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    Ultima Online: Uo Outlands

    In fase anyone missed the launch, its the largest free shard sinfe probably 2004 (1500+ players). a. custom map b. retooled skills c. custom pvp , pvm stuff d. classicuo suppport: they support a dev who rebuilt the client in c# akd fna. 60fps+ ama play hith res feel free to join discord and...
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    WTB GTX 1060 for $70 shipped

    I'd throw in $10 for shipping
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    WTT: GTX 1080 8gb & GTX 1060 3gb for RTX or RX

    Thanks. I am looking to help test some stuff for development and have a low budget atm. take care.
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    WTB: Video card for around £50

    What kind of video card? That may help. Otherwise try
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    WTB GTX 1060 for $70 shipped

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    WTT: GTX 1080 8gb & GTX 1060 3gb for RTX or RX

    Id give $70 for the GTX 1060 if you still have it.
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    Google Partners with AMD for Google Stadia Game Streaming Service

    I bet it will be as great as their VR headset they PR'd with my pixel xl 1 that is completely useless. Or as craptastic as my pixel 1 that broke 3x in 18 months from normal use... then abandoned like bigillion other products they make. What it will do is help justify Microst's rumored streaming...
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    Obsidian Employee is Remaking Star Wars Dark Forces

    dark forces: i always played it like doom star wars
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    Man Spends a Week Inside VR

    I would of ran out of socks by the 8th hour
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    Footage Shows a Click Farm in Action

    wait till the chinese quantum computers start doing this in mass to persuade public opinion and control social issues/unrest . They already have 60k + internet police.
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    Lady Gaga Could Appear in Cyberpunk 2077

    nerd pitchfork time!!! lol idc as long as its a good game and she doesnt sing with rkelly again
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    Huawei Caught Using DSLR Shots in P30 Marketing

    both the posters and the idiot that thought this was a good idea are dumb
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    PlayerUnknown Leaves PUBG Development Team

    I'm going to guess he is getting baked AF since you could live somewhere for 10% of the cost and have developers at 1/2 the cost due to the insane costs of living there.
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    911 Calls Raise Concerns Over Amazon Working Conditions

    Taking my head out of the sand... some of the amazon work places are nuts where employees are penalized for going to the bathroom, pee in jugs throughout the warehouse, fired for basic needs (Sick days etc). Amazon can be a shit hole but a good starting job.
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    Rust - The Oil Rig Update Adds Vulkan Support

    If its the same "rust" it was one of the first steam greenlight games that was popular in alpha (even if broken). kind of a pre-cursor to fortnight where you build random forts, fight/kill eachother and gain stuff (supposed to be sandbox pvp game)... its alot of griefing from what i hear mixed...
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    Google Pay Equity Analysis Results in $9.7 Million in Adjustments

    It is not a myth though (studied labor economics at UWM). Most IT places still pay males 10-30% higher even if they have equal skills. I do think men (from being a lead) wine the most and complain the most and therefore get greased/largest wage increases lol. The ladies on my team were often...
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    Suicide Instructions Found Spliced into Kids' Cartoons on YouTube, YouTube Kids

    Youtube "kids" is marketed as an app on several devices safe for kids, hence the concern from parents.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be at E3 2019

    The 48min demo was disturbing for me I had to turn it off. My bro in law thought it was awesome . We probably both would get it. I really hope they add multiplayer though.
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    Man Gets RFID Chip Implant Live at Mobile World Congress

    I have the upgraded version this guy is a dipshit: "honey where are my fing keys!!!" "in your pocket" oh yea! then i have these cool things called hands and i unlock the door. works out pretty cool.
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    Treyarch Rolls Back Some Black Ops 4 Market Changes

    Can these publishers just drop this sheet already. I stopped buying loot box driven games.
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    Obsidian Talks About the Style and Setting of The Outer Worlds

    awesome! Being melee only i havn't had much luck with scorch beasts except the queen. Since the patch though they dont look as nuts. I am taking a break after about 100 hours at level 60. i'm hoping they give more life to it in the next few months.
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    Beamdog is "Looking Into" Neural Network Texture Upscaling

    I want this so bad for Ultima Online 2d sprites =)
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    Obsidian Talks About the Style and Setting of The Outer Worlds

    i just find it super boring with all criticisms aside. the quests are not memorable, rewards are often low, players come and go (no real relationships) and you end up farming key spots only. how have you found more fun things to do just curious!
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    Obsidian Talks About the Style and Setting of The Outer Worlds

    It was also said that the notoriety system will be "firefly inspired" and not a point system
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    EA Australia and ArenaNet Hit With Significant Layoffs

    Guildwars 1 had a great arena game. GW2 was a bore to me and lost the soul of the game ... and the battles were a bummer.
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    Star Citizen Developer Calls Real-Time Ray Tracing "A Massive Headache"

    YOU GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!! (I didnt read anything else you wrote except ARE NOT)
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    Yes, Rian Johnson Is Still Working on His "Star Wars" Trilogy

    I think people were too harsh on the prequals. They are still great movies even if they tend to slog about, they still feel like star wars. Episode 7 was good, but not amazing. Episode 8 i fell asleep in the theater, it was horrible. Solo and Rogue one were both good movies.
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    Tesla Buys Maxwell Technologies

    I WAS!!! that was driving me nuts thanks!!!
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    "Forgettable, Repetitive": Early Reviews Aren't Kind on Anthem

    You forgot Origin. They killed Ultima Online back in 2001-2003 trying to make a diablo 2 loot clone, I will never forgive them. (Long live UO on free shards like UO LostLands and UO Outlands)
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    Tesla Buys Maxwell Technologies

    I was thinking of a video card company i thought was named maxwell? there was: a. amd (and radeon) b. nvidia c. 3dfx d. maxwell? wasnt there a max something....
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    Here Is the Corrupted Monk from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    i swear i saw this last year but its still cool none the less maybe it was just this
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    EA Buckles in Belgium, Stops Selling FIFA Points Following Loot Box Gambling Pressure

    free items you earn: loot box are just obnoxious waste of my time (overwatch) loot boxes you pay for: fu. however android/itunes are basically profitable due to the f2p, p2w models which are often just loot boxes.
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    Here Is the New Atomic Heart: 10 Minute Gameplay Trailer

    well i'm terrified now lol thanks
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    California Dealers File Petition against Volvo's All-Inclusive Car Subscription Service

    Maybe I am misreading everyone but if it is a 200-300$ monthly upgrade it isn't worth it if you plan on turning the car in every few years before the maintenance costs kick in.
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    The Original Ghostbusters Cast Will Return for New Movie

    for me it was odd how "clean the set was" maybe nyc is like that now a days but the originals captured a real city. this looked like a real stage set
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    California Dealers File Petition against Volvo's All-Inclusive Car Subscription Service

    Most cars don't go through that in their first 5 year cycle if they keep it under 100k miles except the basics (oil change) and the $400 new set of tires. If you have a total failure of a major part then you are seeing $1k-3k . However spark plugs most folks wont change them out until 70-100k...
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    California Dealers File Petition against Volvo's All-Inclusive Car Subscription Service

    $400-450 i'd bite but $600 isnt worth it when Insurance is $100 or less