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    Windows 10 IP build 10074 available on the Fast ring NOW

    We're in the 21st century after all! You just made my day :D That has always annoyed the crap out of me with Windows, working in one window and referring to another, having to click it to scroll down then click back. Am I the only one that finds the new Settings menu a bit redundant? I've...
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    Cheap Motorola Docsis 3.0 Modems (Refurbs) Yo! $39 - $69

    Well 2 shits for me... just bought one last week. :(
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    Chromebook vs x220 vs ???

    I've been looking for a small/light Linux machine to use for basic web browsing, remote management, ssh, etc. I don't want to spend a whole lot because I really don't need another machine, and I want something I can toss around without feeling bad about it. A Chromebook was my first thought...
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    How do you label small cables?

    I've used clear nail polish on the ends of electrical tape on a wiring harness. Not sure I'd want to do very many cables that way though.
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    Minimum broadband speed you could live with?

    My parents are on 1.5/512.. something more than that :eek: It's interesting at Christmas time when my brother and his family are back for a week. I finally got a new modem yesterday to take advantage of Cox's doubled speeds 25/? > 50/5. I haven't seen more than 31, but there's been issues...
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    Streaming Device Perforance (Firestick sucks)

    I have issues with Netflix skipping and stuttering during playback sometimes. I'm not sure if it is related to Kodi running in the background, since a reboot usually fixes it. One would think it wouldn't be an issue with the specs of the box. Prime content has no issue. I had all but given...
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    LibreNMS Supermicro ipmi

    UPDATE Just wanted to update that I figured it out for anyone that may come across this. I had to manually run the discovery.php script against the host to pick up the new info. The docs make it sound like all that's needed is to fill in the ipmi credentials in the host config, but obviously...
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    LibreNMS Supermicro ipmi

    I set up a LibreNMS vm to play around with monitoring, but I can't seem to get any ipmi information from my Supermicro board. Currently it's monitoring the following. *Esxi 5.5 on the mentioned SM machine. IPMI configured VM's on this host: *OmniOS storage VM *Ubuntu 12.04 server mysql...
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    The Motorola SB6141 Cable back at Woot for 52.99

    That is a really good deal. I can't find much of anything about using it with Cox though. Not sure it's worth the savings to have to potentially deal with their grief because it's not a "supported device" if I were to ever have problems.:confused:
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    The Motorola SB6141 Cable back at Woot for 52.99

    Sad day. The one day I don't check and I miss it again. :( I've been putting off upgrading since Cox doubled their speeds because I can't bring myself to spend 70 bucks on something as unsexy as a cable modem... with them constantly raising their prices though, I might as well take advantage...
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    MS Clarifies why Win 10 is free

    Every year there's an article proclaiming that this is going to be the year of Linux on the desktop. If MS made this move I could actually maybe possibly see this become somewhat of a reality. Most likely in the form of something like ChromeOS or other highly obscured form. I never really...
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    MS Clarifies why Win 10 is free

    Pretty sure my cat has a better idea of what MS is doing that MS does. By the time the "free upgrade" period is done, most people are going to be in one of two camps; people that have upgraded to 10, or people who chose not to upgrade. How much money does MS really make selling retail copies...
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    VMWare Workstation vs. Virtualbox

    I've used Vbox for years and it's always worked well for what I need. I have noticed that the Windows version seems like it gets more and more issues with every release though. Seems like it always crashes any more when I shut down a guest.
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    Elementry OS vs mint 17.1

    I looked at Elementary OS a while back, and while it looked great (probably the most coherent system "control panel" next to OS X), I couldn't get on board with some of their philosophies. No minimize button? Apps should just retain their state, close, and reopen instead? Seemed like a (not...
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    ZFS dedupe is fixed soon

    I read all four pages... I feel like I deserve something.. a cookie maybe? And that's really a claim.
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    Cooling Closet Rack Gear

    You could always try cutting the door down slightly to get more airflow. A 1/2" gap isn't going to be noticeable, especially on carpet. Then again with the cost to run an exhaust fan 24/7, you might be ahead just to plumb in A/C if that's easily doable.
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    Email admin ethics

    I think you're right that it would have been better to do it with him, or at least tell him "hey I'm going to look for it." That being said, like you said, it's not his email. I know where I'm at we make it a point to stress to users that nothing they do on organization machines is private. We...
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    ZFS RaidZ2 Homeserver - build log

    ZFS doesn't care what the drives are connected to as long as they are available to the underlying OS, so yes you could do 12 and 12. The only problem would be if you were virtualing. The whole controller must be passed through to a single guest so you couldn't use one of the onboard ports for...
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    Has anyone compared FreeBSD ZFS vs ZFS on Linux?

    How does ZFSoL and Samba handle Windows style ACL's? The native CIFS server is one of the things that have kept me on Solaris derivatives (besides being a glutton for punishment). I actually use AFP mainly, but SMB is a necessity because we do have a Windows laptop and it works with...
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    XBMC setup assistance

    Not sure what exactly you're wanting help with. You mention instructions for geting media set up within XBMC, then you ask for an install guide. As for installation, what are your plans for the machine? If it's going to be strictly an XBMC box, I would recommend OpenELEC. It's a Linux Distro...
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    Difference between gigabit switches?

