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  1. dasaint

    WTB (Canada): Mac Mini early 2009 (A1283)

    Posted in Previous It also looks like i have the box and the Original Leopard Disks for it (Keep in mind this doesnt have a internal CD Drive)
  2. dasaint

    WTB (Canada): Mac Mini early 2009 (A1283)

    Are you interested in the Mac Mini Server i got i can fire it up and share the specs on it if you want. Edit: im pulling them up right now ill have em posted in a few Specs are A1347 Mac Mini 4,1 Mac Mini Server (Mid 2010) 2.66 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo 8GB DDR3 Nvidia GeForce 320M 256Mb Yosimite...
  3. dasaint

    WTB (Canada): Mac Mini early 2009 (A1283)

    Do you have an idea what you want to spend for one? I do have a Mac Mini Server in that same era.
  4. dasaint

    iPhones “Disabled” If Apple Detects Third-Party Repairs

    Eh good thing i dont do apple.. i also do not use the touch id type features in android either... Police can Enforce ppl to use their fingerprint to unlock a phone they cannot enforce you to put in a pin or password as thats knowledge... TINFOIL HATS ALL AROUND!!!
  5. dasaint

    P2V Server 2K3

    2 questions 1) are there multiple disks? 2) have you checked the bios to make sure the right vol selected is the bootvol? Could you also tell me the controller that was selected on the VM (Edit the settings look at the storage controller) OK it was 3
  6. dasaint

    WTB Fat PS3, console only

    Do what auntJ says I have repaired multiple of these 60 giggers with just a replacement psu inside the unit could save u lots..
  7. dasaint

    VSPEX Blue / EVO:Rail / HCI Experiences?

    I have been using vSAN for a while now, grant you i have been using it since Beta1 in the early phases... its definitely gotten a lot better than when i started with it! One thing to know about vSAN is either u buy the Ready Nodes or u buy the correct Hardware on the HCL or you gonna have a bad...
  8. dasaint

    Wife says DL360 G7 is too loud

    Be Careful with those 15k drives, i had issues where my 10Ks would overheat in the chassis, make sure there is significant airflow in that chassis or your noise concerns will become bigger concerns on your data side... I had a Norco 4224 that caused the above, just an FYI
  9. dasaint

    Nexus 1000v question

    As per VMware Communities - This Limitation has existed since i have ever used the 1KV and still exists today. Q. The service console and virtual machines typically are connected to two different vSwitches...
  10. dasaint

    ESXi 6.x 10gig? Help please :(

    Can you give us more information on the Mellanox Cards you purchased? model number? does the esxi native driver identify it? or does it not even popup as a ethernet controller?
  11. dasaint

    Mellanox Drivers Needs Contract?

    @JWC PM Sent... @BLKMGK - there are 2 types of drivers, the Ethernet which utilized the VPI side of the card and gives you 10/40GBe depending on the Switch/and configurations WHat JWC is talking about is the OFED drivers... which require you to remove the ethernet side drivers in an esxi...
  12. dasaint

    The First Intel Xeon Processors Coming To Notebook PCs This Fall

    Thats unless your Laptops processor costs the same as a MBP :P Probably would be a SOC though the way they are making Xeon based processors in Mini-ITX Formfactor... Will it be cool yes, will they find a way to Profit on this... YUP
  13. dasaint

    ESXI 5.5 host randomly freezes on new XEON 2011-3 server, please help!

    @X3R0Z You will need to trigger the NMI Button on your motherboard when you experience the issue in your Use Case J19 and J20 of JF1 The point of the key in the Host is to allow you to trigger the...
  14. dasaint

    ESXi alternatives for home lab - looking for some suggestions

    Easy fix for that is to lower the proxy count ;)
  15. dasaint

    ESXi alternatives for home lab - looking for some suggestions

    VDP if u got it with that bundle... It is Avamar backend Code but the De-Dup on it works pretty darn well...
  16. dasaint

    ESXI 5.5 host randomly freezes on new XEON 2011-3 server, please help!

    Have you tried the following?
  17. dasaint

    ESXi 5.5 & 6.0 - Does Xeon E5-2600 v3 Turbo Boost Actually Work?

