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    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Not sure what the bigger deal breaker is, VR or no Kevin Conroy (RIP)
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    lol wth read the description of the auction

    I was reading the code of Hammurabi yesterday. I think one of the first laws says that if a man accuses another man, the accused must jump into the river and if he drowns the accuser gets all of the accused's property and if he survives the accuser is killed and the accused gets all of his...
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    Google’s Pixel 8 and 8 Pro can now be located even with a dead battery

    I miss the days when Samsung would give you their phones for free if you would let them track you. RIP Samsung Insights.
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    Would you buy your video card from AliExpress?

    I wouldn't. I wouldn't recommend that anyone do so. There are as many youtube videos as you could possibly want covering parts from these sites. Generally it goes like this: price is too good to be true but you order anyway, something does ship, it takes a while to get to you, you get what...
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    Samsung mobile hotspot issues

    Ah, I thought my Verizon plan had normal speeds up to 20gbps of hotspot. It actually has no data cap but is limited to 600kbps for mobile hotspot. Blergh.
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    Samsung mobile hotspot issues

    That setting was on but turning it off did not change speeds. My tablets are also slow when connected to my phone's hotspot.
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    Samsung mobile hotspot issues

    So here in Oregon we have gotten like an inch of freezing rain over the last 24 hours. Comcast went out last night. I have a Samsung S20 FE and Verizon unlimited something or other. Anyway, I get like 130mbps down on my phone with 4G, but turning on mobile hotspot my laptop only gets like...
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    Thoughts on the Steam Deck, Legion Go, Rog Ally, etc.

    That's pretty much my use case. Relax in bed for an hour before sleeping with some SNES Yoshi's Island or some Stardew Valley. My deck gets more usage than the system in my signature.
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    Ryzen 5600X3D potential?

    Overall it's still kind of odd. I mean, it makes sense that they are making it out of recycled 5800x3d chips. It makes sense that there isn't enough inventory so they are going through a single retailer. Where it gets odd is that it really only makes sense as a drop in upgrade if you are already...
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    4090 power cable adapter question

    So I picked up my 4090 FE last night. It comes with a 4x8pin pci-e adapter. In time I plan to rebuild the rest of my system and I'll probably get a new power supply then, but for now my 1,000W gold whatever will work I think. Anyway, I dug out my box of modular cables. My PSU has 4x 8pin pci-e...
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    Any opinions on Corsair water blocks?

    I like their stuff generally, but but their 4090 FE block has the ports at the back of the card which would make my loop path weird.
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    Any opinions on Corsair water blocks?

    I've bought a lot if xspc but it looks like their most recent gpu block was for the 2080 ti unless I'm missing something.
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    Has the Steam Deck stayed part of your gaming life?

    I've been using mine a ton. If it hadn't been for Diablo coming out my deck usage would easily outweigh my desktop usage. It took me a bit to figure out how to get the first Arkham Asylum game running but I had a blast playing through that again but on handheld. It's really just an hour before...
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    Any opinions on Corsair water blocks?

    So I just decided to celebrate a recent promotion (though they haven't actually told me what my raise will be yet) by ordering a 4090 FE. Anyway, I plan to water cool it since I already have a custom loop set up. I've been looking at blocks and the usual suspects are all there, EK, heatkiller...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    So, having not bought a GPU from retail since like a HD 4890 (every since then has been used), is there a way to get a notification when best buy has the 4090 founders edition in stock?
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    ASRock Radeon RX 6800 XT $500 after Coupon Code

    New code requires use of Zip which I believe is a 3rd party payment system.
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    ASRock Radeon RX 6800 XT $500 after Coupon Code

    Pretty tempting. If I could figure out water block compatibility I would definitely consider it.
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    How do you identify GPU water block compatibility?

    I did think of that. It's tough when you are basically working with end of life blocks that were designed when the cards were released a couple years ago. None of the cards that are listed as compatible are still sold new. Why companies have to constantly change their models I don't know. So I...
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    How do you identify GPU water block compatibility?

    Yes. As I said, I haven't been able to find a single card that is still being sold new that EK identifies as compatible. With that having been said, in theory a reference card should work with any block that fits reference cards. So that leads to the second question in my post. How do you...
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    How do you identify GPU water block compatibility?

    So I'm kind of in the market for a new GPU. I already have a custom loop set up so whatever I end up getting I will want to throw a full cover block on it. I'm running a 980ti currently, so it's been a while since I had to shop for blocks. How do you know if a card a block are compatible. It...
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    1 TB 980 NVME $59.00

    Unless you are ordering some old old stock from somewhere they should already come with the latest firmware. I ordered a 980 Pro a couple weeks ago and it already had the latest firmware.
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    Graphite thermal pad vs paste?

