair 4-Pin
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Hold my coolant and watch this.....
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    Time for a New Main Rig

    Are you planning on doing modifications to that chassis to accept a motherboard? The P200 Pedestal is an add-on for the W200 chassis and not designed to be a standalone case. Just trying to picture the end goal here :)
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    How easy would it be to do?

    Hyperlink button(looks like a chain) is your best friend :) But looks like the original Xbox is only 74mm tall, and the smallest dimension on that case is 104mm. So It's not going to fit.
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    Build Aesthetic Help

    Thanks for the feedback. Maybe option 1 with a display? lol Cables are made by Ensourced. Bought them back in 2016 and they've been rock solid.
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    Build Aesthetic Help

    Looking for some help with the aesthetics of my next build. My main goal here is something that's minimalistic with the lack of RGB. Form over function is fine with me. My last build(2 PCs in one case) was a bit of a nightmare to deal with and was bigger than I needed(Lian Li D600 that I...
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    PM sent - Thanks!
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    FRACTAL MESHIFY 2 Top Filter

    If you are worried how it looks with light shining through those mobo holes you can always cover them with same tape. Might look aesthetically better to not have the light shining through. If your worried about dust coming into those holes, then tape would fix that too, or just make sure you...
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    Difficult to find new case micro-ATX close to Silverstone SG10 or SG09

    Saw this one in another thread, not sure if it's too big, but holds a larger GPU and has an optical drive: Silverstone FARA 311
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    Alphacool Radiator Version

    I would call around or email retailers to see if they have the older style logo in stock. I would imagine someone has to have the 420 XT45 V.2 with the blue logo. I checked with ModMyMods and Performance PCs, both of them had the blue logo in stock of the NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper X-Flow 280mm...
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    Alphacool Radiator Version

    I honestly prefer the bland logo since it goes with my theme, but I get it. Your rad is also V.2 which offers the flush mount plugs, which is a nice addition. With it being a newer version I guess it makes sense it would have the "new" logo, but you'd think there would atleast be some pictures...
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    Alphacool Radiator Version

    Yes that is my post. I have an email into them also, but with it being the weekend I'm not expecting anything until tomorrow. Box, instructions, everything included in the box look very legit, but realistically that's probably the cheapest/easiest thing to do when trying to dupe people. I...
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    Alphacool Radiator Version

    I did, shortly after the post. We'll see what they have to say. Just figured I would see it somewhere on the interwebs.... Found out they have a forum too, posted and will report back.
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    Alphacool Radiator Version

    Working on a new custom loop and ordered up a couple of Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper X-Flow 360mm Radiators. I got them in and they have a small grey logo on them rather than the big blue logo I was expecting and find in every single picture. Has anyone else seen these? Know if this is...
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    WTB: Thermaltake Tsunami Dream drive rails

    Random but on topic-ish. Do you have the silver or the black version? I lost the little top hatch that covers the USB, headphone, microphone and Firewire(just dated this case). I'll take a look this afternoon when I get home. I "think" there is a system in there and pretty sure it has a IDE...