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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    I looked at both of those projects last night. I may get a GPUgrid install up and test that out. It looks pretty cool. I have an RX470 on the way that should be delivered today that I bought from a fellow [H] member. I was going to put it into a gaming PC that i'm putting together for my...
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    I'm glad that somebody else is also able to benefit from my re-emergence in distributed computing. One thing I can confirm is that on like PC's Linux does yeild better CPU crunching results. But I haven't tried an install on a machine with a good enough GPU to work on. My Gaming machine is...
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    Well have a few nodes set up and going now. Not the big servers yet. Need to see if i can get my rack put together.
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    I'll give those a look just for giggles. I'm really more interested in calculations for science :) These laptops are all ones I picked up for almost nothing from work when they were retired. So if I burn them down there's no real big loss. They aren't worth much cash.
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    [FS] - AMD GPU's - Vega 56 + RX470

    PayPal sent for 1x RX 470 4GB - XFX RS
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    Well I have it going on some of the server hardware. Just threw the client on the Server 2008 R2 install that was on there. Will probably reinstall Linux at some point this weekend. I won't have ANY time to mess with stuff util Sunday, unfortunately
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    Well the test rig has been running pretty stable for a few days. Pulled a spare laptop out of the pile (Core i7) and did a linux install for WCG and it got pretty hot pretty fast. The exhaust was uncomfortably hot, lol. I had to turn the processor usage percentages way down. But I may tweak it a...
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    So in regards to maximizing the efficiency of my machines. I have seen some threads where certain projects run better on just physical cores with HT disabled. Is WCG one of those? By default I run with HT enabled on everything as it stands right now.
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    Roger that. This stuff isn't really worth trying to sell so I figured i'd try to compute with it if i could.
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    I do have a spare Nvidia Quadro 2000 (not the newer P2000) that I can slide into that machine as well. Will WCG utilize it? Or could I install a GPU only program to crunch on another project?
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    Well I have a few units turned in. Tweaked some of the in-client settings to up the percentage of CPU time used. If I have some time tonight I may deploy to one of the server chassis. I really hope I have time lol because i'm tired of not having enough time to get stuff done that I want to do...
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    I used to get a bunch of laptops as well. Everybody I knew that needed one got one. The laptops were pretty closely inventoried so those didn't go into the normal junk pile but I purchased my fair share of them for almost nothing. I still daily drive one as a general usage machine because it...
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    I'm not a Linux guy but I'm pretty good at copy/pasting commands, lol. The install/setup on the WCG page got me up and running. crunching a WU right now on the little old test box... ETA.. 4 hours, LOL it's just an old quad core i7 of some kind I picked out of the trash at work.
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    Gilthanis I used your link to sign up for WCG and just installed on a test machine. Just a little linux install on a spare desktop to get a handle of the setup and operation before i attempt to deploy it on the big machines. May try some of the other stuff too. That's the good thing about having...
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    Thank you. It's a lot to sift through. I'll get some linux installs set up. I don't think I want to worry about Virtual Box Unless it becomes advantageous to split up clients based on number of threads uses. (say if a client only can use a max of 4 threads then there's no desire for me to...
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    I said Folding but I guess I should have just said distributed computing in general. O did F@H and SETI way back in the day. I don't know what projects are good to try on what hardware anymore since it's been a LONG time since i bothered with it. Probably at least 6-7 years if not a decade. Not...
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    Want to possibly get back into folding

    Hi Team [H]. It's been a while since i folded last but wanted to see if any of this spare gear I have sitting around is worth installing any of the current folding software on. I've got several Dell Poweredge servers. R710, R610, R810, etc. Most are dual s1366 Xeons, some quad, some hex core...
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    Looking for good price on 6tb 3.5" NAS drives

    So i'm looking to upgrade my file server to 6tb drives. I'm looking to pick up 14 in total so I can put 12 in the chassis and have 2 spares on hand. I figured since some of you guys in here are more in tune to the ebb and flow of this segment of hardware I was wondering where I would find the...
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    FS/FT: 2x GTX 970 SSC & HDHomeRun Prime