    I have an 8 port Trendnet green. Not sure what model exactly, I've had it several years. I like it quite a bit. The metal case looks a lot nicer than most of the plastic junk out there and I've never had any performance issues, not that I ever pushed it that hard.
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    NAS / Home server [HW + OS]

    I highly doubt that you're going to notice a difference between the chipset SATA ports and a HBA, especially with spinny drives. Why do you think you need 10GbE? I'm guessing for your LAN parties? You're still going to need a switch to support it to be able to use it. Most...
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    ZFS & NAS4Free's Power Management

    That makes a little more sense then. ;) If I remember right, OpenIndiana out of the box would spin down the drives. I had to edit my power.conf to set the disks as always on so I wouldn't have a delay every time I went to pull something off the NAS.
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    ZFS & NAS4Free's Power Management

    I don't know how many drives you're running, but 140w still seems excessive. My old setup with an Athlon II quad and 3 disk raidz + old IDE boot drive pulled 70w at the wall with no drive spin down. My new Xeon e3 setup, if I recall correctly pulls about 60 with an extra HBA card and a HD 6450...
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    XBMC + Playon Experiences

    I was aware of Plexconnect for the ATV3, but honestly given a choice I'd prefer to stick with XBMC. I was just trying out Plex on the Roku since it was already there. I had also looked at the Ouya and all the other Android boxes. I got the impression that they weren't quite ready for prime...
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    Recommend a fast thumb drive to act as hypervisor boot drive?

    This is a problem for Windows usb boot drive creators that perform a check to make sure you're installing to a removable drive. I had problems with trying to make an Open Indiana install stick in Windows. DD still worked fine, and they should boot fine.
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    The Altcoin Thread

    Got a few noob questions here. Mainly, is there anything to be made mining with a single card? I was able to get a Xubuntu VM setup on my server with a 6450 passed through just to see if I could get things working. I was thinking about picking up something like a 5850 or similar if I can...
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    OI ZFS move to ESXi slow transfers

    That may be what I have to do. On a side note, does virtualized networking really have that much overhead? I'm seeing over 30% host cpu usage on sustained transfers. Or do the Solaris drivers just suck.
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    OI ZFS move to ESXi slow transfers

    No, I'm not. I had actually looked at moving to OmniOS and had this exact issue, which was one of the reasons I stuck with OI for the time being until I had more time to play with it. No, but eth0 is a lot simpler to type repeatedly than vmxnet3s. I renamed the physical interface. I did. I...
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    OI ZFS move to ESXi slow transfers

    Just did that. Seems to be back where it should. Now I just can't get my interface to stay persistent. I set it up as dhcp according to every guide I've seen: # dladm show-phys # ipadm create-if eth0 # ipadm create-addr -T dhcp eth0/v4 But then every boot I have to issue a: ipadm...
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    OI ZFS move to ESXi slow transfers

    I upgraded the OpenIndiana server in my sig to a Supermicro X10SLL-F-O with a Xeon e3 1220 and 20gb ram. Dell SAS 6/ir as hba. In the process I'm trying to move it over to ESXi, but so far it's been a royal pain in the ass. I got it all set up, but my file transfer speeds are practically...
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    OmniOS / Solaris Intel i210 device driver?

    I upgraded my server and this is just temporary until my SFF cables get here. I plan on moving to an ESXi all in one setup. It would just be nice to have it running until they get it.
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    OmniOS / Solaris Intel i210 device driver?

    Does anyone have a step by step for getting this driver working in OpenIndiana 151a8? About to go nuts trying to get some networking going on a x10sll-f. I've tried various methods from these links, including adding the device ID to the driver_aliases file...
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    XBMC + Playon Experiences

    Just thought I would give an update for anyone that might be interested. I went ahead and purchased a one year subscription to PlayOn. I set it up in a Win7 VM on my desktop (Xeon e3 1230v2) with one core and 1.5gig of ram. For SD, CPU usage in the VM showed about 30-35%. It seemed to work...
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    is it worth the time/money?

    So, if I understand correctly, it's similar to an HD Homerun with the backend integrated into the box? I think I would still prefer the Homerun so I can integrate it with XBMC. I think the Roku is going to end up being returned. Compared to the Apple TV or XBMC, the Roku interface, for lack...
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    is it worth the time/money?

    Not necessarily a HTPC, but for me, XBMC is the cats meow. I loaded it up on my original Xbox 9-10 years ago. Wasted many a afternoons in college watching my roommates questionably sourced movies through it. I moved to a JB ATV2 to get some h.264 grunt, and now am trying out a Pi for the...
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    Q87 chipset + omniOS? and judge my build.

    I didn't think Q87 supported ECC, but AsRock's website shows it as well. I ended up with the SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SLL-F-O a few weeks ago when it was on sale for $136. I had been looking to upgrade my server to something that supports passthrough, but finding an AMD board that is confirmed to work...
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    Is XBMC for me?

    XBMC doesn't support m4v? Somebody must have not told mine that cause that's what all my rips go to and it plays them just fine. :) You are correct about the naming though. Remakes or shows that have the same name you have to put in the year so it knows witch one to grab. I would think this...
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    Is XBMC for me?

    You can pause/resume on different devices with a shared mySql library. Not sure if you can do that with iPad though, never tried. Plex might be a good option if you want to use mobile devices. Personally I prefer to be able to play files directly from a share without needing middleman...
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    XBMC + Playon Experiences

    Yeah I had played with Plex several years ago and I tried it out on the Roku to see if it could be an alternative to XBMC. My h.264 content worked with direct play and my older .avi files, although they required transcoding, took little cpu usage. The problem with Plex on the Roku is, once...