    Just need to make sure u find and enable this button...
  18. dasaint

    Apple Watch Sells Out Almost Instantly

    eh i just hacked a Samsung Gear fit to work on my Nexus... costed me 35$ on ebay just cause ppl dont know how to firmware flash things.... and its got a HR monitor plus Pedometer... and does notifications so WIN WIN WIN... for 1/10th the price of apples
  19. dasaint

    What is the most affordable video card for VDI?

    vSphere 6 its a GRID card or a hacked grid card but they made it so the Quadros dont work in the 6.0 drivers.... in vSphere 5.5 you can still use Quadro non-K series cards for svga
  20. dasaint

    WANTED: iPad Mini 2 / iPad Air 2 / iPad Mini 3

    FYI your trade link no work....
  21. dasaint

    Xeon D anyone?

    Tru Dat.. lately tho my lab has actually lasted me about 4ish years now so im quite happy with it Xeon L5639's i added more cores from the beginning use to be L5520s but it was a minor upgrade... and ram was always my slowdown factor... i could see these lasting me 5 if i wanted to look at it...
  22. dasaint

    Xeon D anyone?

    30 * 12 = 360 * 5 years = 1800$ = savings.... it almost pays for itself ;)
  23. dasaint

    Xeon D anyone?

    IIR DDR3L and DDR4 have the same pinouts but i would probably use DDR4 anyways from a speed/density perspective. DDR3L i dont think has reached to 32GB DIMMS.... and i would be buying 32GB DIMMs to deal with long term approach.. 1 Board - 2 32GB DIMMS each per starter setup... then when time...
  24. dasaint

    Xeon D anyone?

    I think that was a glitch if you look at the SuperMicro webpage now it only lists DDR4 before it was saying DDR3L but now it doesnt...
  25. dasaint

    Xeon D anyone?

    Agreed on the DDR4....
  26. dasaint

    Infiniband Help

    Try this.... You can find the port GUIDs of your cards with the ibstat -p command: # ibstat -p 0x0002c9030002fb05 0x0002c9030002fb06 ibping is an infiniband equivalent to the icmp ping command. Choose a node on the fabric and run a ibping server: #ibping -S Choose another node on your...
  27. dasaint

    Infiniband Help

    is it me or did your ports flop??? b4 Port 2 windows was active and now Port1 is active. Also your firmware on the windows card is 2.07 where your linux is 2.7 - i would make sure firmwares are a match ;)
  28. dasaint

    Infiniband Help

    That would be my gut speaking too.... I would have just initially started them on the same subnet then figured out who is what then did that subnet separation on the 2nd cable...
  29. dasaint

    Infiniband Help

    What are the IP addresses you are using? i see the Linux but not the windows... also i see the Active MTU on the Windows is 2048 and the MTU on the linux is 4096 Other thing to mention your PCIe Port on your windows box is PCIe 1.0 your maximum throughput bandwidth is going to be limited at...
  30. dasaint

    Xeon D anyone?

    I have seen both i just have that preference to have it... I wonder how VSAN type stuff would work with the M.2 SSD Style but i wonder if it would still be classified as an AHCI controller...
  31. dasaint

    Xeon D anyone?

    The problem with that is Mini-ITX Formfactors... and good airflow sometimes dont hit the same line... Examples are like the Synology Servers where if they had the right idea they woulda done it to lower cpu temps on their 1815+ and other types of systems... but say i wanted to put one in a...
  32. dasaint

    Xeon D anyone?

    When These hit the market my plan is to replace my lab with them.... These things will be small/portable and AWESOME! I do think tho from a vSphere perspective we need them to have at least some form of active cooling... lately its been about the passive style which im not a huge fan of...
  33. dasaint

    LSI 9260-8i + Sleep = Rebuild?

    Nas Drives should not be going to sleep IMO... apparently its a thing HW Raid will see it as a drive failure... SW raid (depending on the type) might not see it as failure... I would see if this might be a firmware defect or if its meant to be in the product like this becaues yea you arent...
  34. dasaint

    Infiniband Help

    Sorry for the late response i have 0 Experience with the Windows version of the SM and IB Drivers...
  35. dasaint

    vSphere 6 released today!

    Yea let me know how u got that first client DL ill test it myself and report back if there are issues...
  36. dasaint

    vSphere 6 released today!

    Pre-Release RTM/RC/Beta Codes had coded what you mentioned above, only the GA code is supported for the C# client to work with the vCenter... IIR In the pre-releases it was forced to use the web client to improve upon it.