    Cryptocurrency mining has inflated GPU prices. Thankfully Nvidia is going to be releasing mining-centric GPU's so hopefully that'll ease the demand on gaming cards somewhat.
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    FS/T: Dell R810 2U Server - 32 Core w/ HT

    Back up we go.
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    FS/T: Dell R810 2U Server - 32 Core w/ HT

    Back to the top we go. Just added a pretty beefy server.
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    FS/T: Dell R810 2U Server - 32 Core w/ HT

    Back to the top we go. Been a while since i've updated this. Looking for some Gen 11 Dell server rails and a few other things.
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    Video Cards

    Ahh teh good old days. :) I've still got my precious Radeon 9700 Pro in a P4 machine sitting on my shelf.
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    ATX Power Supply Suggestions for SG13 Gaming Rig

    I went ahead and ordered the Silverstone SFX-L 500w. The reviews on it say it comes with the SFX to ATX bracket. And it's 80+ Gold certified.
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    ATX Power Supply Suggestions for SG13 Gaming Rig

    EVGA recommends 500w as a minimum for a system with an i7 and a GTX 970. But I always like to have some extra headroom. PSU will run more efficiently. I've looked at the Silverstone PSU's, They're in contention.
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    ATX Power Supply Suggestions for SG13 Gaming Rig

    So i've put together an updated gaming rig using some spare parts and some new to replace my trusty old i7-920 mid tower I built years ago. I tossed in a Thermaltake 750 watt semi modular PSU. But even though it's semi modular it's a gigantic mess and I can't stand it. I've been browsing power...
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    Ncase m1 Noctua D9L High temps

    I'd put a nice quiet Noctua case fan in there somewhere. Either to push cool air in or pull hot air out. depending on how you have everything circulating.
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    CLOSED - Temporarily Sold Out

    Have any Heatware or other references?
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    From ATI to AMD back to ATI? A Journey in Futility @ [H]

    HardOCP's love of Nvidia and Intel being touted by fanbois, eh? I believe it. Somewhat ironic to them is that, interestingly, the first time I met Kyle in person was at an Eyefinity event downtown that [H] had partnered up on with AMD. :) As for the subject matter of the article. I can see it...
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    FS: Norco RPC-4220 rU Rackmount Server Chassis

    I picked up one of these locally from Blue_Fox back when he lived here. They're beefy as hell.
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    FS: 32 core/256gb RAM server, network appliances, Supermicro gear, server stuff, etc

    That quad setup is nasty. Wish I had both a use for and the cash to buy it. Hopefully going to put that server in that 4U I got from you into service as soon as the tax return lands. Bump for a friend and a great seller.
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    Trade with me Please

    If he's at work and the firewall blocks your image host then the pic doesn't show up. (I can't see it either because of this reason)
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    WTS: Macbook, Playstation 3, Laptop(s), Laptop Parts

    PM Sent. I'll take the PS3 pending reply to my PM. Edit: Now just waiting on Payment info :) Edit2: PayPal Sent.
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    [FT] Steam / Origin Games

    I think I may have a spare Torchlight or Torchlight 2 i'd trade for Leviathan: Warships:. Have to check my profile when I get home later.
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    WTB/WTTF: iPhone 5S 16GB AT&T

    Might want to attach this to your FS thread and close this one. Mods get cranky when you have multiple threads in FS/T
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    FS: Western Digital NAS 500GB (My Book World Edition) WD5000G032

    think i'll take this. PM and Email sent.
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    FS: Intel i7 930 LGA1366 $50 Shipped!

    Exactly. I'm still using one of these and don't see any reason to upgrade any time soon. And if/when I ever do this will likely get pushed into some kind of server role.
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    x58 Part Out and Other Miscellaneous Closet Cleaning

    Bump for a good old i7-920. I've been rocking one in my primary rig for years. The only piece of hardware that i've owned and has had near the longevity as this was my good old Radeon 9700 Pro from way back in the day.