    So I recently grabbed a 5600X to replace my 3600X. I spent a bunch of time looking through my drawers because I knew I had a new tube of Kryonaut around somewhere. Anyway, I take my water block off and discover that apparently I used an Innovation Cooling graphite pad when I built my system. I...
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    5600X $153 on amazon (all 5xxx chips on sale)

    I have had that option in the past. Not this time though. Not that it really matters as the UPS store isn't really any closer.
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    5600X $153 on amazon (all 5xxx chips on sale)

    I ended up just going with the 5600X. I'm really only gaming, and while that made the 5800X3d tempting I didn't want to sink that much more into AM4 when I'm already contemplating a whole new build. Also I ended up with two of them. My neighborhood doesn't have individual mailboxes. Instead...
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    5600X $153 on amazon (all 5xxx chips on sale)

    Well I bit. I was tempted to go with a 5800X3D but I'm strongly considering a new build and that is more than I want to pay for a stopgap.
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    5600X $153 on amazon (all 5xxx chips on sale)

    $149.99 now after $2.38 off coupon. lol at the $2.38 coupon.
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    5600X $153 on amazon (all 5xxx chips on sale)

    I'm tempted by this as an upgrade to my 3600X. I'm also tempted by a 5800X3D. I'm also tempted to upgrade to AM5 and a 7800X3D. Decisions decisions decisions. Then again, I game more on my deck than I do my desktop.....
  28. G going out of business sale 50% off

    Did you not read my post? The prices I stated were after discount vs performance-pcs every day price. Frozencpu $210 x 50% = $105. Or peformance-pcs for $110 everyday.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Reviews

    Meh, just meh.
  30. G going out of business sale 50% off

    Swiftech D5 pump, $105 after 50% off or $110 every day at performance-pcs. That also ignores that constant supply of 10%+ off promos performance-pcs has. I didn't even shop around. So are they actually going out of business or is this just one of those fake going out of business sales that the...
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    Anyone seriously considering the 4070 TI

    Again, I don't believe the $750 price for a minute. Maybe some models get there but I suspect the msrp will be more like $650 or $700. The only way $750 happens is if it is basically a paper launch only to make the 4070 ti look less bad. I saw a 4070 ti for $795 on newegg a couple days ago.
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    Anyone seriously considering the 4070 TI

    There is no way it is $750 unless it's only purpose is to try to make the 4070 ti look better... though I guess the point of the 4080 was to make the 4090 look better.
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    What happened to Graphics Card box art babes?

    lol, that got me thinking, at some point years ago I got a Ruby action figure swag from some convention or something. My mom was having a garage sale so I tossed it in a box of stuff and gave it to her to put out. Later she was like some really creepy old guy bought that doll.
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    PSA: Amazon cash back actually can be CASH back

    I don't think I've actually encountered a credit card that wouldn't let you take it as cash back. Granted my US Bank Visa is trying to make it more difficult by requiring you to enter your bank account info for them to deposit the cash even though you access it through your online banking...
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    Ubisoft cancels three more games, issues dire update

    Funny enough, for my capstone project when getting my accounting degree a few years back we had to do analysis of Ubisoft and Activision. IIRC our conclusion was that Ubisoft was too dependent on sequels to the same few titles and was carrying too much debt. Four years later and here we are.
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    Anyone seriously considering the 4070 TI

    So the 4080 only exists to make the 4090 look like a good "deal" and the 4070ti only exists to try (unsuccessfully) to stimulate sales of the 4080? Are we headed towards a $600 4060?
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    So Steam is practically Ancient in computer years...

    One day at school a friend gave me a burnt cd with a key scribbled on it. It was half life and counter strike. That is what started my steam account.
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    GIGABYTE RTX 3080 ti $845

    This sounds like the Albertsons/Safeway digital coupons scam. Save $X.XX by scanning this coupon with the app. Which no matter how many times I scan and save them to my account they never apply at checkout. So I have to wait in line at customer service to get it adjusted. I honestly wonder at...
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    Hot (with some footwork): Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

    They seem to have changed it as it is $400 for the S7 FE now towards the s8.
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    Google loses patent case against Sonos, will remove features from Nest and Chromecast products So apparently Sonos has a patent on adjusting the volume of more than one device at a time. Google has to remove that ability from its products. So now you have to adjust each...