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    DOCSIS modem upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 worth it?

    Did you document your upload speeds before the swap? I'm curious if that changed too? With that big of a speed increase id bet your new modem is locking more downstream channels than the old modem. More channels imo can improve stability.
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    DOCSIS modem upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 worth it?

    Personally, I would think the newer one might enable more or better channels. Your speed might not go up but reliability may?
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    Shed keeps getting broken into

    Almost cheaper to move the shed or buy a new shed that can be closer? That's a lot of money lost.. ffs I can live on that for like 2yr
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    New router for 2.5g

    Interesting, Ive personally never noticed anything disappear? But maybe those features I wasn't using? Have you tried using a mix of old/new hardware before? My unifi dream router happily supports my very old outdoor+ access point. It's probably 8-10yr+ old tech working with a modern controller...
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    New router for 2.5g

    Personally, if I had 800$ or so for funding my network upgrade from gbit to gbit++ I'd upgrade my unifi network to newer 10gbit stuff. I know some aren't fond of the company but I personally like the software/hardware including the cloud remote access.
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    Replacement WiFi Router for my dad

    I love my dream router, I personally love the remote management/cloud type features. Makes it easy to diagnose or fix things without even standing up let alone being on site.. Then again besides one room that I think has something interfering? It just works! That room can be iffy sometimes. A...
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    Need Recommendations: Best way to extend signal to garage?

    I went with a ubiquity' outdoor+ model. It's discontinued but so somehow works with my new dream router just fine. Been procrastinating about upgrading it.. but alas what works doesn't need replacement lol. Fwiw I used rolled black plastic pipe from Lowe's. Was either 3/4 5/8th or an inch?
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    Need Recommendations: Best way to extend signal to garage?

    I dug a trench and put a like 1 inch black plastic pipe in the ground with an Ethernet cable through it.. works for my garage so far been like 5yr with poe ran to the garage access point.
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    UDM Pro kinda sucks

    Interesting I only ever use vpn or "teleport" through wifiman app on android personally.. I only have the dream router tho.. I wish I had the funds to have bought the dream machine pro/se instead. mine works for current needs but isn't as future proof.
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    Corsair officially announces new RMx Shift PSUs (side-positioned connectors)

    Filtered positive pressure case. Sure I could probably do the filter part myself on some cases.. but is rather the case be designed for said filters to begin with. Size, tbh if they had a larger version of the ft02 id probably buy it lol. I personally love the 90° layout change. It's not a...
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    Corsair officially announces new RMx Shift PSUs (side-positioned connectors)

    I haven't built a new PC in years.. tbh I've been living the cellphone life.. rarely touching a PC anymore :( Ive been thinking about a new build.. but wth is with cases these days?! I might repurpose my Silverstone ft02... I might be a year out on a build though so who knows?
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    Netflix opening physical locations

    Brings a new meaning to Netflix and chill.. 😂🤣😂
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    Let the incompatible memory standard war begin. LPCAMM vs CAMM

    Could be worse you could find out it was soldered on instead of a socket.
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    Time to replace router.......

    I plan on trying either a 2k or 4k camera with mine. If I like the camera enough I might add their nvr. If not I might build a blue iris box. Idk?
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    Time to replace router.......

    I just upgraded my old unifi cloud key gen to the new unifi dream router your talking about. The reason I went with it over a dream machine and an access point is because my isp likely will never offer gbit speeds. I've never used Asus routers so I can't speak for them.. but my new UDR was able...
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    Wi-Fi needed for large house; help me plan it out!

    Unifi is great IMO. Let them call you.. just remote in and tweak if needed. Edit: I just replaced a my dead cloud key gen1 with a dream router. It adopted my like 5+yr old outdoor+ model access point with ease. It's not even on ubiquity's website anymore but it works!
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    Router w/ Concrete Walls

    Maybe something like the unifi building bridge kit? Put em right up against the wall on opposite sides.
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    Pixel 7 / Pixel 7 Pro / Pixel 7a

    What's everyone getting for screen on time with the pro?
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    How to secure access from outside LAN cables (WiFi APs, cameras)?

    If it doesn't support Poe wouldn't it fry the nic? That was my idea.
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    How to secure access from outside LAN cables (WiFi APs, cameras)?

    Maybe use a poe injector that isn't smart enough to turn off power to an incompatible device.
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    What's a computer?

    One of the first things Ive done when installing windows is unhide file extensions.
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    Blizzard Announces Diablo 2: Resurrected

    Wow so my entire plan outa wack. playing on PC in my alone time. Then switch to an Xbox when gf or friends wanna play. I'm assuming you'd have to pay for a character transfer between systems? This really sucks balls in so many ways.
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    Blizzard Announces Diablo 2: Resurrected

    Wait you can't play PS5 vs PC vs Xbox? If so that seems like an epic fail. I thought I read something about being able to take your characters with you across platforms?
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    Constant Outages with Xfinity

    If you don't mind a new hole in your wall I'd suggest a direct connection. (Drill for a new drop to be wired up) Don't use the existing house wiring. This way there is no splitters and as few connections between the modem and the pole.
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    Powerline vs MoCA?

    I liked my direct tv moca setup. (The direct tv branded stuff is cheaper)
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    The Snapdragon phone

    I'm running a one Plus 7t. I love the phone but truly clueless where il go in the next 1-2yr when I upgrade.
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    Why does uploading at max speed on fiber have to be so difficult ?

    There is tcp/ip overhead. thats what I always heard about a 1gbit connect maxing out in the 940s
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    What made you switch?

    Been running a 7T on Verizon prepaid for forever now.. granted not an mvno but for my needs a standard Verizon plan works fine I'm also happy do far with updates.
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    Newegg now trading on NASDAQ

    Yup when that happened I stopped buying from them.
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    LG Unveils Its 1st QNED Mini LED TV with Up to 2500 Dimming Zones

    2500 lighting zones? Now we're talking! If only it was a 30 inch monitor.
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    Silverstone New Products (PSUs/Cases/Accessories)

    That's unfortunate, I love my ft02,
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    Diablo 4's Release Date...

    Bring back runewords!
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    Finally! Snapdragon 865’s CPU beats the Apple

    My OnePlus 7t runs buttery smooth.
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    OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

    I'm not even unhappy a little bit about my 7t price. Lol! Maybe 4-425 and I might be a little.. but I really didn't want curved screen or mechanical camera.. 8 vs 12g ram was my only complaint and tbh not sure it matters this thing is wicked fast
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    Pixel 4

    0% can also be very misleading with temperature. Take a 0% battery from a cold environment warm it up then restart might even go up to 1% lol
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    Looking for new phone for the wife. (and me, later)

    Well I can't address your security concerns, the speed/experience on my OnePlus 7t is heavenly compared to the s7 it replaced. *Lte only no CDMA/3g (Verizon account flag "cdma-less" must be set) only mnvo I know that can set the flat is mnvo
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    OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

    Didn't think I was, it's not something I normally think about as important. But I'm really happy impressed. I can't wait to rub it in to someone who has a quiet phone... Ugh so can't wait lmao Looked up my old s7 tests.. 8-10db louder on new phone. Well done OnePlus!
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    OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

    So I was jamming in the bathroom today. I am blown away with how loud my 7T is! Definitely louder than any other phone Ive listen to. Apparently the rest of the house agrees either: A: I was too loud B: my new phone has a crazy good speaker. Really depends how you read between the lines on...
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    OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

    I totally agree on the flat screen part. But I also don't like the idea of a pop-up camera. Totally loving my 7T so far.